From Elmo To Big Bird, These ‘Sesame Street’ Costumes Have The Whole Family Covered

Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away.

“Sunny days, chasing the clouds away,” might just be the happiest lyrics in the English language. Play those for a child and see if they don’t smile. That’s because that’s the theme song to Sesame Street, the PBS children’s show that’s been educating children for 52 years. Considering its popularity, is it any wonder you child might want to go as a Sesame Street character for Halloween?

But which character to pick? There are so many Sesame Street costumes to choose from. Luckily, your kiddo will likely have their fave character in mind. Elmo tends to be a hot one for the toddler set, while older kids can’t get enough of Abby Cadabby. Still, the enduring sweetness of Big Bird remains strong no matter your age — be you six or 36. Whether your child wants to be Oscar the Grouch or Cookie Monster, the internet has you covered. There are multiple Sesame Street costume choices for babies, kids, and adults.

So it really doesn’t matter whether you’re a regular viewer of the show today (looking at you preschoolers) or used to be 25 years ago, you can relive your golden years this Halloween in these great Sesame Street costume options.

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Easiest Big Bird Costume for Kids

How puppeteer Jim Henson came up with Big Bird, we’ll never fully know. All we can do is say thank you for this wise, wonderful, and often childlike giant avian creature. If your little one loves Big Bird too, let them try his feathers on for Halloween. This sweet yellow sweatshirt makes it easy. Made of fuzzy fabric and topped with a tuft of feathers and big eyes, all they need to do is zip it up over their clothes and they can start trick-or-treating. And long after the Halloween fun has ended they can continue to wear this zip up hoodie to school, the playground, or anywhere in between.


Best Toddler Oscar the Grouch Costume

Oscar the Grouch has been making kids laugh for five decades. Something about his persnickety take on life from inside a garbage can is just hilarious. So imagine the giggles your child will emit when they realize they get to stand in a garbage can all night on Halloween. With this Oscar the Grouch tunic and matching headpiece, they’ll look like they’re living in a trash can. The outfit goes on over the head and is one piece to make it easy for kids to wear. The head piece attaches under the chin so they can get it off when need be. Made out of faux fur and foam, the costume is soft and pliable.


Best Baby Cookie Monster Costume

C is for cookie, duh! Any preschooler will tell you that. And you know who to blame? Looking at you Cookie Monster. Let your child become their favorite blue snack attacker in this sweet baby suit. A fuzzy blue jumpsuit that fully covers a child’s legs also comes with attached hand covers, separate hood, and a rattle that’s shaped like a cookie in this Sesame Street Halloween costume. Real cookies, no surprise, are not included. However, it’s a safe bet that your kid knows where to find some. If you want to make Halloween even more special, let them carry along a cookie jar and hand out cookies to trick-or-treaters.


Easiest Big Bird Adult Costume

You know what will really blow your kids’ minds? You showing up on Halloween dressed as Big Bird, especially if you’re a tall adult. The added height will make the character seem all the more real. And you can make children’s Sesame Street dreams come true by donning this adult Big Bird suit. Made of two pies, a big fuzzy yellow long sleeve shirt and a separate giant Big Bird head you wear over your head, it’s a large and in charge look but at a fraction of the cost of more intricate Big Bird costumes. Pair it with any pair of pants for an easy Sesame Street look.


Best Count Von Count Baby/Toddler Costume

"Greetings. I am the Count. Ah ha ha.” That’s how your little Count can welcome everyone on Halloween night when they dress up as Sesame Street’s favorite number-loving vampire. Given that this costume is both a classic Halloween getup and a TV show fave, your child will be especially on theme. This costume set is three pieces and features a polyester and velvet jumpsuit, a cape, and headpiece that has the count’s face and pointy teeth on it. Instantly recognizable, this costume will have all the neighbors joining in to count candy pieces with your little one all night long.


Best Abby Cadabby Kid Costume

Sesame Street’s number one fairy in training, Abby Cadabby, delights children with her hilarious hijinks. Plus, she’s the only cast member who gets a wand. So what kid wouldn’t want that? Fly your own Abby out into Halloween night in a look-a-like ensemble. This one comes with a layered teal and purple dress with an embroidered image of Abby on the chest. Sparkly pink wings attach at the back and a headband made of yarn will give your child the ultimate muppet look. Add the wand and voila, your mystical puppet will be ready to have a magical Halloween night.


Most Comfortable Adult Cookie Monster Costume

Want your Sesame Street costume to be as comfortable as possible? No problem. This adult Cookie Monster jumpsuit is all about relaxing, preferably with a bowl of chocolate chip cookies. Made of soft sherpa fleece, this Cookie Monster suit (that could easily double as pajamas) includes ribbing at the wrists and ankles to keep its loose fabric off the floor. And it has Cookie’s crazy eyes as big puffy sort of pillows on top of a hood. A zip closure up the front closes this costume off and a half eaten cookie is embroidered at the hip in case you can’t find your cookie prop in time.


Funniest Elmo Baby Costume

Elmo, with his soft voice and sweet demeanor is every little one’s Sesame Street favorite. It’s probably because he’s so childlike himself. If carrying around an Elmo doll all the time isn’t enough to sate your child’s love for the furry red Muppet, let them become him on Halloween. This Sesame Street costume will do just the trick. Made of 100% of faux fur polyester, this red jumpsuit also comes with attached hands, shoe covers, and an exaggerated headpiece that secures under the chin displaying Elmo’s big white eyes and orange nose. Hey, you know what they say. “It’s Elmo’s world” and we’re just living in it.


Best Super Grover Costume

Grover has always been a great symbol of Sesame Street’s commitment to encouraging children to play and imagine. Self-proclaimed as Super Grover, the super hero crash lands on the scene and helps kids solve problems, whether they want his help or not. Sound like your pint-sized superhero? Then put them in this cute Grover costume for Halloween. Just like Super Grover, this jumpsuit comes with a detachable cape and hood that includes his signature knight’s helmet. A big G on the chest of the outfit lets you know just who you’re dealing with as well so you can rest assured nothing bad will happen, at least not on Grover’s watch.


Best Bert Toddler Costume

Bert and Ernie are two of Sesame Street’s most beloved characters because they represent the trials and tribulations of friend/sibling relationships. Ernie is the more relaxed of the two roommates, while Bert is a bit more uptight. If you have two children who are just like these characters, you can dress them together and have them go as Bert and Ernie. For your straight shooter, put them in his Ernie costume that includes a jumpsuit feature the Muppets striped shirt and green pants that snaps in the back. In addition, there’s a soft character headpiece that features Bert’s face, nose and ears.


Best Oscar the Grouch Adult Costume

“Scram!” says a fake sign on the front of the metal trash can on this adult Oscar the Grouch costume. If that doesn’t scare off irritating trick-or-treaters, what will? A polyester tunic with a matching head piece that includes the Grouch’s grouchy face, this is a pretty straightforward costume to wear. The only downside is that one reviewer wrote that it can get a little hot. But it can’t be as hot as if you DIY’d a faux fur green suit then wore a real trash can, right? Plus, this comes with fun details like the aforementioned sign and, Slimy, Oscar’s pet worm. Can’t forget him!

“Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?” won’t be tough for your to answer on Halloween. Just put your family in one of (or all) of these costumes and lead the way.