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From Buy To DIY, These Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas Are Beautiful

Dying leaves and corn husks never looked so good.

There is a lot that goes into hosting Thanksgiving dinner, but one of the more fun parts is getting the opportunity to decorate. Between colorful leaves, pumpkins, candles, and autumnal flowers, it’s not hard to come up with creative Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas. In fact, the most difficult part is narrowing down all of the options to avoid having too much going on.

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

If you’re someone who enjoys a good craft, then consider a DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece. There are a lot of great guides and tutorials out there that will give you step-by-step instructions for creating a gorgeous handmade display (that you can totally humblebrag about to your dinner guests). Here are a few to check out:

The great thing about fall is that it’s so easy to find accents for your centerpieces — just go outside and look for leaves in bright colors or stop by a local store to pick up a planter of mums. Honestly, just looking out the window and soaking up all of the colors will give you so many Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas that you’ll be able to make a DIY option in no time.

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Store-Bought Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Truth be told, hosting Thanksgiving dinner is a lot of work, so as fun as crafting is, you may not have enough time to make your own centerpiece. If that’s the case, then don’t be afraid of investing in a store-bought option. You can find all kinds of gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpieces on Etsy, in your local grocery stores, Target, farmers markets, Williams Sonoma, and more. Investing in a pre-made centerpiece is a fantastic way to save time and ensure your holiday table will look polished and festive.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Inspiration

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For the creative types that enjoy coming up with unique ideas, but need a little inspiration to get started, check out these gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas. Depending on how big your table and/or gathering is, you can do something small like a few large leaves in a low white vase or big with a gorgeous floral runner and tall candlesticks (which would be a fantastic project for a local florist). Another good idea is to make use of your cake stands by displaying pumpkins on them and having smaller accents of varying heights under and around the stand. For a centerpiece full of color, consider a collection of glass vases with tea roses in different autumnal hues or a tray with pumpkins, leaves, and a stack of dried corn cobs. Finally, if you aren’t a fan of the traditional orange, burgundy, yellow, and green fall color palette, then opt for white pumpkins and accents in the colors you prefer, or just put a cute basket full of white pumpkins in the middle of the table — that works too.

Whatever it is you decide to do, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make the Thanksgiving table look picture-perfect. Your guests are going to care much more about the food on the table than the centerpiece, so have fun with your decor (but take your recipe for mashed potatoes very seriously).