pumpkin banner for thanksgiving
These Are The Cutest Thanksgiving Decorations To Buy Or DIY

Give thanks!

With a chill in the air and the sight of leaves floating off of trees, the urge to decorate can become strong. Well, break out the gourds, my friend, the time to hesitate has passed. It’s Thanksgiving decorating season.

And just think, there are so many areas to decorate! From the front door to the Thanksgiving table, your mantel to really any space in between, provided its on your property, you can decorate it. The first instinct when it comes to Thanksgiving decorations is to think harvest chic; that is, dried flowers, gourds, gem corn, and mums. But that’s just the start. You can go DIY with your clever home accessorizing too. What about a banner made up of felt slices of pumpkin pie? Or a fabric painted pumpkin? Modge podge a turkey, why not?

The mantel, which sits above the hearth, has long been the center and symbol of the heart of the home. So naturally, you’ll want to adorn it with some Thanksgiving finery. This is a great spot to display a garland of flowers, an array of pumpkins, or a leaf motif. But don’t forget the front yard. You can welcome guests with signs or lawn stakes that signify the season.

Get started coming up with your Thanksgiving 2021 look with these inspo products and ideas here.


Autumn Garland

Where to start with the Thanksgiving decorations? How about here? Too often the mantel garland is something strictly reserved for Christmas. Why? Adorning the mantel with a cornucopia of florals or ribbons is a great way to celebrate any holiday. And so consider this autumnal garland that gives just the right look to host Thanksgiving. Probably the best part about this garland is that its made of real preserved leaves and greenery. Five inches wide by six feet long, it’s plenty big to make a statement above any hearth or, say, around an entryway.


Velvet Pumpkins

Love a piece of mantel decor but don’t want an entire garland? Take a look at these velvet pumpkins. The fabric alone adds a lux element to harvest decor. Whether displayed alone or in small groupings, these make a pleasant and welcoming statement. Some people use them as a tablescape option as well, giving you a centerpiece for the actual big Thanksgiving meal. Remarkably realistic, the stems of these cute gourds are made from resin, which means they’ll hold up for years beyond this year’s big feast.


Mantel Scarf

Another way to decorate a hearth is with a “scarf.” Ok, so it’s not technically a scarf, but it acts like that for your mantel. This pretty banner features orange pumpkins and can hang down above your fireplace heralding the season. Twenty inches tall and 60’ inches long, the scarf is made from 100% polyester and can be machine washed if soot or an errant glass of red wine happens to splash it in the midst of your holiday fun.


Book Pumpkins

Every October you can find pumpkin decorations in every conceivable material. Even books! That’s the case with these DIY decorations. The upcycled books have been turned into orange gourds perfect for your Thanksgiving table top. Available in three sizes, Small: 5 x 3 1/2", Medium: 8 x 5", Large: 9 x 6", you can create your own little patch. They also aren’t limited to orange. Flat packed, you don’t have to worry about your pumpkins getting damaged on the way to your home either.


Pie Garland

Want to really focus on the best part of the day, the food? You can make that the centerpiece of your festive Thanksgiving decorations this whimsical pie garland. Great as a decoration along the entry to your dining room, just looking at it will make your guests’ mouths water. Each pie slice is 5 inches long and the total garland length is 5 feet long. If you really want to make pie the heart and soul of the holiday, display this garland above the dessert table.


Pilgrim Banner

Another nod to the pilgrims, this one comes in the form of a banner you can hang indoors or out (provided it’s on a protected porch away from the elements). Decorated across it are felt outfits of pilgrims, little black hats, dresses, socks, and even a turkey. Cute trumps historical accuracy here, of course. But the idea is to give your Thanksgiving a more playful vibe, this would make a fun decoration near the kids’ table.


Fabric Paint Pumpkins

Would you rather make your own decorations? Grab some puffy paint and channel your inner 80s kid to create this festive and colorful pumpkin. Following A Beautiful Mess’s instructions, you’re going to paint your pumpkin, in this case white makes the biggest impact, with little colorful dots. You can do this on tiny pumpkins for pretty table toppers or go big for a porch pop of color. The key is to keep your dots the same size for a pointillism vibe.


DIY Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Don’t forget your table settings when it comes to Thanksgiving decor opportunities. Modge Podge Rocks Blog has an entire round up of inspo here, but the one that really feels on theme is this pretty pinecone idea. Using the smallest pinecones you can find — which you can forage on a hike or perhaps track down in your own yard — tie a short length of twine and in its center attach an oval name card. Put them together and you have a sweet napkin ring/place card for each guest.


Felt & Ribbon Turkey

Something about it getting colder out can bring out the crafter in many. Time to dig into the sewing kit and stay cozy making something by hand. This project is perfect as it doubles as a decorative item. Follow 30 Minute Crafts to make a little felt and ribbon turkey. Tiny enough to tuck on a mantel or give as a keepsake to guests, these are darling decorative items. Plus, kids can get in on the fun too, learning basic sewing skills with plenty of supervision and your help.


Turkey Windsock

Another kid-friendly Thanksgiving decoration, turkey windsocks make for a fun after school activity. You’ll need some construction paper, ribbons, an empty can, paint, googly eyes, felt and paper to complete this project. Basically the paper acts as the turkey’s feathers, while the ribbons provide the windsock effect. Spray paint your can brown then paint on a beak and waddle to complete the look. You’ve got a decorative outdoor item your child can feel proud of on Thanksgiving day.


Pumpkin Centerpiece

One of the easiest and yet most gorgeous DIY decorating ideas for Thanksgiving is a pumpkin floral centerpiece from A Prety Life. All you need is a pumpkin, natch, a variety of single flowers (you can often get these at a grocery store), and a green styrofoam wet florist block. Once you’ve cut out a whole and scraped out the pumpkin innards, just put the floral block in, fill it with a modest amount of water, then poke in and arrange your flowers. But note: do this as close to the holiday as possible to avoid rot and wilting.


Turkey Candle Holders

A little mood lighting makes the Thanksgiving meal all the more warm and inviting. But you don’t have to use just any old basic candles. Set the scene with these fun turkey tea light holders that work as great Thanksgiving decorations. Available in packs of three, these little turkeys are a sweet and silly accompaniment to any holiday table. Made of metal, they’re 4"W x 2-3/4"D x 4"H, so they won’t be too obtrusive in light of all the massive holiday platters of green bean casserole and mashed potatoes you’ll serve.


Light Up Pumpkins

Another way to add a warm glow to the Thanksgiving feast? These light up pumpkins. The set of six glass pumpkins would look great lining a table or as window displays. Plus, they’re battery operated so little hands won’t burn themselves on candles. The delicate glass adds a tasteful look and because they use LED lights, they’re good for up to 100 hours of illumination! That said, don’t put these at the kids table. They may not use fire, but they’re still highly breakable.


Pumpkin Place Cards

Give each place a special Thanksgiving feel with pumpkin place cards. This Etsy vendor understands you don’t have the time or the paper cutter tools to make your own intricate pumpkin place cards. So buy them from rosieplustheboys instead. Available in packs of 4, 6 or 8, you can use them at each individual table setting, or string them in your own DIY garland. The choice is yours. Each pumpkin measures H10.5 x W11.5cm — big enough to make a statement, but small enough to fit on a plate.


Pinecone Turkey

It’s another pinecone craft. Get ready. As it turns out, nature’s most versatile object is the pinecone. It makes a perfect turkey in this kids’ craft. All you need are some cones (if you can’t find any outside, many craft stores sell them this time of year), of course, some feathers, google eyes (always), construction paper, and some glue. Follow DIY Candy’s next steps for a full tutorial and you’ll have a homemade centerpiece for the kids’ table in no time.


Cornucopia Center Piece

The cornucopia has long been a symbol of Thanksgiving. In Latin it means “horn of plenty.” And isn’t that what the big turkey day meal is all about? Sharing all that we have with others. Put your own cornucopia at the center of your table or a coffee table or buffet using this lovely piece filled with dried fall foliage, including seeded eucalyptus, artichokes, pine cones, yarrow, fall leaves, faux pumpkins and wheat, all displayed in an artisanal bouquet.


Pumpkin Runner

What are you going to put on your table? A cloth or a runner? Or both? You can get started with this runner that screams harvest time. Decorated in autumnal pumpkins, apples, and leaves, it’s available in two sizes: 16”x90” or 16”x108.” You can dress it up with a complimentary tablecloth underneath or place this atop an exposed table for a more downhome farmhouse style. Either way, the 100% cotton cloth will look lovely and can be thrown in the wash after to clean off any escaped gravy.


Modge Podge Pumpkins

Spell out what the day is all about with the help of some Modge Podge. The sticky glue can turn a series of pumpkins into a decorative welcome sign. In the case of Creative Green Living’s blog, they can say “Thanks.” This lovely DIY project can be used to make a tabletop decoration or a covered porch message. And of course you’re not limited to writing “Thanks.” Spell out whatever you want to say following the blog’s instructions.


Wood Pumpkin

Natural fibers look so good in Thanksgiving decor. That’s why this wooden pumpkin is appealing. Fashioned in striped colors and made in a shingled look, it’s 5.5” tall by 10” wide. Not too big and not too small to set in the middle of a table for a subtle motif. Surround it with real gourds to bring even more natural elements together. But remember to keep this indoors or risk a soggy pumpkin otherwise.


Harvet Tablecloth

Back to table talk. If you want to protect your Thanksgiving table from heavy serving pieces and clumsy cousins, you’re going to need a sturdy tablecloth. And this is it. This Target harvest tablecloth is 100% cotton, so it’ll last more than one holiday season, but it will also keep spills away from the surface of your table. It’s design has a pleasing worn look that’s not so in your face literal, if you like your decor to be more a suggestion than a in your face depiction of a theme.


Turkey Candle

Give your feast to the birds with this turkey candle. You really can never have too much turkey swag when it comes to Thanksgiving, so why not light up the night with the ultimate symbol of the season. This Tom Turkey candle is 3” inches in diameter, so it will make your point without taking over the table. And it has a strong nostalgic vibe thanks to its design made to mimic traditional woodcut turkeys.


No Sew Table Runner

Hosting Thanksgiving outside and want a big way to greet guests? Look no further than this burlap banner. Unlike most banners that say “Give Thanks” or “Thankful” this one is a little more fun. It says “Gobble Gobble.” Die cut paper letters are 3.75 inches. The banner measures approx. 60 inches long. The rustic look would go perfectly with a down home harvest gathering (complete with hay bales and pumpkin displays, of course).


Outdoor ‘Gobble Gobble’ Banner

Hosting Thanksgiving outside and want a big way to greet guests? Look no further than this burlap banner. Unlike most banners that say “Give Thanks” or “Thankful” this one is a little more fun. It says “Gobble Gobble.” Die cut paper letters are 3.75 inches. The banner measures approx. 60 inches long. The rustic look would go perfectly with a down home harvest gathering (complete with hay bales and pumpkin displays, of course).


Pumpkin Truck Lawn Stake

If Thanksgiving brings to mind childhood visits to the pumpkin patch, sitting in your grandad’s old truck, then you might like this little decorative outdoor stake. Featuring a red pickup truck filled with orange pumpkins, it sticks in the lawn with two large spikes. At 25 inches wide by 0.24 inches deep, the sign big enough to make a statement or even give guests a heads up of where to turn in your yard.


Vertical Thanksgiving Outdoor Sign

Vertical signage can be great for a front door where an awning might block a sign. This one works well located beside the front door. Made from 100% wood, this sign has been hand painted to read “Give Thanks.” At only three pounds, this sign isn’t so heavy that you’ll be worried it could fall and hurt someone, but it is sturdy enough to stay in place and be easily seen from the street at 52'' H x 7'' W x 1'' D in size.


Decorative Dried Corn

Corn is said to have made its way to Northern America from South America some 1,000 years ago. And in that time the staple crop has become one of the most important foodstuffs to the Americas. Naturally, it’s often depicted as a core component of the Thanksgiving feast. You can celebrate the historical significance of corn with this decorative dried variety that can be bundled or tied together and displayed in place of a wreath or as a centerpiece.


Thanksgiving Wreath

A wreath is a natural choice for Thanksgiving decor. This one is ideal for the season as it’s made of fabric leaves and foliage on a natural twig wreath base. Made at 17.5 inches in diameter, it’s a nice size (not too big, not too small) for any door. Plus, the colors lean more toward natural shades of green so your home won’t be entirely inundated in orange as is often the case this time of year.


DIY Felt Wreath

Want to make your own wreath but don’t want to fuss with dried foliage? You can great crafty following the Hands Occupied blog. Here felt plays the starring roll in a wreath made up of fabric. A styrofoam wreaths acts as the base. Then you can use any kind of scrap fabric to cover it. Cut out fun shapes — turkey legs, leaves, pie, and corn, out of felt to make your adornments, then sew or glue them onto the body of the wreath for a quirky Thanksgiving decoration.

In the spirit now? Grab your garlands, glue gun, and Thanksgiving gear and get decorating.