Preschool Graduation

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Celebrate Your Kid With These Cool Preschool Graduation Gifts

They’re moving on up!

Preschool graduation might not sound like a big deal, but it’s actually a really important milestone. The little one in your life is growing up, and not only are they done with their first official year of school, but they’re about to enter the big leagues: kindergarten. This is a celebration, and they deserve a perfect preschool graduation gift. After all, your tot has gotten through their first year of learning and socializing, and they’re ready to take the next step. This is their first time graduating, and you want to show them just how proud you are.

A great preschool graduation gift doesn’t have to be huge and extravagant (although it certainly can be if that’s what you want). It can be a small toy you know they’ll love, a cuddly stuffed animal to sleep with, or a simple book that helps introduce them to the idea of kindergarten. You just want to choose something that you know they’ll enjoy — and fortunately, little kids are pretty easy to please.

In case you need some ideas, though, we’ve put together a list of adorable preschool graduation gifts that they’re sure to love and appreciate. Take a look below.

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A celebratory stuffed animal

What preschool age kid isn’t going to appreciate an adorable teddy bear? Even if they already own several of these, they’ll love to have another one. This Build A Bear graduation bear is an online exclusive that makes such a cute and budget-friendly gift. The bundle comes with a soft teddy bear and a t-shirt for the bear to wear that says “your future is bright.” You also have the option of buying each piece separately, so if you want to get a different bear and that t-shirt you can, or you can just buy the t-shirt as a small gift for a bear they already own.


A transitional book

Starting kindergarten is exciting for little kids, but it can also make them feel really nervous (can you blame them?!). It’s never too early to start preparing a preschool graduate for what the following year is going to bring them, and one great way to do that is through books. This picture book, titled Kindergarten, Here I Come, is a terrific introduction to kindergarten. It celebrates all of the moments and milestones that any kindergartener will experience and goes over first day nerves and kindergarten parties (like the 100th day of school) that they can look forward to. Each milestone is celebrated with a sweet poem.


A set of back-to-school essentials

A great idea for a cute preschool graduation gift is to give them something they’ll use all the time when they’re in kindergarten. It helps get them excited for the new experience and it’s something practical. This Cold Lunch Pack Bundle is perfect for any little one looking for some new school supplies to start kindergarten with. It comes with a roomy backpack that has lots of pockets for organizing, and a matching reusable lunch bag meant to keep food cool. It even comes with a matching water bottle so your little one can stay hydrated. This set comes in several other designs and colors if you aren’t into this one.


A way to make learning fun

Get your little one prepared for all kindergarten has to offer with this Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants Kindergarten Card Set. This is a great way to introduce kids to the kind of things they’ll be learning in kindergarten so that they can stay ahead of the game, and it’s also a way to make learning fun. This comes with illustrated activities like picture puzzles, mazes, and vocabulary builders, and the designs are fun and enticing enough for kids. This is a terrific hands-on play experience that was created with the input of educators. They’ll use these after graduation and throughout kindergarten.


A trendy plush

Preschoolers may not be at all concerned with what’s trendy and what isn’t, but it’s still fun to get them something everyone is talking about in the moment. And right now, that’s Squishmallows. Often described as part room decor and part stuffed animals, Squishmallows are the squishy, plush, cloud-like stuffed animals of your dreams... what little kid wouldn’t want one? There are tons of different designs, from animals to food to things like rainbows, so there is truly something for everyone (we love this bright rainbow Squishmallow to signify how bright their future is). This is the perfect preschool graduation gift for someone who has no idea what to buy otherwise.


A sentimental memory book

It sounds cliché, but it’s true: the years go by so fast, and it’s hard to remember every little detail. Scrapbooks and memory books are an excellent way to keep track of the small, sweet details that you might otherwise forget. This school scrapbook is such a cute and fun way for your little one to remember their school days. It goes from preschool through 12th grade, and has spot for photos and writing prompts to keep track of things like teacher names and great memories. Get them started with this now, and they’ll appreciate it down the line.


A lunchtime must have

Update their lunch game with this adorable Bentgo Kids Lunch Box as a preschool graduation gift. While a lunch box might not sound like an exciting gift to everyone, the right one, with a fun print that they’ll love, can be a great gift for a little one. The Bentgo lunch boxes are great: they have five different small compartments that hold just the right amount of food, from fruits and veggies to dessert, and the setup automatically makes any lunch you pack look Instagram-ready. They’re also leak-proof and have rubber-coated edges that make them drop-proof. Pick a design they’ll love (there are tons to choose from) and thank us later.


A cute doodle pad

It’s always a good idea to encourage creative play and to nurture the artistic side of your little one. The only problems? Even when washable, crayons, markers, and paint can make such a big mess. This Magic Drawing Board is a great option: kids can doodle whatever they want on the board, then magically erase when they’re done to create something new. It’s a more sustainable option since it cuts down on waste, and it’s fun for them: there are different stamps they can use to make shapes, and sweet touches, like the cat button and house shape, make it adorable to look at. It’s also portable, which makes it even more convenient.


A set of non-toxic dough

If play dough is a staple in your home, then use a preschool graduation gift as your opportunity to introduce natural play dough to your kids. The Dough Project makes all-natural, plant-based dough that you can feel really good about giving to your little ones. The colors are vivid and beautiful to look at, and the texture is squishy and easy to mold into different shapes. We also love the little jars they come in, which make it easy for small hands to scoop out the dough and place everything back in when finished. This 9-pack set comes with all the dough they need, in bright shades that were dyed with items like turmeric and beetroot.


A fun toy that tests their skills

At the end of the day, you really don’t need to overthink a preschool graduation gift. Kids at this age will love pretty much anything you give them, especially if it’s a toy that they can play with. This Cat Donuts Shaped Memory Match game is an example of that. It has a simple premise (matching different cat donut shapes together), but can easily provide hours of fun for a tot. The colors and designs are bright and fun, and since this is such a simple game, they can get creative with the pieces and really do whatever they want with them.


A kid-friendly subscription box

A subscription kit is a fun gift option because it feels like more than one present: instead of just getting one item at a specific time, kids can look forward to a gift coming in the mail each month. The Sago Mini Box is the perfect subscription set for a toddler just graduating preschool. Meant to encourage creative play, Sago Mini Boxes come with a set of three different hands-on activities for your little one to put together. Each box has three different envelopes, and each envelope holds the items needed for a new adventure. The box itself transforms into part of play time, and each box has one collectible figure. The activities are interesting and unique, and it’s such a great way to get your little ones to be more creative. There are a few gift options available, we like the 3-month subscription to get them started.


An icebreaker

Once your toddler is done with preschool and is ready to move on to kindergarten, it’s important to teach them the social skills they’ll need to make friends and go far in life. Teaching things like this to kids can be difficult, but games like TableTalk Conversation Cards are a great tool to use. These are especially great for little ones who are on the shy side and may need help socializing a bit more. You can play this as a game, or just have them pick a card each night at the dinner table. Cards are split into different categories, and each one has an open-ended question that will encourage conversation. This is a fun way to teach them things and get them involved in conversations.


A fun way to save

If you want to gift them something they’ll have for years to come, a piggy bank is a classic option. This silver piggy bank from Pottery Barn Kids is beautiful to look at and will help teach your tot about saving money. You can encourage them to save any coins or loose dollar bills they find and talk to them about saving money (even though they seem super young for this, it’s a valuable lesson). This piggy bank doubles as aesthetically pleasing room decor as well, and you can also get their name on it for a more personalized and special feel.


A set of fun but educational activity books

Designed for kids ages 3-6, this Preschool Gift Set from Highlights is another way to make education more fun. This bundle of books is an excellent way to help preschoolers remember everything they’ve been learning to take on to kindergarten, and comes with several different books. There are colorful hidden picture books that include stickers, a write-on wipe-off board book for some creative activities, maze books to get them thinking, and plenty of stickers they’ll use everywhere. These are portable and make for a great travel activity as well as something to do when they’re just hanging out at home.


A sweet picture book

Inexpensive, fun, and a great way to learn, books are one of those gifts you just can’t go wrong with, for preschool graduation gifts and beyond. This book, titled The Sky Is The Limit by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar, is such a good choice for a tot who is getting ready to head off to kindergarten. The book is a celebration of all of the exciting milestones and experiences they have ahead of them, and is a reminder that there is so much to learn, see, and do… basically, the sky is the limit! With beautiful illustrations and a story that is easy to understand, this will quickly become the new bedtime favorite.


An educational game that’s also fun

Another adorable game option is this Little Traveler Bingo from Mudpuppy. It’s a destination matching game that allows kids to match landmarks, food, vehicles, and animals from around the world. This is perfect for ages three and up and is an ideal way to introduce your little one to playing games with groups (it’s good for two to four players). Your preschool aged child might not yet understand the concept of traveling, but this is a cute way to introduce them to it, and to show them things from all around the world. It’s a nice way to show them all that is possible as they get older.

At the end of the day, preschool graduation gifts are easy to pick out: toddlers at this age love to play, they love to be creative, and they love to learn. Any of the items on this list will win you major points.