Target's new Halloween costumes for 2021 are so good.
25 Halloween Costumes From Target That You’ll Want To Buy ASAP

Fun and unique choices for babies, kids, adults, and pets.

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You probably already know that Target’s Hyde & EEK! Boutique is an amazing spot to find the most adorable Halloween home decor at affordable prices. If you need a pretty ceramic pumpkin or a gnome dressed as a scarecrow, it’s your go-to. But did you know that Target’s Hyde & EEK! Boutique also offers a host of Halloween costumes for the whole family? From silly to spooky, sweet and scary, there is truly something for every single member of the family.

These fun and unique costumes aren’t just your run-of-the-mill movie characters, either. Whether this is your baby’s first Halloween and you’re over-the-moon about the option of dressing them like your favorite toast topping, or your toddler’s current obsession with farm animals just must be honored with a costume, Target has what you’re looking for.

Your furry family members can get in on the candy-collecting action this year, too, with Target’s selection of pet costumes for dogs and cats. (Because honestly, who doesn’t want to wrangle their kitten into a cupcake costume?) Target has also expanded their adaptive costume collection this year to include plenty of new and exciting costumes for kids and adults. Even if you aren’t super keen on dressing up as an adult, Target has a few fun adult costume options that you can just throw on over a black t-shirt and call it done.

To me, the best part about shopping for Halloween costumes at Target is that I’m going to be there anyway. Whether I fill my cart online or in-store, either way, I’m already shopping. With so many amazing costume choices in the Hyde & EEK! Boutique, Target makes it easy to check Halloween costumes for the whole family off of my to-do list. If you’re ready to do the same, check out some of what you can find at Target below.

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Scary, But Safe

Your kids can look scary, but stay safe this Halloween in this skeleton costume that includes a decorative cloth face mask. The costume features a bone-adorned dress with a tattered tulle skirt and leggings to complete the look.


Colorfully Costumed

This Halloween costume combines two of the things toddlers love most — unicorns and rainbows. The detailing on this costume is just the sweetest. Rainbows streak across the top of the white dress with three flowers at the waist and a vibrant rainbow tulle skirt. It’s all topped off with a precious golden unicorn horn headband.


A Cute Conqueror

With this adorable Viking costume, you can channel your deep love of Game of Thrones into your baby’s Halloween attire this year. They’ll be battle-ready with faux-fur accents, a cape, horned helmet, and boot covers to complete the look.


Gone Fishin’

This Halloween, you can turn your kid’s wheelchair into an actual fishing boat with this adorable costume from Target. Topped off with a fisherman’s hat, there’s just no getting around what a catch this adaptive costume is.


A Mystical Mermaid

Does it get more magical than this mermaid costume? Your toddler can branch out from the typical purple shell top and flowing red locks with this sparkling turquoise and lilac frock. I know Ariel is amazing, but just look at how this costume shimmers!


Have Pet, Will Travel

I’ve honestly never thought about dressing our dog up for Halloween, but thanks to this retro camper pet costume, this might be the year that I take the plunge. That flamingo yard ornament detail just really speaks straight to my heart.


Rock On, Fido

Between the fuchsia leopard print and the combo keyboard guitar, this costume will have your pet looking totally radical, dude. The extra set of paws that extend from the sides of the one-piece costume make it look like your dog or cat is actually jamming out.


World’s Greatest Costume

You can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee this Halloween. Wear this adult boxing champ costume over a black tee and leggings or shorts (weather permitting) for an easy, but fun costume to wear when your kids won’t stop begging you to actually dress up this year.


Baby Octopus, Doo-Do-Do-Do-Do-Doo

Move over, Baby Shark. With this octopus costume, your baby can look like a fabulous creature from deep under the sea, waving their tentacles around while you stroll the neighborhood on Halloween.


A Prehistoric Inflatable Ensemble

A twist on the ever-popular inflatable T-Rex costume, your kids can rock an inflatable Pterodactyl costume this year. With this inflatable Halloween costume, your kid may actually take flight while they’re trick-or-treating.


On The “Mooove”

Chasing a toddler around from house to house while you trick-or-treat is a whole ordeal on Halloween — especially if you have other kids in tow. With this adorable cow costume, your toddler will surely stand out from the crowd dressed as their favorite farm animal, so it’ll be easy to keep an eye on them.


A Costume To Stop Traffic

Caution! This construction cone costume may actually stop traffic. There is also a hilarious kid-sized version of this costume available at Target, in case you want to line your entire family up in the middle of your block to take an epic holiday photo.


Cute Enough To Eat

Halloween with a baby might seem like a drag (I mean, they can’t even eat candy yet), but it’s literally one of the only times that you have complete control over your child’s costume choice. Honestly, who doesn’t want to dress their baby up like an avocado on Halloween?


A Giant Giraffe

Can you just imagine your kiddo wobbling down the street to knock on your neighbor’s door with this costume on? There have been no shortage of inflatable costumes made for kids in recent years, but this fun giraffe costume just takes the cake for me.


Mummies & Monsters

Part of the Hyde & EEK! Boutique’s classic monster family collection, this mummy costume is perfectly tattered for a truly monstrous look. If you love the idea of the whole family decked out in matching attire, check out the toddler mummy costume and mummy dog costume to create your own little mummy mob.


Dress Like Dracula

This spooktacular vampire costume is your kid’s Dracula dream come true. Between the purple vest and the collared cloak, this costume will transform your kiddo into Transylvania’s finest.


Ready For Liftoff

Say goodbye to the traditional orange jumpsuit astronaut costume, and hello to this inflatable rocket ship costume. It’s sure to become the new must-have space-themed costume for kids who are ready to jet off to the moon.


Racing To The Finish

The checkered flag detailing and racing stripes on the suit and hat make this adaptive race car driver costume a fun choice for parents and other adults who want to enjoy dressing up on Halloween. The long-sleeved jumpsuit features an opening in the back so that it’s easy to put on and take off.


“Arrrg” You Ready For Candy?

Perfect for your annual neighborhood Halloween party, trick-or-treating with your kids, or passing out candy in your driveway, this pirate Halloween costume is a scary cool choice for adults. There’s actually an entire collection of pirate costumes for the whole family available at Target this year with the same creepy, castaway vibes.


An Itsy Bitsy Spider

This may be the first fuzzy spider that makes me want to squeal with joy instead of running away screaming. The best part about this pullover spider costume is that it has red spider legs sticking out from the side that are attached by a tether so that move when your baby moves.



How precious is this kangaroo costume for toddlers? They’re going to want to store all the candy right in its pouch. There’s a hidden opening for abdominal access and a full-length size zipper with shoulder snap closure so that you can easily dress your toddler, no matter what their needs are. The hood and tail are also removable, which is incredibly helpful for toddlers who don’t want something covering their head.


Will Work For Candy

With hook and loop closures and lightweight fabric, this adaptive construction worker costume jumpsuit is as easy to wear as it is fun. I personally love kids costumes that reflect a potential future career choice. My boys have both expressed a love of building to the point where I could see them working in construction someday.


Cute Like A Cupcake

Trick-or-treating with your pet just got a whole lot sweeter. You can dress your dog or cat in this adorable cupcake costume and parade them around your neighborhood on October 31 looking like a total snack.


Moonlight Magic

If you want to go all-out this Halloween, Target’s moonlight witch costume is a shimmery dream come true. This pretty gold and navy gown has glittering tulle sleeves and a pointed hat that is anything but scary. There are also sizes available for kids, toddlers, and babies if you want to twin with all your little witches.


A Condiment Turned Costume

I didn’t actually know that I wanted to dress up like my favorite condiment until I saw this hilarious Halloween costume. I will wear this ranch dressing getup year after year while my kids hide due to overwhelming embarrassment. This is just who I am now.

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