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43 Thanksgiving Food Coma Instagram Captions For Your Post-Feast Pics

It’s officially nap time.

You know the way you feel after you eat the most comforting of comfort meals? When your belly is full, your heart is fuller, and you feel like you need to nap for the next decade or so? That’s a food coma, friends. And if you think the way you feel after a hearty Sunday dinner is anything to write home about, what happens on Turkey Day is totally worthy of its own social media shout out. For that, you need these witty Thanksgiving food coma Instagram captions.

There are so many ways to illustrate the fact that your meal was amazing and now you’re stuffed. You can post a picture of your toddler’s bulging belly and unsnapped trousers after one too many servings of sweet potatoes, a selfie with an ode to stretchy pants, or a photo snuggled up on the couch ready for a long winter’s nap. These Instagram captions for Thanksgiving food comas perfectly capture the all of those after dinner feels.

Funny Thanksgiving food coma Instagram captions for unbuttoned pants

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  • Best. Leg Day. Ever.
  • I kept calm and gobbled on.
  • Food coma, we meet again.
  • I give zero plucks right now.
  • I gobbled til I wobbled.
  • Food coma survivor.
  • That was a beast of a feast.
  • Grateful and great full.
  • Clear eyes, full stomachs, can’t move.

Thanksgiving food coma Instagram captions for napping pics

  • Eat good, feel good, fall asleep.
  • Hello, food coma.
  • Another year, another nap.
  • Thanksgiving food coma nap. Do not disturb.
  • Eat hard, nap harder.
  • Nap mode.
  • If you need me, I’ll be on the couch.
  • Last-minute meeting with my pillow.
  • After dinner, on the couch. Be there or be square.
  • Life update: I am now a couch potato.
  • New job title: Official napper.
  • It’s officially nap time. But first, pie.
  • Casse-rollin’ right to sleep.
  • Eat, drink, nap. Repeat.
  • Thankful for this couch.
  • Warning: Food coma imminent.
  • First we feast, then we sleep.

Thanksgiving food coma Instagram captions for when you’re stuffed

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  • #Stuffed
  • More stuffed than the turkey.
  • Stuffed with stuffing.
  • Current status: stuffed like a turkey.
  • Here’s to a full belly and fuller hearts.
  • Leftovers are for quitters.

Stretchy Pants on Thanksgiving food coma Instagram captions

  • Thankful for stretchy pants.
  • Eat, drink, wear stretchy pants.
  • Cheers to elastic waistbands!
  • My Thanksgiving outfit will always involve stretchy pants.
  • Pants, the enemy of Thanksgiving.

Punny Thanksgiving food coma Instagram captions about the food

  • Fitness? More like fitness whole turkey in my mouth.
  • Can’t nobody tell me stuffin’.
  • I yam what I yam, but I ate too much ham.
  • I was all about that baste.
  • Absolutely basted.
  • It’s all gravy now.

When you sneak a snap of your husband fast asleep on your mother-in-law’s couch or strike a sleepy pose with your siblings, there are plenty of Thanksgiving food coma Instagram captions here to celebrate that blissful post-feast feeling.