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11 Tattoos For Moms Who Aren’t Afraid To Show Some Ink-Covered Skin

Getting inked can be a beautiful way to celebrate your role as a mom.

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From the moment you become a mom, everything changes... obviously. So it makes sense that you might want to mark the moment with something pretty — and permanent. That’s why your skin is the perfect palette to showcase artwork that is meaningful to you, whether it’s your newborn baby’s footprints, a line from a poem, or a symbol that has some sort of significance to you. If you’re looking for ideas for tattoos for moms, you’ll soon find that there’s inspiration everywhere.

There are so many beautiful styles and subjects to choose from when dreaming up the perfect motherhood tattoo. Just make sure you’re waiting to get inked until it’s safe to do so — definitely after pregnancy and, to be safe, after you’re done nursing as well. You might be excited to get a tattoo as a way to celebrate your new parent status as soon as you give birth, but breastfeeding moms should abstain from getting tattoos while nursing as the jury’s still out on how safe it actually is for your baby.

Tattoos can be a beautiful reminder of the things we love, and, as moms, we have plenty of love to spare. So if you’re in need of a little inspiration, here are 11 tattoo ideas that would be perfect for any mom eager to get inked.


A sweet motherhood tattoo

This adorable little tattoo looksl ike it came straight out of children’s book illustration, but it’s also great inspiration. Think about the little things you and your child do together — the odd way they hold your hand, or always tug on your ear while they breastfeed — and talk to your tattoo artist about turning it into an image.


A vibrant tattoo for moms

This tattoo depicts a mother and child inside an anatomical heart, all brought to life in gorgeous, bright colors. It’s a great place to start if you want to show your artist some colorful inspo pics.


A simple, sweet motherhood tattoo

Is there a better feeling then pressing your face against your baby’s? Capture that bliss forever in a tattoo like this one, which includes a super pretty floral wreath to frame it.


A tattoo of your kids’ lovies

This mom asked her tattoo artist for ink of her kids’ favorite stuffed animals. It’s a lovely reminder of that phase of life when they’re just so little and sweet, and there’s nothing more comforting than their beloved bear or unicorn.


A tattoo for moms, inspired by your kid’s silhouette

Athens-based tattoo artist @vlinki_ actually tattooed this silhouette of her daughter onto her husband. She snapped a photo of her little girl marveling at herself in a mirror, and her husband was so moved by it, he wanted to remember it forever. So, if there’s a picture of your child that captures some of their magic, consider making it permanent.


Time with your babies can feel like it’s rushing by, so an hourglass image with you and baby inside makes sense. A design like this is perfect for moms who like traditional style tattoos and want to stick to their aesthetic.


A folksy motherhood tattoo

There’s something fun and folk-artsy about this tattoo, inspired by the mom’s son and daughter. It’s a great photo to show your artist if you’re looking for bold color and a creative design.


A symbolic tattoo for moms

If you’re the strong lioness leading your cub, well, you get it. This artist even found a subtle way to work in this child’s name.


An illustrative motherhood tattoo

This mom brought her tattoo artist a specific illustration from a motherhood book she wanted to use as her tattoo. You could do the same with your little one’s favorite bedtime story too.


The cutest motherhood tattoo ever

This tattoo is just magical. Any mom who has breastfed late at night, night after night, will appreciate this loving tribute.


A floral, feminine motherhood tattoo

If you’re not into the black and grey, tough aesthetic of some tattoos, show your artist images like this one. The bold colors and simple line work make this tattoo feel light and readable (and you could customize it with your children’s birth flowers).

So, what’ll it be? Whatever style and subject matter you choose, you’re sure to love your new ink.

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