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Pisces: Big Career & Money Moves Are In Store For 2023

So much success is on the horizon.

Have the past few years felt hard for you, Pisces? Not that you’ve been alone in that journey (we’ve all been there!) but if you need something to look forward to, your Pisces horoscope 2023 promises a year of upgrades and improvements in many areas of your life. You may be a dreamer who feels all the feelings, but in 2023, you’re also a do-er.

The progress you see this year comes thanks to your steadfast nature and ability to keep swimming despite the rough waters you’ve found yourself in lately. From financial progress to big career moves, the changes you’ll see this year are poised to bring many good things your way.


“Matters of the heart are going to go well,” astrologer Lisa Stardust says. Planning for your future is a priority this year, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some things to test your relationships along the way. “You’ll be pushed to make big decisions regarding who you want to commit to and what dynamics you no longer want to participate in,” astrologer Maria Sofia says. “Take this as a cosmic recalculation of your values and the ability to release what is no longer working to make room for what is or what will.”

Letting go of things that don’t work for you in love and relationships will be key for you, Pisces. “This is a time to attract positivity and release negative thinking or patterns,” Sofia suggests.


Money matters aren’t a worry for you this year, Pisces. In fact, after experiencing financial uncertainty in recent years, 2023 will bring some much-needed relief. Embrace it! “2023 is your moment to make big-time money moves — with major gains — so expect your hard work to be recognized and rewarded,” Sofia says. “And don’t be surprised if you see a sudden or unexpected windfall arrive during the year.” Just make sure you do stash some cash aside so you’re well-prepared for any expenses that pop up in the future, Stardust adds.

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Things are looking up as far as your family life is concerned. Despite a rough patch over the past year or so, improvements are headed your way, Pisces. “Your family will have its ups and downs but overall everyone will come together because they love each other,” says Stardust.

Sofia says that springtime will see a “sense of ease” settle in over your family so long as you take steps to lead the way. “This would be a great time to ease tensions or disagreements that have been brewing and bubbling,” she says. “A gratitude journal or other kind of family bonding activity could be really helpful and healing as well.”


It’s all good news on the work-front this year, Pisces. “Work is going to be great — so much so that it will even lead to a big raise by the springtime,” Stardust says. Perhaps a promotion is what leads to your financial upturn? This year, anything is possible, so it’s up to you to make the most of it. “Pay attention to anyone who enters (or reenters) your life as you could get an offer from a former friend or colleague,” Sofia says. “Weigh your options and consider your future plans before making any big decisions, but this is the kind of energy where you can’t really make a wrong move!”

All told, your Pisces horoscope 2023 looks to leave you fulfilled financially, settled in your family life, and on a roll in your career by year’s end. As long as you keep doing the work to keep yourself afloat, it should be smooth sailing.