woman with her daughter looking online to find Target's 2022 Christmas Eve hours

Here’s When You Can Expect Target To Be Open On Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Plan accordingly.

Your child made their list, but “Santa” (wink wink) might have forgotten to check it twice. Sure, there’s nothing like finding out that you got the wrong Squishmallow on the day before Christmas to add an extra layer of pressure onto what is already a stressful day. And as amazing as online ordering can be, sometimes you have to schlep to a store on Christmas Eve to get a coveted present before the big day. So if you’re wondering what are Target’s 2022 Christmas Eve and Christmas Day hours, be prepared to grab one of those gliding red carts and start shopping sooner than later.

Is Target open on Christmas Eve 2022?

Whether it’s to grab an extra gallon of milk for those Christmas morning hot chocolates (or, let’s be honest, a gift that you forgot to get), yes, Target is open on Christmas Eve 2022. That’s right, the retailer is open on December 24, but not for as long as you might think. While some stores close anywhere from 10 p.m. or even midnight on non-holiday days, Target’s Christmas Eve 2022 store hours will be shortened, with the store closing at 8 p.m. As always, it’s best to call ahead to see how long you’ll have to shop since they might close the doors a little earlier for the holiday.

Is Target open on Christmas Day 2022?

It’s Christmas morning, and Santa stopped by for his glass of milk and cookies and brought presents for your kids who were on the right side of the naughty/nice list. What he didn’t bring, though, were some much-needed AA batteries. If you were planning to hit Target again for a super last-minute gift (or even a few minutes of peace and quiet), you’ll need to make other arrangements, because Target is not open on Christmas Day 2022. That means you’ll need to find other stores that are open on Christmas Day 2022 (and they’re few and far between), or just forget about what you needed until the day after Christmas, when everything will reopen — and the return lines will possibly be painfully long.

Thankfully, Target’s 2022 Christmas Eve hours are pretty good, all things considered, since you’ll be able to get a full day’s worth of shopping done. And on Christmas, when Target (and almost everything else) is closed, you’ll get the biggest present of all — more time with the family.