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Your Scorpio Horoscope For 2023 Is About Growth & Reflection

And, breathing a sigh of relief.


Was 2022 a little rough on you, Scorpio? Maybe you had a few parenting moments you wish you could take back, or perhaps something life-changing happened, like telling your partner you need to separate. In any case, good news: your 2023 Scorpio horoscope is looking much brighter.

“For Scorpio, this can be a much better year than 2022. They could have been dealing with quite a lot with eclipses happening in their sign and right across from their sign, and Saturn moving through their area of home and family,” says Noush Joon, astrologer for Girl and Her Moon. “2023 just feels better. You’ve learned some lessons in 2022, and now you have a new approach to the things that bring you joy, whether in family, home, work, or your hobbies.”

No matter what the previous year or two has looked like for you, it’s time to move forward. Here’s how things are shaping up for Scorpios in 2023.


So, what with all the eclipses and Saturn making a mess of your house, it’s possible your relationship was hit hard this year. In 2023, the time is right to meet new people, or use what you’ve learned to strengthen your connection with your partner.

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“Next year feels like, after everything you’ve gone through in relationships, you’re finally receiving the gifts from the hard work you put in,” Joon says. “Next year can be good for establishing romantic connections, or a partnership that feels a lot more stable, secure, and reliable. Something about the person you’re connecting with or your relationship is evolving in the new year, and it feels like you can commit to each other in a much more mature way.”


While it’d be great if your Scorpio horoscope for 2023 said you’ll win the lottery, maybe the second best news is that your income situation looks stable in the new year.

“Generally it doesn’t look like there are any upheavals,” says Joon. “Perhaps at the beginning of the year, if there has been any kind of confusion going on with investments, debts, taxes, or anything involving money and other people, that can start to clear up around January. Otherwise it should be a pretty peaceful year as far as finance goes.”


Your home life will have an overall “undercurrent of transformation” in 2023, Joon says. If you’ve been wanting to overhaul your parenting style or find new rhythms as a family, it sounds like this is the year to do it.

“While you’ve been realizing what needs to change for you, now it feels like you’re going through a deeper process of change here. This feels like taking your power back and realizing how to create a home you can truly identify with and that represents who you are,” Joon says. “Scorpio is one of the most resilient signs, if not the most resilient, so this is not going to be scary or rattle you, but it is something that can bring a rush.”


Scorpios tend to be ambitious and determined, so of course their work life stays pretty dynamic. In the new year, Joon predicts you’ll spend some time checking in with yourself about where you’re at job-wise, and what makes sense moving forward.

“Around the middle of the year, there could be a lot of good attention and admiration for what you have to offer, how you’re building connections with people, and the trust you’re forming in your work relationships,” she says. “All of that attention can, however, cause you to sit back and reflect on whether or not your work is truly in line with your values, and how you can perhaps build a legacy more in line with your passion or creative vision. It can be a good year for your career, but the good energy can cause you to sit back and self-reflect to shift the trajectory a little bit to find more joy.”

So, while it sounds like there may be a lot of reflection and life transformations happening for Scorpio in 2023, they will all come together to make your life feel more joyous and authentic to who you are.

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Noush Joon, astrologer for Girl and Her Moon