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Halloween Costumes

These Kid Halloween Costumes Are Legit Scary


Cutesy Halloween costumes are fun, especially when children are really small, but you can’t fault kids when they want to dip their toes into the creepier side of All Hallow’s Eve. And for that there are plenty of scary Halloween costumes for kids. Boys and girls who want to become a zombie or go all Grim Reaper on the neighborhood can make their nightmares come true with these freaky threads.

Each costume plays up the spooky factor so that your child can really get into the haunted spirit. That said, just a fake-blood stained dress or devil costume isn’t going to do it. Plan to invest in some serious Halloween makeup (go ahead and open some YouTube special effects tutorials while you’re at it) to really set your child apart. And, when in doubt, throw in some hair-raising props too — a fake scythe, rubber severed hand, or voodoo doll are all highly recommended.

Of course with all this blood-chilling fun in mind, remember to tell your child that Halloween is all pretend. And that scaring the littlest trick-or-treaters, while tempting, could land them in hot water. Best to keep the spooky shenanigans to a minimum so that everyone can fully enjoy the most spine-chilling day of the year.

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When it comes to iconic horror movies, Chucky is one of the best. Something about a serial killer who turns into a doll is a truly horrific concept. Of course, it’s also full of camp too (think Bride of Chucky) which might be why your kiddo likes it. With this Chucky costume, a kid can fully become the slasher with overalls, shirt, and wig that match the wicked doll. Embroidered on the front of the overalls are the words “good guys,” a nod to the toy brand the original Chucky was a part of. But if you give your kid approval to wear this costume, just be prepared to hear “Chucky did it!” all night long.



A devil falls under the classic scary Halloween costumes for kids. Boys and girls who want to get extra spooky on October 31 can take on the ultimate form of evil by becoming a devil with this multi-piece ensemble. One of many scary Halloween costumes for kids, this devil set comes with six pieces including a red sparkly dress, red leggings, pointed red wings, a headband with signature horns, long glittery red gloves, a pointed tail, and the all-important pitchfork. What more could your little devil child need? For $60 you’ll have Halloween covered and they can start working on their creepy cackle instead of spending hours racing to party stores looking for additional accessories. How’s that for an evil-y good deal?


Zombie Cheerleader

A horror movie favorite, the zombie cheerleader is appealing because a child gets to wear a cheerleading uniform while covering their face in white zombie makeup and walking like they’re possessed. Double the fun. This costume lets them get into character with a onesie cheer dress complete with ruffled skirt and matching pom-poms. Fake blood splotches cover the uniform and a big school U has a mascot of a brain next to eat. Throw your kid’s hair into a messy pony or pigtails, then splotch them with white pancake makeup and you’ve got a sporty member of the walking “D-E-A-D — Dead!”


Cemetery Bride

What is it about brides and Halloween? For generations, trick-or-treaters have loved to play with the idea of ghostly brides, buried alive brides, undead brides, basically any recently wedded woman in some state of haunting. If that same idea appeals to your little party-goer, they can don this polyester gown and grey and black veil and become a cemetery bride. Whether your child has just wandered out of their coffin or is a crypt-keeper, this costume will convince any passerby that they’re under the spell of some serious dark magic. Just note: the wig is not included in this costume pack. Grab some gray hair spray to amp up the decayed look instead.


Creepy Clown

Coulrophobia is no laughing matter. The term for a fear of clowns can be a debilitating condition. Perhaps that’s why so many kids love to play on this anxiety disorder by capitalizing on it come Halloween night. Scary Halloween costumes for kids don’t get much creepier to those afflicted with the condition than with this ensemble inspired by Stephen King’s famous story It, a shape shifting evil that becomes a clown holding a single red balloon. Blow up a balloon for your child then put them in this clown dress that comes with gloves, socks, and boot cuffs all made out of polyester, spandex, and nylon.


Grim Reaper

It will likely come as no surprise that the concept of the Grim Reaper — also known as the angel of death — sprouted up during the Black Death plague of the 14th century, according to Brittanica. Dressed in a hooded robe carrying a scythe, an instrument of harvest, this horrific character was a harbinger of death. What could be scarier than that? Put your child in this costume featuring a dress, hooded cape, tights, glovelettes, and waist chain and they’ll be fully prepared to notify trick-or-treaters that their days might be numbered. Well, almost fully prepared, as you’ll have to track down a scythe. Try Ace Hardware.


Spooky Scarecrow

+++++++++++++++++++++carecrows are just that, figures meant to scare birds and varmints away. These human-esque decoys have been used by farmers for centuries. But while today they’re often seen as cutesy statutes, they’ve always had a more sinister edge, memorialized in stories like Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Feathertop” about a witch who brings a scarecrow to life with help from the devil. If your child prefers the darker side of these hay-stuffed characters, they can become a frightening scarecrow with this costume that includes a patchwork tunic with a hay-stuffed collar, a belt, pointed hat, scythe, and even a make-up tutorial book, something you don’t see too often with Halloween costumes.


Wednesday Addams

The original goth girl, Wednesday Addams is a stoic, sadistic, super creepy kid. She spends her time studying the Bermuda Triangle and coming up with ways to off her little brother Pugsley and often startles people. Sound like your child? They can become Wednesday by first braiding their hair into two pigtails, then putting on this perfect costume of a black dress with white collar and cuffs and a black belt. All you need to finish off the look is to add black tights and black shoes. Accessories you might want to buy separately include: a Cousin It doll, decapitated doll, or annoying little brother.



“I vant to suck yer blood” is such a satisfying catchphrase. What kid wouldn’t want to say that over and over Halloween night? Let them be their very own vampire this season by outfitting them in this scary Halloween costume for kids. Boys and girls can don this velour dress that tapers down in the back along with a matching cape to give the Count Dracula effect its full flavor. With black on the top and deep blood red on the interior, it’s the perfect pairing for a true vixen. Vampire teeth are sold separately. But you know what’s free? Cackling in the ultimate “muuu ha ha ha ha” accent.


Zombie Homecoming Queen

Much like the zombie cheerleader, a zombie homecoming queen is an equally appealing Halloween costume. Why? Well, the Homecoming Queen is typically typecast as Ms. Perfect. What better way to turn that trope on its heels than to make her a reanimated corpse? Who’s so perfect now? For angsty tweens, this costume is right on time and includes a tattered gown, fake blood stained sash, lace sleevelette gloves, and a tiara, of course. Doll up your kid with some smeared dirt and blood on their face, then they’ll be ready to step into their starring one-night-only performance of the role of the ultimate Scream Queen.


Voodoo Doll

The Voodoo doll has been a figure of fascination since the effigies developed out of Haitian culture in Louisiana. Voodoo queen, Marie Lavaux, spread the idea that a doll could be “the material incarnation of a person” according to Brown University. Therefore pins stuck into it could hurt a real person. The faith has been twisted and turned for artistic purposes today in movies and books and, in costumes, no less. Here a child can be a walking Voodoo doll with a dress and accompanying Voodoo doll. The dress features a zipper up the back and a patchwork heart on the chest. Poke at your own risk!


Haunted Pumpkin

Jack-o-lanterns and their mysterious smiles may not be as innocent as you think. At least not when they come to life topping a human’s body! That’s the case in this wild costume that includes a wigged pumpkin mask, purple tunic, robe, and belt. Leaves on the collar let you know this guy came from a nefarious patch and somehow escaped the harvest. One of the more unique scary Halloween costumes for kids, girls and boys can have fun with this character that’s entirely open for interpretation. Just don’t cross this sinister squash or it could be off with your head!


Spooky Twin

Twins have such a special relationship. Sometimes it can seem downright spooky how they can read each other’s minds and seem to know what the other is about to say before they say it. If you have twins, dressing them up as creepy sisters may seem a little bit like life imitating art. Two of these costumes will make the look when they put on this blue dolly dress which looks similar to the outfits worn by the twins in the famous horror movie The Shining. Prepare for massive goosebumps when your kids say in unison “Come and play with us.”


Wicked Wolf

Wolves have made forests threatening to humans since the dawn of time. If your child always seems to empathize more with the Wicked Wolf than Red Riding Hood, then why not let them become the character for Halloween. This is a great choice among the large cannon of scary Halloween costumes for kids. Boys and girls can take this suit and amp it up and down to make it as frightening as they want with its plaid skirt featuring a jagged cut skirt, furry headpiece with ears, and matching furry mittens and boot covers. If you have some old vampire teeth lying around, those would work perfect to really stick the landing on this big bad wolf costume.

Scared yet? You will be when you see your kiddo come down the stairs Halloween night dressed in one of these scary Halloween costumes for kids.