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Toddlers Will Love These Adorable Stocking Stuffers

Good things come in small packages.

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Here’s the funny thing about Christmas: The big Santa gifts might cause a splash, but often kids become consumed by their stocking stuffer presents. Those tiny bits and bobs packing the stocking that they discover first on Christmas morning can be the ultimate hit. They might not cost nearly as much as the showstopper present, but fill a stocking well and these gifts will entertain kids for days. That’s especially true for the littlest children in your household. Stocking stuffers for toddlers are so fun to select, especially when you really consider what sparks their interest and imagination.

First, consider where your toddler is developmentally. Perhaps they’ve just started walking so they’re technically a toddler but with many baby instincts, like boo-hooing over incoming teeth. For these little ones, a fun teether might make a great stocking stuffer. But if your toddler is further along and nearing kid-dom, then you need to rethink your stocking stuffer items. A sweet dolly or handful of board books make great stockings stuffers for toddlers. Anything interactive will be appreciated as these excited kids tear through wrapping paper and enjoy the thrill of taking part in the magic of the big holiday.

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Superhero Cape from Darling & Co.

What toddler doesn’t consider themselves at least a part-time superhero? Play into that fantasy with this great stocking stuffer for toddlers by stuffing their stockings with one of these Superhero Capes from Darling & Co. Adjustable and stretchy, the capes are made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex and are available as just as cape or with a matching face mask. And don’t fret about them running around in one of these. The velcro closure means the cape can easily pull off, a great safety measure to set parents at ease Christmas morning.


Cozy Hat From REI

Let’s face it, you might be waking up on Christmas morning not in your own home. Families will be traveling all over the country to celebrate and even though you might do your best to pack for the elements, chilly climates can sneak up on you. Prevent your child from spending all of the holiday break snuggled up inside under a cover with a toasty toque, a Turtle Fur Dr. Dino Hat from REI, to keep them warm. This darling hat from REI was designed for little heads. It protects their ears and is covered in a dino print. There are even dino spines that go up the top.


Skip Hop Musical Shakers

Have a toddler that has all kinds of rhythm? Help them keep the beat with Skip Hop Explore & More Egg Shaker Baby Toy Trio. Each makes their own sound, so they can bop and jam out to their own remix. Plus, they’re super cute. The shakers come in Owl, Hedgehog and Fox characters with bright colors. They’re also designed to be easy to hold so toddlers won’t lose them mid-bop. Texture on the tummy of each animal also makes them easier to grip. Parents love them, too. “These are awesome! I like that they have different fillers to make different sounds. Easy for little hands to hold, and very durable,” wrote one Amazon reviewer.


Melissa & Doug Little Learning Books Tower

Getting children excited about reading doesn’t have to wait for kindergarten. Start children on their bibliophile journey early with board books. This tower is small enough to be a great stocking stuff for toddlers while also providing 10 chunky books kids can easily flip through. Made of recycled materials and soy ink, Melissa & Doug Little Learning Books Tower is sustainably published. Plus, they double as stacking blocks. Children can build a tower, then toddle over to Grandma to hear a story. And when it’s clean-up time? Simply pop them into the handy box that comes with an easy-to-use handle kids can tuck on their wrist and tote around.


Positively Perfect Doll

You know what never goes out of style? A great doll, especially when received on Christmas morning. Positively Perfect Dolls have so much going for them. The brand is committed to offering a diverse line of multi-cultural dolls. That means the company goes to great lengths to create custom-blended skin tones, “authentic facial features of beautiful full lips, noses, and gorgeous eyes, and bodies more representative with fuller hips and thighs.” For instance, Aaliyah comes with sweet afro puff hair and a comb so children can have fun styling her luscious locks. At 14.5 inches tall, she’s soft and squishy so kids can snuggle and hug her all they want.


Lucy Darling Lovey

Toting around a stuffed animal is great and all, but sometimes children need something a little more compact. Enter the Lucy Darling Lovey. Part blanket, part stuffy, Loveys are like a little scrap of the softest, coziest blanket ever, but atop it sits a little object, in this case a flower that a small hand can hang onto. It’s not a stretch to imagine that this sweet gift could become your toddler’s new favorite thing, a tag-a-long item that goes wherever they go. Easy to pack and simple to store in a crib, the nice thing about a Lovey is that it’s so small, but not so small that you’ll lose it. Your child’s own version of Linus’ blanket, this security item is sweet and easy to wash so they can hang onto it for years and years to come.


SheaMoisture Baby Lotion

Toys are great stocking stuffers for toddlers, but practical items are a good call too and while it might not thrill your toddler, they’ll appreciate the benefits. For instance, SheaMoisture Baby Lotion is a must have for cold, dry climates. Toddler’s skin is so sensitive and nothing can make a child more irritable than an annoying itch. Avoid all of that by giving them some great calming cream. As a post-bath routine, rub this rich lotion all over their bodies to ensure their skin stays protected so they can enjoy the holiday without tingling sensation distracting them from all of the fun.


Infantino Play Keys

Your child is probably already fascinated by your keys. But those aren’t exactly a great toy, especially with a toddler’s typical oral fixation. Swap out your house keys for a plastic version of Infantino Play Keys, pop it in a stocking and watch your child thrill at the freedom to enjoy their own set of keys. This set is especially fun because it really looks like a modern-day ring of keys complete with a digital key with four buttons they can push that make fun car sounds. There’s also a crinkle fox charm and a light up key fob. And the best part? Batteries are included!


Christmas Bib from GODR7OY

You know your fam is going to be taking loads of pictures of your tot during the holidays so make sure their accessories are photo ready, like with this holiday bib. This two pack of Christmas Bibs from Amazon features Santa and a fir tree so they’re totally on theme. But the real selling point is that these adjustable bibs feature a little catch all pocket, all the better to prevent spills on your babe’s wee holiday ensembles. BPA-free and waterproof, these bibs are super easy to clean, so you can use them again and again throughout Christmas and they’ll look as good as new.


WubbaNub Pacifier from Amazon

If you didn’t get any WubbaNubs at your baby shower, or your child has lost them along the way, it’s always a good time for a refill. These darling pacifier loveys combine a soft animal with a dummy (as some folks call them) so a toddler can easily hold on to them. Available in a host of different animal options, you can tailor your child’s WubbaNub Pacifier from Amazon to their favorite creatures. You might be surprised to discover that even the most unique animals are available. Sloth? They have that. Baby dino? That too. Penguin? Of course. There’s even a Jimmy Fallon collection, natch.


Emerson & Friends Headband Bundle

For toddlers who prefer to look their best during the holidays, consider this Emerson & Friends Headband Bundle. Packed with three headbands, pink, green, and yellow, each is made out of an ultra soft super stretchy fabric. So even if your toddler only has a few threads of hair, they can look all dolled up for Christmas photos with one of these hair items. As a bonus, if it’s super chilly outside, this headband doubles as earmuffs. Just pull the loops over your little one’s ears and off they go. Made out of nylon, if the headbands get dirty, pop them in the wash and you’re good to go.


Elf Booties From Amazon

How on theme are these? Everyone will get a laugh on Christmas morning when your toddler pulls these elf booties out of their stocking. Shaped exactly like elf shoes, they’ll look like Santa’s little helper in no time. Plus, they’re warm, so these are actually functional novelty items. Perfect for both walkers and crawlers, these felt slippers have a gripper sole so they won’t slip and slide all over the house. The plush lining also gives kids support and comfort for all of their holiday fun. If you have Santa photos planned, these are the perfect accessory.


Pretty Please Teether

Teething. It can be the bane of a parent's existence, especially when paired with the equally challenging “just walking” stage. Ease your child’s pain with a great stocking stuffer for toddlers: this gorgeous Pretty Please Teether in their stocking. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they pop the item into their mouth and start gnawing on it. Even better, it won’t get lost under the pile of ripped wrapping paper because it comes with a clip so you can attach it right onto your toddler’s Christmas jammies. BPA-free, the long teether offers different textures for kids to nibble on. Attractive and functional, what could be a better stocking stuffer than that?


Felt Hair Clips from Marche Rue Dix

All is merry and bright is not just a general description of the holiday season. It also describes the look lots of people sport at parties and family gatherings. Make sure your toddler looks their best with these felt hair clips from Marche Rue Dix, which make great stocking stuffers for toddlers. Glitzy and glamorous, your child will have fun dressing up for Christmas pictures when these cute hair clips are at their disposal. Made of felt and covered in glitter, they’re bound to stand out at every festive fete you attend. Plus, they can help keep rogue hairs out of your little one’s eyes so they look their best and feel good too.

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