Plus size women's Halloween costumes have something for everyone.

12 Plus Size Halloween Costumes For You To Flex This Season

From superheroes to classic Halloween looks, there’s something here for every style.

There’s a quote that says, “When life gives you curves, flaunt them.” And whether you’re going for super cool, seductive, weird, or spooky, there are plenty of plus-size Halloween costumes to choose from that celebrate the holiday and let you confidently strut your stuff.

In case you’re wondering when is the best time to get your costume, the answer is yesterday. September zooms by, and before you know it, pumpkins and skeletons start flying off the store shelves. And so are the costumes. But the search and seek for your perfect Halloween outfit isn’t restricted to you taking a drive and rummaging through the store clothing racks. There are plenty of online stores with plus-size options, but you don’t want to drag your feet on those either, or the “sold-out” tag will be attached to your favorite pick!

From creepy clowns to superheroes to voluptuous pirates and Disney characters, the choices are wide in range. Some of these costumes are simple, but others may have a wig, tutu, or even props added in. You get to decide how intricate you want to be.

Trick-or-treating is much more fun when you participate and dress up, just ask your kids. And although this may be one night, your family pictures will last forever.

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The Incredibles are one of the most famous superhero families, and Elastigirl — though she’s labeled here by Party City as Mrs. Incredible — embodies the real struggle of balancing motherhood, being a wife, and managing your own aspirations. She feeds the babies, referees sibling fights, keeps her husband focused, oh, and she’s a crime-stopping human rubber band. Representing her on Halloween in this suit with your family would be a show stopper. This adult Mrs. Incredible costume from Party City comes with everything pictured, including the gloves and faux boots. Plus sizes go up to 4X and are available online, curbside, or in-store pickup. If you want this classic fit, don’t sleep on ordering it!


Wonder Woman

Powerful, strong, and full of fashion, you will turn all the heads with this old-school Wonder Woman costume. Many of us are more familiar with DC’s newer visual of this superhero whose uniform is less flashy and doesn’t have the stars. But this plus size Wonder Woman costume from Amazon is a classic that features bright colors and a dress that stops mid-thigh and has a layered flare bottom. It couldn’t be cuter! And sizes are available up to 5X. The reviews are great, and check out some of the customer-submitted photos for the exact fit. Although the boots are not included with this piece, you can wear your own or purchase boot covers.



Is there a doctor in the building? Well, at least you can dress like one. The saying “all heroes don’t wear capes” is so apropos for recognizing the unending labor frontline medical workers have had to endure. So you’d really be stuntin’ in this adult ER surgeon plus size costume. You get to pay tribute to all the medical staff who have kept people alive and carried the weight of our country during the worst of the past two years. It comes with scrubs and a scrub cap in plus sizes up to XXL. And Spirit Halloween offers a sizing chart to help you select an accurate size.



Halloween is all about pretending, right? You don’t have to like the rugged outdoors to wear this costume. Spirit Halloween has the perfect piece for dressing up with this adult men’s zookeeper plus size costume. You can choose one of the three interchangeable patches depending on if you want to be a zookeeper, archaeologist, or a park ranger. So whether you’re a protector of the park, the animals, or old historic digs, this is the way to go, and you get to represent some really cool professions. The shirt (along with the belt) comes in sizes up to an XL. And it’s all topped off with a cool safari hat!



One of the best tunes in The Little Mermaid is Ursala’s song “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” and it’s OK to admit that you sang along. Yes, this costume is pricey, but come on, it’s Ursula! And the separate pieces that make up this magnificent ensemble come together for the perfect masterpiece. The women’s Little Mermaid prestige Ursula costume includes the shirt, dress, necklace, inflatable overskirt with an attached fan, and battery pack. And Ursula herself was plus size, so it’s only fitting that this costume is included in this list. Sizes go up to 3X, but it’s said to run small so take your time viewing the sizing chart.


Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel burst on the popular superhero scene a few years ago, joining the epic Avengers team. Little girls had a new strong woman to look to on the big screen, but plenty of moms loved seeing the emergence of this female champion. With this adult light-up Captain Marvel costume from Party City, you get to light up the room in true Captain Marvel fashion. It comes with a star in the middle that lights up when you press it and let the fun begin. Sizes go up to an XL and it hugs all your curves. You can choose to rock heels, boots, or your favorite sneakers.


Classic Vampire Costume

Meet Dracula. This dark Victorian costume is the sophisticated vampire peak. In the movies, they hide in plain sight at night and charm their victims with their mesmerizing eyes and sinister wilds. The adult vampire plus size costume doesn’t come with the ability to charm others, but you can have fun trying that on your own. Just don’t bite people, OK? The Spirit Halloween costume includes the shirt, vest, and cape with smooth blood-colored velvet trim. It also comes with a vintage-style broach that symbolizes the authenticity of a true vampire. This piece is an excellent choice for your holiday party or family trick-or-treating.


Bob Ross

Bob Ross is a historical-artistic figure from many of our childhoods. We were glued to the screen as his mellow voice navigated us through creating the details of colorful landscapes and beautiful portraits. And in true artist fashion, his reddish-brown afro and bushy beard were legit show stoppers. This adult Bob Ross plus size costume from Spirit Halloween will catch the eyes around you, and you have to use the voice to match! You can schmooze the room with your palette and paintbrush while donning this thick curly wig and beard. The shirt’s puffy sleeves gather at the wrists for a fun artist feel.



OK, cute! Ladybugs are sweet and memorable, and so is this Amscan Darling ladybug Haloween costume. The spotted bugs gently kiss the hands of kids and are playful and lovable images. With the poofy romper, wings, and headband with pompoms at the top, it all comes together in the most adorable black and red blend. Just add some leggings and a shirt to complete your costume fashion and you’ll be the bug of the ball. Keep in mind that this is ideal for sizes 18 to 20, and expect a comfortable fit. Now you get to enjoy your time fluttering around the party or from house to house.


Mary Poppins

The queen of nannies, Mary Poppins, is a classic movie brought back to life in the 2018 remake. With its vintage feel and authentic vibe, this women’s plus size nanny costume from Amazon is the perfect depiction of the cinematic British nanny’s uniform. The size goes up to 3x, and the shoes, umbrella, and bag aren’t included. It may be fun to wear this for a day just because when you need to get the kiddos in shape. But on Halloween, everyone around you who’s familiar with the icon will probably want to be on their best behavior, just as a reflex to her demand for discipline, so have fun playing it up.


Buccaneer Pirate

When you think of pirates, do you think of a sultry feminine rouge queen of the ship? You will after seeing this costume, and so will everyone else. You’ll be fully equipped to bring the heat with this women’s Black Sea buccaneer pirate costume that shows off your shoulders and curves. The dress, belt, and hat are included and can fit up to 4X. The black and gold even give it a touch of glam. Whether you are hitting up a costume party, small gathering, or accompanying your little ones to get their treats, this is perfect for any Halloween-themed event.


Medieval Dress

This Halloween, you can take it back to medieval times with this frock. It has an Irish flair, and if you pair it with a long curly red wig, you will look just like Merida from the popular Disney movie Brave. The waist area of this women’s deluxe medieval costume is accentuated with a gold lace-up belt and makes this dress all the more gorgeous. But it’s not only a beautiful stand-out emerald costume; it’s comfortable enough to carry you through the night! This is a great option for sizes up to 2XL, it comes in 19 different colors, and can easily be reused for costume parties or just for fun.