Karma Is A Snack For The Chiefs

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12 Super Bowl Recipes To Try If You’re Rooting For The Chiefs

Bring Kansas City to the kitchen table.

Super Bowl LVIII is almost here and that means it’s time to get your Super Bowl snacks ready. Whether you’re a fan of dips or just want to prep in advance, there are plenty of snacks to choose from, and if you’re rooting for the Chiefs, well — you know what to do. The list of Super Bowl recipes for Chiefs fans is endless, but there are some specific Kansas City faves you should definitely add to your food table (and maybe a few that pay homage to Patrick Mahomes and his teammates).

Truly, if you’re a Chiefs fan eating Super Bowl snacks, every dip and every bite is the right recipe for a Chiefs fan. But if you want to bring Arrowhead Stadium into your home and get the Chiefs spirit going strong, these are the Super Bowl recipes to try. Kansas City is known for quite a few food specialities (hello, Kansas City barbecue), and some of the biggest names on the Chiefs roster have been pretty vocal about their favorite snacks and meals. (Patrick Mahomes, I agree the “purple bag” of Doritos is the best.) So with all that in mind, putting together a Chiefs-themed Super Bowl snack list is pretty easy. Pick a few favorites here, get your Chiefs jersey, and root your boys on as they battle the San Francisco 49ers this Super Bowl LVIII.


Kansas City Ribs

Kansas City is known for its dry rub on meats and it’s BBQ sauce, so pay a little homage to the city and make your own Kansas City-style ribs. Chances are if you live in Kansas City, you already know all the tips and tricks to make the perfect BBQ, but for those outside of Missouri, this is a pretty great Super Bowl recipe to help you root on the Chiefs.


Mini Corn Dogs

Look, I’m not really saying that mini corn dogs are a Chiefs-specific food, but you know what is? Bowls of ketchup and mustard to represent the Chiefs colors. And what better to dip in them than these homemade mini corn dogs from Damn Delicious?


Kansas City Steak Soup

Steak soup is a Kansas City tradition thanks to a fancy restaurant, so why not try making your own version at home? This Kansas City steak soup recipe is just 11 ingredients and perfect for a big gathering of Chiefs fans.


Lemon Pie

Lemon pie apparently has some roots in Kansas City, but it also sounds like a really great, light dessert to go with some barbecue. This lemon pie is pretty easy to pull together and is the perfect blend of creamy and tangy.


Chicken Spiedini

Originally an Italian dish, chicken spiedini is now known as a Kansas City classic and deserves a seat at your Super Bowl snack table. There are tons of seasoning and a bit of prep work in this recipe, but it’ll be so worth it when it’s done, and it makes for a great finger food.


Reese’s Puffs Treats

On an episode of Travis Kelce’s podcast with his brother Jason, the tight end shared that his top favorite cereal is Reese’s Puffs. Pay homage to that perfect breakfast food with these fun Reese’s Puffs treats for an epic Super Bowl dessert.


Cheesy Corn

Another Kansas City staple is a big bowl of cheesy corn. While recipes may vary across the board, this one for crockpot cheesy corn seems the closest — just add some cubed ham into it when you’re done for the real Kansas City flair.


Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce

If you want to make your own pulled pork or chicken or just want something delicious and Chiefs-related to dip your frozen nuggets in, go ahead and whip up a batch of Kansas City style BBQ sauce. You can use it on just about anything, even drizzling it on some cheesy corn.


Sausage & Mushroom Pizza

After winning Super Bowl LVII, rumor has it that Coach Andy Reid went and enjoyed a sausage and mushroom pizza. Those are major winning vibes if you ask me, so make your own sausage and mushroom pizza in honor of the Chiefs and see if it brings them some Super Bowl luck.


BBQ Brisket Burnt Ends

Burnt ends sound gross, but this is a Kansas City specialty that you do not want to sleep on. A recipe for these BBQ brisket burnt ends is basically taking what is usually the tough part of meat and slow cooking them until they are tender, juicy, and packed full of flavor. You’ll want to work on this one in advance, but it’s going to be an excellent Super Bowl snack if you’re rooting for the Chiefs.


Red Velvet Cookies

Red velvet cookies aren’t necessarily a Kansas City thing, but the color in these treats definitely gives off Chiefs vibes. Whip up a few of these for munching and to offset all of that savory meat and brisket at the table.


Tex-Mex Chili Con Queso

Cheese dip is always a winning Super Bowl snack, but this recipe for Tex-Mex chili con queso is especially fun for Chiefs fans. Not only is it yellow and red, but in a recent interview, quarterback Patrick Mahomes revealed that his favorite cheat meal is Tex-Mex food, so this is a nice little nod to #15.

Will all of your Kansas City Chiefs-themed food help them bring home the Lombardi trophy? No matter what, at least you’ll be supporting your team with the best Super Bowl snacks.