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A Look At Starbucks’ New Year's Eve & Day 2022/2023 Hours

In case you need coffee to stay awake for the ball drop.

After all of the excitement of Christmas has passed and the wrapping paper has settled, your need to stay caffeinated by any means necessary remains — especially when you’re supposed to stay up until midnight with kids. So, is Starbucks open on New Year’s? Thankfully, you can (probably) still get your coffee fix as the calendar flips to 2023. Starbucks stores are independently owned and operated, so their holiday hours may vary, but here’s what you need to know.

What are Starbucks’ New Year’s Eve 2022 hours?

With thousands of locations from coast to coast, it’s likely that a Starbucks near you will be open for New Year’s Eve 2022. You can check your local store’s hours is in the Starbucks app or using their online store locator. While it’s possible that the Starbucks you usually frequent will be closed, they may just have an altered holiday schedule or even be open for their regular store hours. It really just depends on the individual location.

What are Starbucks’ New Year’s Day 2023 hours?

If you made one too many champagne toasts the night before and need a venti to get you through the first day of 2023, you can likely find a Starbucks open on New Year’s Day near you. Again, your Starbucks app is the best resource for finding out exactly when your local store will open and close on Jan. 1.

Whether you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of playing with all of the noisy new toys your kids got for Christmas or simply want to head into 2023 fully-caffeinated, there’s nothing like a Starbucks run to get your mind right.