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12 Toddler Thanksgiving Outfits So Cute, You'll Just Want To Gobble Them Up

From cozy PJs to fancy dinner shirts.

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Of all the seasons, autumn creates a lot of picture-taking opportunities. There are back-to-school shots to be snapped, photos of pumpkin patches and apple picking, and a pic (or 20) of your kiddo in their Halloween costume. And then, just when you thought that you ran out of storage space on your phone, Thanksgiving rolls around. And of course, you want your child to look their fancy finest while they’re facing down a big ol’ plate of mashed potatoes, because sweats simply won’t do — until after dinner, that is. Get them dressed for the main event, er, meal, with these toddler Thanksgiving outfits that you’ll just want to gobble up.

Here’s what we love about toddler Thanksgiving outfits. Their colors are just made for messes. Think about it: brown is a perfect cover for gravy spills or (ack, a diaper blowout). Grubby little fingers being wiped on clothing is not even noticeable on shades of yellow, and red hides cranberry sauce superbly. And because the colors all blend together so beautifully, you can’t help but feel all those fall vibes when everyone is gathered around the table dressed in harmonious hues.

For a photo-worthy Thanksgiving meal that is just made to be remembered, you’ll want to dress your little one up in any of these toddler Thanksgiving outfits.

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Toddler Boy Thanksgiving Turkey Face Shirt

When the oven has been on since the wee hours of the morning, the house can heat up quickly. To avoid hearing your kiddo complain about how hot they are, you can put them in this cute Thanksgiving turkey face shirt. Not only will your child still look festive, but they’ll feel comfortable, too. The shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton, and woot, machine washable, so it shouldn’t shrink when it takes a post-meal tumble in the washing machine. Your child can even wear this shirt in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, and just pop it in the wash, and presto — they’ll be perfectly outfitted for the big day.


Toddler Thanksgiving Pajamas

Who says that the Thanksgiving-themed clothing has to come to an end once the meal is over? No, you can keep the party going with these Thanksgiving matching organic cotton pajamas from Burt’s Bees Baby. The hand-painted watercolor prints make the PJs look like art, and are made from 100% organic GOTS certified breathable cotton. And because it’s lightweight, you won’t have to worry about your child overheating and waking up in the middle of the night, which, um, definitely won’t give you an attitude of gratitude.


Toddler Girl Thanksgiving Shirts

There’s nothing like getting a cute outfit for your kiddo — and then they go ahead and get cranberry sauce smooshed all over their shirt. With toddlers, you always need a plan B, which is what this toddler girls fall graphic tee 3-pack provides. You’ll get not one, not two, but three long-sleeved shirts that are perfect for Thanksgiving. They’re made from a cotton/poly blend, so you can be grateful that your kiddo won’t complain about the shirts being itchy. Another thing to be thankful for: Children’s Place offers free shipping all day every day, with no minimum purchase required.


Toddler Thanksgiving Dinosaur Shirt

When you think of Thanksgiving, images of turkeys — and not a Tyrannosaurus rex — probably come to mind. But all of that is about to change with this T rex passing himself off as a pilgrim on this super cute toddler Thanksgiving shirt. The shirt has raglan sleeves, and a screen printed image of a T rex wearing a traditional pilgrim’s hat. He’s even offering to bring something pretty cool (like a pumpkin) to dinner. But it’s anyone’s guess if he wants to sit down with your friends and family to a plate of turkey and mashed potatoes — or wants to eat the guests instead.


Personalized Toddler Thanksgiving Shirt

Turkey and footballs might be two of your child’s favorite things. But add their own name, and you have a personalized Thanksgiving toddler shirt to remember. The ¾ sleeve shirt means that your kiddo won’t accidentally get their cuffs in the green bean casserole. And according to one Etsy reviewer, the “shirt is thin and soft – perfect for fall in the South!” Because no matter where you live, it’s going to be warm inside, so having your toddler dressed in lighter fabric means they just might want to keep their clothes on — for once.


Toddler Girl Thanksgiving Outfit

Turkeys and pies and ruffles, oh my! This toddler Thanksgiving girls’ outfit is serving a lewk, and we are here for it. But where to start? Do we talk about how precious the empire waisted shirt (with accompanying turkey) is? Do we mention all the ruffles, on the cuffs and by the shoulders, and on the hem? Or maybe we should mention the pants that are just bursting with everything you could want for Thanksgiving, like pilgrim hats, pies, turkeys, leaves, and so much more? There are even more ruffles on the hem of the pants. To complete the ensemble, there’s a big ol’ bow that matches the color of the ruffles. It’s just every kind of cuteness you could ever want in a toddler girl Thanksgiving outfit.


Toddler Thanksgiving Football Outfit

Let’s say that it’s after dinner, and everyone is more stuffed than the turkey was. When it’s time to get slouchy, switch your little sweetie into this comfortable toddler Thanksgiving outfit. The two-piece set comes with a onesie and a pair of pants that are covered in, what else, slices of pumpkin pie. It can be a cute outfit to take a picture of your child sitting down to watch the game with Grandpa or other family members. This gender-neutral outfit totally gives a new meaning to the idea of “pie pants” and the idea of touchdowns, turkey, and pie — oh my!


Toddler Thanksgiving Turkey Pajamas

Ideally, Thanksgiving is a time for everyone to sit around the table and reconnect as a family. “Ideally” being the key word. So if everyone got through the soup and starters unscathed, you can be grateful for these toddler Thanksgiving turkey pajamas. They’re cute because they feature a turkey hand and footprint craft that your kiddo has probably already done in preschool (and if not, it’s super easy to do at home). Plus, having the year stamped on the turkey’s “toes” is good, because guaranteed you will look back on the pics and probably not remember exactly what year the photo was taken. And putting your child to bed in these pjs keeps the sentimentality of Thanksgiving going well after the meal is over.


Toddler Boy Thanksgiving Shirt

Punny shirts are always a hit. This toddler graphic t-shirt is a total piece (ha) of work. You can pair the shirt with a pair of jeans to give your kiddo a casual look. Depending on how old your child is, you can explain the concept of homophones (two words that sound exactly the same but have different meanings). That way, they’ll understand what the expression “peace out” means, and how it’s funny when you swap it for “piece,” like a piece of pie. Bonus points if you get your child to hold up two fingers to make the peace out sign. See, so much learning can happen on Thanksgiving.


Toddler Boy Thanksgiving Dress Shirt

Sometimes you want your child to wear something more serious for the sit-down dinner that Thanksgiving is. That’s why you’ll want to pick up this toddler flannel shirt from GAP Factory. The shirt comes in a few hues, but it’s the mariner navy blue one (as pictured) that really has autumnal attitude. As for what to wear on the bottom, well, you can always put on blue jeans or khakis to either dress up or down the shirt. Although some flannel can be stiff, this one is soft, so it won’t make your kiddo feel uncomfortable.


Retro Toddler Girls Thanksgiving Outfit

Bell bottoms are back in a big way, thanks to this Thanksgiving girl’s outfit set. From Etsy seller TinyToesBabyCo, you’ll love the onesie that reads cutie pie (get it?). Once your gal is all snapped up, just slide on these pie-covered pants that are totally retro, right down to the colors and belled bottoms. A big burnt orange bow ties the entire look together. And because your kiddo will look so cute, maybe, just maybe, she’ll wind up getting the biggest slice of pie.


Toddler Girl Tutu Thanksgiving Dress

Layers and layers of tulle make this Thanksgiving toddler dress tutu cute. The dress, which comes in brown or orange, has a turkey and footballs on the bodice, while a cinched waist with ribbons complements the tulle bottom. A matching bow is also included in this outfit from Etsy seller SunnyBoutique Miami. You can even have the dress customized with your child’s name and select the color of the font, too, for a dress that will definitely give you an attitude of gratitude.

Sure, Thanksgiving is all about yummy food and being with your loved ones. But it’s also about the outfits, people. Your toddler will look fabulous and frame-worthy in any of these ensembles that are perfect for your little pumpkin... or turkey.

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