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These Brilliant Ted Lasso Gifts Are Better Than The Coach's Biscuits

Be a goldfish.

People’s obsession with Ted Lasso was summed up perfectly by the star himself, Jason Sudekis, when he said in his Saturday Night Live monologue, “It’s become a hit, which is shocking to me because it’s based on two things Americans hate: soccer and kindness. But love it, we do. And if you have a Ted Lasso superfan in your house, the time to choose the perfect Ted Lasso gift is now.

As you might expect, the internet has answered the call of all Lasso lovers with plenty of goods and goodies, from Etsy paraphernalia to WB Shop-approved swag. You know you gotta own at least a few A.F.C. Richmond scarves, right? Like any sports league, the show has all the accessories you might need to pretend to be a baller. But there are loads of creative takes on the show from the do it yourself crew as well. Maybe you need a “Believe” sticker. Or perhaps you know someone who’d be thrilled to get a “Roy F*ckin Kent” shirt. Even better? How about a Ted Lasso mustache face mask for this holiday season? It truly is the gift that keeps on giving every time you have to run out the house for an errand.

As Lasso once said, “the harder you work, the luckier you get.”

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A.F.C. Richmond Knit Jersey

Whether you wish you were on pitch or in the pub, this Ted Lasso jersey will have you feeling like you’re in the game. Made to look just like the real thing, the jersey is made of 100% poly moisture-wicking mesh. The front features Richmond’s signature crest — the greyhound and on the back are the numbers 00. Easy to wear and easy to wash, you can throw this in the machine cold with like colors and be good to go.


A.F.C. Richmond V-Neck Sweater

What can we say, British sports are just a bit more posh. Rather than sporting hoodies, teams don preppy v-neck sweaters with their team’s insignia on the chest. You can get that same sporty look with this AFC Richmond V-Neck Sweater. Made from 60/40 cotton/nylon, this features rib knit at the neck, cuffs, and hem. The patch on the front lets your friends know whose side you’re on so there won’t be any confusion who you support.


A.F.C. Richmond Crest Scarf

Another very British move? Having sports scarves. That’s what makes this Ted Lasso gift great. This crest scarf might bring Hogwarts to mind, but it’s really an AFC Richmond custom red and yellow with blue tassel trim accessory. Made of acrylic yarn, the team’s greyhound is knit proudly into the body of the design with the words A.F.C. Richmond running across its length. Buy it now to stay warm for the holidays and hold onto it for next year’s Halloween costume.


A.F.C. Richmond Crest Sherpa Blanket

Get cozy this holiday season watching your favorite reruns of Ted Lasso under this sherpa blanket. Decorated with a giant A.F.C. Richmond logo including the greyhound and the year 1897, you’ll be sitting pretty for your binge watching time. Thick and warm, it comes in two sizes, depending on whether you want to share it or not. And no worries if you spill popcorn or soda on this snuggly throw. The 100% polyester blanket can be machine washed cold on gentle cycle.


Ted Lasso Mugs

It’s a well known fact that Ted hates tea, so we don’t expect anyone to chug that brown water out of these. But you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee from one of 12 different mugs like the Be a Goldfish option — Ted’s words of wisdom on how to live a great life. Or, a “Biscuits with the Boss” featuring Ted’s beloved shortbread cookies he hand delivers to Rebecca each morning. And if you want a tasty treat to go with your coffee, learn to make Ted’s specialty biscuit recipe on Food52.


A.F.C. Richmond Crest Athletic Socks

Have an undercover Ted Lasso fiend in your house? They can’t get enough of the show, but they don’t like to brag about it. They can keep it on the DL with these Ted Lasso socks. Made in the classic A.F.C. Richmond Crest design, they’re a bold blue and red. But who has to know when they’re carefully tucked under a pair of nice slacks, as Ted prefers, or under a pair of trendy high street trainers a la Jamie?


Ted, & Roy, & Beard T-Shirt

This T-shirt lists all your favorite cast members with one nixed off the list. Two guesses who that is. (Looking at you, Nate!) Any Ted Lasso fan will instantly recognize this and get the joke. So for the fan who doesn’t necessarily want team swag, but still would love to sport a Lasso insider look, consider this premium cotton tee available in black or Heather True Royal blue.


Roy Kent Ornament

Roy Kent is the aging ever-cranky start of Richmond. When he’s not cussing, he’s growling and his resting disposition is furious. Who hasn’t had a Roy Kent day? Know someone who really relates to Roy? Then they need this charming holiday ornament with a painted image of Roy and his favorite four letter word as the perfect Ted Lasso gift this year. Each time they see it hanging from the tree, they’ll be reminded of their own rage and feel a nod of understanding.


Hot Brown Water Mug

An alternative to the WB Shop-sanctioned mugs, you could go the Etsy route and buy your coffee drinker something a little more homespun like this “Hot Brown Water” mug that also includes Ted’s signature mustache. The ultimate Ted Lasso gift, it will give your friend a laugh each time they take a sip; no one will get confused and pour your friend or family member tea by accident. Not when they’re sipping from this ceramic 11 or 15 ounce cuppa that’s microwave and dishwasher safe.


Ted Lasso Face Mask

Imagine the look on people’s faces when they see your friend in line at the grocery store wearing this. Anyone who has watched seasons 1 and 2 of the comedy series will instantly recognize Jason Sudekis’ Lasso mustache. And if they don’t, well it’s a golden opportunity to tell them to watch the show. Made with adjustable ear loops, a filter pocket and a nose wire, this is a comfortable and comical approach to PPE.


Ted Lasso Cup

Whether you’re just trying to stay hydrated or simply want to keep Ted’s words of wisdom nearby at all times, you must have this mug, er, gift this mug. Maybe just buy two, one for you and a friend. Covered in lines like “Bing bong ya ding dongs,” “I do love a locker room. It smells like potential,” and “Be curious, not judgemental,” it’s the ultimate way to get your daily intake of humorous affirmations.


Diamond Dogs Magnet

The Diamond Dogs are a group of people founded by Ted Lasso that include Ted, Coach Beard, Nathan, and Higgins and together they help each other work through problems, most often matters of the heart. It’s all the touchy feely stuff that everyone should be so lucky as to have a group to discuss with. Know someone who has their own diamond dogs? Know someone who needs some? Give them this charming sign to start their own local chapter.


Keeley Button

Keely, the PR mastermind/one time girlfriend of Jamie/ Roy Kent’s main squeeze, is easy to love. Ever optimistic and upbeat, she does her best to make others feel better about themselves. And she’s a proud independent woman. Know another Keely-like person? Let them wear their heart and love of Keely on their sleeve with this fun button. One of many Ted Lasso-themed buttons from Etsy vendor TheHissinKitten, you can buy one or collect them all.


Futbol is Life Sticker

Striker Dani Rojas is the ultimate soccer fan. He loves the game so much he regularly repeats “Futbol is life!” For any budding soccer player the sentiment might be the same. They can celebrate their passion for the game right with Mexican striker Rojas by putting this sticker on their car, laptop, or really any other acceptable surface. Made of durable vinyl and waterproof, the sticker features a glowing Dani and his favorite phrase above his head.


Ted Lasso Coasters

Toast the best Apple+ TV series by resting your pints on these perfectly Lasso-ian coasters. Featuring Ted, Keely, Dani, and Roy, they each also include a saying to go with each illustrated character. For instance, Ted’s says How do you take your tea? “Well, normally right back to the counter because there's been a terrible mistake." Or Roy’s which says, “No one cares if I swear.” Made out of glossy white material and 4 inches by 4 inches, these will make your coffee table a little more cheerful.

Remember, the sooner you get shopping, the sooner you’ll have more time to binge watch seasons 1 and 2 of Ted Lasso again.