Netflix Squid Game
These 'Squid Game' Halloween Costumes Are Just Creepy Enough

You’ll never look at the Red Light, Green Light game the same way ever again.

Every year, there’s a new trend in Halloween costumes. In 2020, there was everything from Harley Quinn and Fortnite to PJ Masks and Poppy from Trolls to frontline workers. And now, just in time for this All Hallow’s Eve, there’s the onslaught of Squid Game Halloween costumes. If you’re one of the few people who haven’t watched the Netflix series, well, you’d better red light, green light it to get your costume in time.

Since its release a little less than a month ago, Squid Game has managed to claim the title of Netflix’s biggest-ever series at launch, according to CNN. And if you’ve watched any of the nine episodes, you’ll probably understand why. The fictional drama from South Korea follows the lives of several down-and-out (and deeply in debt) people who are approached to play children’s games for money. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, the clincher is that if you’re eliminated from any of the games, you’re eliminated… permanently. It makes games like Tug of War and the titular game even more high stakes, since the last player standing (literally) can win a $38 million cash prize.

But what has captivated viewers is how children’s games can become so completely creepy, and did we mention the gore content? So if you want to honor your newfound Netflix obsession, these Squid Game Halloween costumes will definitely give you the creeps.

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Squid Game Worker Jumpsuit Halloween Costume

It might be hard to look past the pink jumpsuit, but if you pay attention, you’ll notice that the Squid Game workers have different shapes on their masks. As it turns out, those symbols, well, symbolize something. The ones who have a circle on their masks are the workers, tasked with manual labor. The ones who have triangles are the ones you don’t want to mess with, since they’re armed… and as we’ve seen, ready to shoot. The people with the square shapes on their masks are the managers. And now, you can be a Squid Game worker, too, with this cosplay costume on Amazon. The jumpsuit zips up in the front so you can get in and out of it easily. And if it’s cold outside, you can always pile on the layers underneath. Just be sure to select which type of mask you want so that you don’t end up being a square when you’re really feeling more like a circle.


Red Light Green Light Squid Game Doll Halloween Costume

Creepy dolls are nothing new when it comes to Halloween costumes. And if you watched only watched the first episode of Squid Game, we have two words for you: That. Doll. The animatronic doll used in the Red Light, Green Light game is horrifying to watch, with her crazy eyes, (and the sound of guns shooting down players), so of course you’ll want to dress up as her for Halloween. This Squid Game doll costume combines all the elements of the doll (think yellow shirt, orange romper), and somehow makes it terrifying. Although you could wear this outfit post-Halloween, it might be game over for this costume — and you, too.


Squid Game Sweatsuit Halloween Outfit

All players in the Squid Game sport the exact same tracksuit. The green suit has white patches on the sleeve, and striping down the sides. Now you’ll look like you signed up to play Squid Game when you wear this unmistakable sportswear set. People not familiar with the show will just assume that you’re cruising in comfort for Halloween, but fans of the show will know that you’re in it to win it. They might also feel some stirrings about the number 067 on the tracksuit, since that was the number assigned to player Kang Sae-byeok, (played by Korean model HoYeon Jung), a North Korean defector who is in the Squid Game so that she can get her brother out of an orphanage. If you haven’t seen the series yet, we won’t say more than that.


Adult Squid Headpiece

Even though Squid Game is dark and dystopian, who says you can’t interject a little lighthearted humor into a show that shines a critical spotlight on the haves and have not’s? If you want to talk about how Player 001’s Oh Il-nam “dies” offscreen with other trick-or-treating parents and wonder about his demise, well, a squid on top of your head can diffuse some of the tension. This wink-and-a-nod to your obsession with the Netflix show is cute… and soft. The adult squid headpiece is made from faux-velvet orange hat will sit perched on top of your head, while its tentacles will ensnare you — much like what Squid Game has done to its viewers.


The Front Man Squid Game Costume

As the overseer of the competition, the Front Man carries a lot of power. Whereas the other staffers wear hot pink tracksuits, the Front Man wears an all-black outfit including a black mask. And now you can look just like the Front Man in this Squid Game official costume. The outfit comes with a mask, gloves, and a long hooded jacket. It’s not until later in the series that the Front Man’s true identity is revealed, along with his sinister connection to the Squid Game. But for fans of the show, there will be no mistaking which role you play in the Game, and it’ll be up to you to reveal your own identity on Halloween night.


Adult Squid Game Raglan Shirt

Every player in Squid Game is assigned a number. And protagonist Seong Gi-hun (who is Player 456) just happens to be the last player to be included in the chilling children’s games. So it’s understandable why you’d want this Squid Game player raglan shirt, since Gi-hun (spoiler alert!) winds up winning Squid Game — and about 45.6 billion won, which is about $38.6 million dollars. Luckily, this shirt from Etsy seller MintedLLC, will only cost you about $18 bucks. The shirt has ¾ raglan sleeves and a classic fit on the body. You can customize the shirt to any number you’d like, but if you’ve watched the show, you know that number 456 is truly the winning one.


Squid Game Mask

Nothing (and no one) is who they appear to be in Squid Game. All of the workers and staffers assisting in the games are covered head to toe, so you can’t see who they are… even if it’s someone you might know (like, ahem, your long-lost brother). The leader of the workers is the Front Man, who wears a mask very similar to the one Etsy seller JigglyWigglyToys is selling. The Front Man mask comes with an adjustable elastic string, so that your true identity will never be revealed. There is a foam/no foam option to keep your face comfy while you wear the mask, and you can even get it in a male or female size. Because who’s to say that the Front Man has to be, well, a man?

Visually, Squid Game is scary and anxiety-evoking, to say the least. And while it’s not a horror series, it definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat as you watch players participate in innocent childhood games that have now taken on a horrifying aspect to them. But with over 111 million views so far, we’re betting on a Season 2 — and the fact that you’ll never look at Red Light, Green Light the same way ever again.