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Even Your Teen Will Think These Halloween Costumes Are Cool

Make sure they let you take pictures.

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When your child is little, Halloween is such a big deal. That’s why your kid might beg to wear their outfit at dinnertime, during playtime, or even on a quick trip to the grocery store. Sometimes, though, all of that changes when your toddler seemingly turns into a teen overnight, and the thought of getting dressed up is so childish. But these Halloween costumes for teens can make even the most cynical teenager want to channel their inner baby Yoda.

What will your kid dress up as? What you’ll notice right away is that Halloween costumes for teens are totally different than the ones you might be used to shopping for. Some show a little more skin, while others are gory and gruesome. And then, there are the silly ones, like your child dressing up as a joyful Jolly Rancher or a Hershey bar. There are always the classics, like a mummy, werewolf, or a zombie, but then there are more current costumes like Stranger Things or characters from Squid Game.

No matter what costume your child comes up with, a word to the wise: just click and add it to your cart. Because when your teen decides that they want to dress up for Halloween, (and be a kid again, even for one night), it’s something spooktacular that you’ll want to celebrate.

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A sweet Jolly Rancher tween watermelon costume

On Halloween, you’re sure to find ghouls and goblins of all kinds. But what about something more colorful and sweet? Enter this Jolly Rancher Tween Watermelon Costume, which turns your teen into a life-size piece of candy. The super stretchy costume comes with a dress that looks just like the classic candy, and a headpiece that mimics the wrapper. This costume would be cute for your teen to wear for a Halloween party, or even going door-to-door for some tricks or treats. (Just make sure that they bring a coat along with them, although you’ll probably get an eye roll when you ask them to wear it, though.)


A Squid Game Halloween costume for your Netflix-obsessed kid

If your teen was obsessed with Squid Game (and really, who wasn’t), a costume inspired by the hugely popular Netflix series is perfect for Halloween. And while your kid could go as Player 456 or the not-what-he-seems-to-be Player 1, you can dress up in this Squid Game costume that’s a direct duplicate of the workers from the hit Korean show. It comes with a jumpsuit, a waistband, mask, and gloves. You can pick which of the workers you’ll be: either a mask with a triangle, circle, or square, which, as fans know, represents their social ranking within the organization. Best of all, the jumpsuit will keep your kid cozy if they decide to trick-or-treat late at night.


A cute (or creepy) bear mascot teen costume

At first look, this Bear Mascot costume looks innocent enough. But don’t be surprised if your teen decides to add some, ahem, accessories to this costume to make this cuddly teddy bear look kind of creepy (a la Five Nights At Freddy’s). As a parent, though, what you will love is that the costume is furry, fuzzy (and woot, warm) for chillier Halloween nights. It comes with the headpiece, too, but you’ll want to make sure that your child can see through it before they head out for the evening. Otherwise, your bear is bound to have a big stumble and fall.


A tween Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is all grown up in this remake of the classic Halloween costume. It’s inspired by the artwork of Jasmine Becket-Griffith, and gives the costume a stronger, tougher vibe. The costume has a lot of intricate details that include a pullover hooded dress that features a teardrop neckline and flared bell sleeves, black nylon/spandex fishnet leggings, and a black faux leather choker with a charm. The Big Bad Wolf has nothing on your teen when they wear this total bad*ss Halloween outfit, which would be adorable for October 31, or even a school play, too.


A Cruella costume for the fashion-loving teen

When it comes to villains, no one can hold a candle to Cruella de Vil. As the antagonist in the Disney 101 Dalmatians story, Cruella is obsessed with fashion…and will do whatever it takes to have her fur coat. Luckily, this Halloween costume isn’t as cruel; it’s just Cruella’s signature red dress. And what a dress it is: it’s more of a ball gown, complete with side ruching and layers of tulle which, depending on your teen’s height, might wind up pooling at their feet for the perfect pic. Be sure to purchase the black and white wig, which is sold separately, to complete the ensemble.


A teen Ghost Face costume

Remember when your child was little and they dressed up as a ghost just by wearing a white sheet with a couple of holes to see through? Good times. But even though a Charlie Brown-inspired ghost costume would be cute, your teen is probably thinking more along the lines of this Teen Ghost Face Costume. It’s a wink and a nod to the original Scream movie, which featured Ghost Face as the killer. This costume comes with a hooded robe with a belt and the infamous mask. While you might not love your kid walking around dressed as Ghost Face, at least they’ll stay warm.


A classic Wizard of Oz Dorothy teen costume

If your teen is into classic movies, you can’t get much cooler than The Wizard of Oz. And the Dorothy teen costume on Halloween Costumes looks just like your house landed on the Wicked Witch of the East. The costume comes with the iconic blue and white gingham dress, plus a pair of hair ribbons. (Sadly, Toto in the handbag basket is sold separately.) The skirt has a built-in petticoat along with a pretty lace hem ruffle. All you’ll need are some red sequined shoes and your teen will be ready to hit the road — the yellow brick road, that is.


A teen Predator costume for the alien-enthusiast

All that candy doesn’t have a chance when Predator comes a-knockin’ on Halloween. At least, that’s probably your teen’s goal when they wear this Teen Predator costume. The deluxe outfit comes with a muscle chest padded costume, wrist gauntlets, belt, and a mask featuring a face that only a mother could love. It’s made from polyester, foam, and polyurethane, and in case Predator gets a piece of cake stuck to their costume, you’ll need to hand wash the outfit in cold water to get the stain out. Just make sure that your own Predator is polite when they ask for candy, because manners go a long way — even for monsters.


A comfy mummy costume for teens

The mummy is a time-tested Halloween costume that’s perfect for a teen. Rather than use up all the toilet paper, kids can get the ultimate fresh-from-the-tomb look with this costume that comes with a top, pants, head tie, glovelettes, and neck piece all made out of gauzy fabric dyed to give it a “gently used” condition. With a better understanding of the Egyptian process of mummification, your teen will appreciate how truly frightening uncovering one of these bodies must have been when archeologists first began digging up the Pharaohs’ tombs. At least more than they would as a pint-sized mummy. Plus, you can force them to watch Steve Martin’s King Tut song before trick-or-treating.


A tasty-looking slice of pizza costume for teens

Need some quirky Halloween costumes for teens? What’s not to like about a slice of pizza costume? It’s one of the most popular teen dishes on the planet. And, in this costume version, it’s a super simple, comfortable look your teen won’t complain about after the party has ended. Basically this is a sandwich board-esque tunic that’s been screen printed to look like a giant piece of pepperoni. It’s one size only cut is polyester and pulls over the head. What you wear underneath it is up to you, so it’s ideal for any weather. Plus, it became a great duo costume. Have a friend dress up as a delivery person and you’ve got a duo Halloween costume teens will love.


An inflatable dinosaur costume for teens

There are a surprisingly large amount of inflatable dino costumes, but this one is different in that you can see the wearer’s face because this is designed to look like they’re riding a velociraptor. For those parents worried about clumsy teens becoming a prehistoric animal for one night, this is the Jurassic costume to go with. The suit comes with a battery pack fan that blows up the polyester dino while a back zipper holds the costume in place. It only requires two AA batteries to operate and two reins allow your child to move their beast around. Suffice to say, your kid will look dino-mite.


A banana costume for teens

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a teenager dressed as a banana. Let me tell you, for the tween set, this costume never gets old. So simple, so silly, this appealing (get it) costume simply pulls over the head and the face pops through a little hole. The 100% cotton costume is breathable and allows the wearer to wear their own clothes underneath so they can adapt it to the elements. And better yet? It’s a renewable source of comedy. Family flying in for a reunion? Guess who is coming to greet them in a banana suit? Big test day coming up? Look who wore a banana suit to AP Chemistry. The possibilities are endless. Just ask any teen.


A wacky waving inflatable tube man costume for teens

You’ve seen them on the side of the road often out front of car dealerships, Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Men is the name given to what’s more often referred to as “Air Dancers.” These roadside attractions designed to get your attention and lure you into buying the latest SUV model are a modern invention that seems to fascinate many. So why not dress up as one? They make great Halloween costumes for teens. This suit is a onesie with the word “Sale” down the belly. Fringe runs along the arms and the hood is topped with frilly yellow, all the better to be authentically an Air Dancer.


An authentic pickle costume for teens

In the canon of food costumes, the pickle reins high. First off, people love pickles. Second it’s ridiculous to dress as one. Put it all together and you have a costume teens will love. Again, this is a tunic construction making it easy to use. One hundred percent polyester, it’s screen printed to resemble the green garnish. With head and arm holes, it allows the wearer freedom of movement while letting them pair it with whatever they want — a sweatshirt, shorts, you name it. Just remind your teen not to get in an actual pickle while dressed as one. No one would let them live it down.


A stretchy skeleton costume for teens

The skeleton is a very on-theme Halloween costume, but this one might have a little more teen appeal as it’s a bodysuit. The snug fit means the wearer can show off their curves and be entirely covered at the same time. A zipper runs along the chest and the stretchy poly-spandex blend means it’s easy to get in and out of. And for a quick anatomy lesson, just review the suit. The front and back are screen printed with the skeleton so you can examine your insides from all angles. And if your teen wants to really bring home the skeletal look, pair this with white sneaks or heels to look like metatarsals.


A colorful M&M costume for teens

Another great snack costume idea, teens will love the concept of going as M&Ms for Halloween. The chocolatey treat is a great group costume because there are so many color choices to choose from. This M&M costume comes with a shirt, socks, matching M&M hair bow, and suspenders. The tutu is not included. Available in six colors (yellow, purple, pink, blue, red, and green), teens can get all of their friends in on the act. And, if they’re not trick or treating, you can assign them to answer your door and pass ou, you guess it, M&Ms.


A Mando costume for Mandalorian-loving teens

Mandalorian is the spin-off series to Star Wars and it’s been a blockbuster hit. In this latest rendition of the space opera, a galactic bounty hunter finds himself in the care of a little green creature that fans of the series fondly know as Baby Yoda. Your own hero teen can become Mando, as he’s known on the show, with this costume that includes the all important mask (that Mando never removes), a cape, gloves, shoe covers, and jumpsuit. Tell your teen to dig in their toy box for an old Blaster, as this doesn’t come with one, and they’ll be all set to protect “The Child” at any cost.


A baby Yoda costume for teens

And while we’re on the subject of Mandalorian, there are surely some teens out there that would happily hop into this comfy Baby Yoda onesie on Halloween night. Made of polar fleece and with an extra loose fit, this is a rather silly interpretation of The Child. But, it still has all the signature features, like Yoda’s pointy ears protruding from the costume’s hood. Even better, it comes with pockets, so your Yoda won’t lose their car keys when they head to a friend’s Halloween house party. Of course, should their keys go missing, you can just remind them to “use the force” and get them back, ASAP!


A human piñata costume for teens

Take a wack at this one, it’s a human pinata costume. Frilly and colorful, your teen will be the life of the party in this three piece suit that includes a dress, headband, and ruffled boot covers. The polyester fringe covers all three components for an authentic look. The boot covers attach with an elastic band that goes under the shoe and the headband has frilly horns your teen can shake all night. If they’re feeling really generous, or someone grabs them by their tail, they can just throw candy at their friends to give the costume a real life of the party effect.


A Teen Titans’ Raven costume for teens

The Teen Titans are pack of teenage superheroes and Raven is a human-demon hybrid. Sound like your kid? No judgment. Let them become their true self on Halloween with this dark purple costume. A leotard, hooded cape, and pair of boot tops will transform any teen into a Titan come Halloween. You’ll just need to add some tights and you’re all set. This crucial member of the force can show off her strength on Halloween night solo or with a pack of the rest of the crew including Cyborg, Robin, Starfire and Beast Boy by her side to fight of Slade and the H.I.V.E.


A Teen Wolf costume for teens

Very apropos, let your kid in on one of Michael J. Fox’s greatest performances by persuading them to go as Teen Wolf for Halloween. This is especially ideal for basketball players as it’s basically a fur costume hidden by a b-ball uniform. The set includes a shirt with attached furry sleeves, shorts with attached furry legs, a hood for, well, more fur, and a pair of socks. They’ll be looking completely ridiculous and completely nostalgic to every neighbor they meet. And as an added benefit, they’ll stay warm all night thanks to the super insulated costume. Now mama doesn’t have to worry about her kiddo getting cold while collecting candy.

Grab your credit card and settle in for a little online shopping with your teenager. With these Halloween costumes for teens, you can get started on finding them the perfect ensemble.

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