You Can Book A Stay In The Grinch's Cave, But You’ll Need 4WD To Get There

Who knew Mt. Crumpet was in Utah? (Kinda...)

Did you ever think the grumpy ol’ Grinch would open up his cave to guests for Christmas? Though it’s not on technically on Mt. Crumpet, the furry curmudgeon’s home seems to have another hideaway in the mountains in South Central Utah and you can rent it out. But you’ll need a hefty duty car to get there... Starting on Dec. 3, Who-ville residents and friends can rent out the 5,700 square-foot two-bedroom cave from the travel rental site Vacasa, so here’s everything you need to know.

You Can Rent The Grinch’s Cave For $20 A Night

The rental listing price is cheap enough to make your heart grow three times larger and light up with glee. Pricing for the Grinch’s cave on Vacasa is only $20 a night. Bookings start on Dec. 3 and this special pricing is only available between Dec. 13 to 23.

The Cave Is In A Remote Area

Located at 1957 Mt. Crumpit Drive, near Boulder, Utah, the cave is in a remote area because, as we all know, the Grinch likes to be alone, “very, very alone,” as Vacasa put it, which is why he chose a cave that was a “little hard for visitors to get to.” Vacasa suggests a crossover or four-wheel for the drive because cars like a Prius “will definitely not work.”

For reference about its remote location, Boulder has a population of just 270 and describes itself as a “quiet, unusual, small town in the heart of a very big landscape.” (The town is about four hours south of Salt Lake City.)

The Cave Features Lots Of Grinch-y Details

The cave includes a living room, a library, two bathrooms, and a Max’s drum set and pipe organ that guests can “play sad songs.” As far as the bedroom goes, the Grinch’s only request is to not touch his custom Turkish green fur pants or shoes. The kitchen is also stashed with who-hash, who-pudding, and who-roast beast, plus a coffee maker that makes the “best worst macchiato on earth.”

Heads up for the kids (and grown-ups), the cave does not have any internet or cable available, so access to your Netflix and Hulu accounts will be cut off for the duration of your stay. And the cell service is limited, which means no social media access, but ample time to just enjoy one another’s company.

To get into the holiday spirit or prepare yourself for what might be in store, be sure to watch The Grinch on TV a few times and memorize a few iconic quotes from the Christmas classic.