It’s The One Cute Water Toy That Actually Entertains Your Kids

And all you need is a hose.

Summertime is finally on the horizon, and I can’t wait to lounge in the backyard while my kids entertain themselves and I sip on something refreshing. I have big plans to crank up the fun factor this year with new water toys like this Target Minnidip Fruit Slice Splash Pad Sprinkler.

The whole fruit slice motif just reminds me of a tropical cocktail with an orange or lime slice garnish, or even a frozen margarita served up with a watermelon wedge — only instead of summer in a cup, it’s summer on a splash pad. It retails for $32 at Target, and I’m pretty sure my kids will be able to squeeze literal hours of fun out of this one simple setup.

This little slice of backyard heaven is made by Minnidip — a brand you might recognize as the company responsible for the ridiculously trendy inflatable pools you can buy at Target. You know, the ones that are so luxe you wouldn’t dare let your toddler and their sticky popsicle-stained hands near it.

Intended for kids ages 3 and up, this splash pad/sprinkler combo is like a mini-oasis for your little one. They can sunbathe in the center of a circular grapefruit slice while the cool water from the sprinklers rains down, splash in the shallow 2-inch-deep spots where the fruit slices overlap, or slip and slide from the lemon to the lime.

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It’s made from durable PVC vinyl material that’s soft to the touch and non-toxic. The lightweight and easy-to-inflate design make it perfect for setting up for a summer playdate backyard barbecue. The recommended capacity is one person, but measuring approximately 90 inches long and 70 inches wide, a couple of toddlers could easily take turns running around and splashing across the vibrant fruit facade.

This splash pad is also especially great for those seemingly never-ending late-July afternoons when you need to keep your kiddo occupied for more than five measly minutes. Simply hook it up to your water hose and let your kid enjoy cooling off on this slice of summer fun. You could even throw down a few bath toys or pool noodles to play with for good measure.

Last summer, the pandemic caused parents to do a mad-dash to scoop up any and all at-home water play products they could get their hands on. With inflatable pools sold out, sprinklers became a go-to backyard staple for fun in the sun. My own kids even enjoyed several romps through the yard wielding water hoses and running head-first onto a sprinkler-lined slip-and-slide. It felt very much like my own childhood summers (you know, way back in ye olden days... the ‘90s) and I plan to do everything I can to capture those same feels this year, albeit with fancier water toys much like this one.