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30 Valentine’s Day Knock Knock Jokes For Your Corny Crush

Text them one of these to break the ice.

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If you love a good pun, Dad joke, or bit of corny humor, maybe you’ve got a whole catalog of knock knock jokes committed to memory. If you’re not a walking joke compendium, well, here’s a little help. Valentine’s knock knock jokes can make the perfect message in a homemade card, a cute conversation starter when you’re texting, or an eyeroll-inducing message to send your spouse. Telling your kids a few Valentine’s Day jokes can’t hurt either.

Valentine’s knock knock jokes to ask someone out

If you’re scrolling through dating apps around February 14, chances are a Valentine’s Day pickup line will help break the ice. Or, if you’ve had a longstanding crush who you intend to finally ask on a date this year, these jokes will help get the job done. This time next year, you’ll be posting a V-Day couples pic on Instagram, we just know it.

  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Will. Will who? Will you be my Valentine?
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Wire. Wire who? Wire you still not in my phone’s contacts list?
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Russian. Russian who? I’m Russian to get your phone number.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Gopher. Gopher who? Gopher me, obviously.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Sherwood. Sherwood who? Sherwood like to be your Valentine!
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Water. Water who? Water you doing later tonight?
  • Knock knock. Who's there? Owl. Owl who? Owl be your Valentine if you'll be mine.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Peas. Peas who? Peas be my Valentine.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Wendy. Wendy who? Wendy you think we can go on a date?
  • Knock knock. Who’s there? Howard. Howard who? Howard you like to be my Valentine?
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Valentine’s knock knock jokes about being friends

Need some cute jokes to write inside your kiddo’s cards for their Valentine’s Day party at school? These ones will get the laughs without causing any speculation about who he or she might have a crush on.

  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Luke. Luke who? Luke who got a Valentine!
  • Knock, knock. Who's there? Arthur. Arthur who? Arthur any chocolates left for me?
  • Knock, knock. Who's there? Frank. Frank who? Frank you for being my friend!
  • Knock, knock. Who's there? Tail. Tail who? Tail all your friends Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s knock knock jokes to tell your partner

Whether you’ve been dating a few months or married for a decade, maybe a goofy knock knock joke is a new way to tell your person you’re thinking about them, and excited to spend this Valentine’s Day celebrating your relationship.

  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Olive. Olive who? Olive you!
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Ice cream. Ice cream who? Ice cream about how cute you are!
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Pizza. Pizza who? You have a pizza my heart.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Oil. Oil who? Oil love you forever.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Juno. Juno who? Juno I love you, don’t you?
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? A loan. A loan who? I can’t wait to get you a loan.

Romantic Valentine’s knock knock jokes

Want to get a little hot and heavy with your knock knock joke? Well, if you’re going to do it, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion. These jokes may not whisk anyone off their feet, but they’re definitely going to break the ice.

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  • Knock knock. Who's there? [Sexy voice:] Who would you like it to be?
  • Knock knock. Who's there? Justin. Justin who? You’re Justin time for the best kiss of your life.
  • Knock knock. Who's there? Anita. Anita who? Anita you right now!
  • Knock knock. Who's there? Wait. Wait who? Wait ‘til I get my hands on you.
  • Knock knock. Who’s there? Honeydew. Honeydew who? Honeydew you know how much I love you?
  • Knock knock. Who's there? Boo. Boo who? Will you stop crying if I give you a kiss?
  • Knock knock. Who's there? Ida. Ida who? Ida rather be with you right now.
  • Knock knock. Who’s there? Soda. Soda who? Soda you want to make out?
  • Knock knock. Who’s there? Butch. Butch who? Butch your arms around me, baby.
  • Knock knock. Who's there? Al. Al who? Al love you forever, Valentine.

So, which of these gems will you text to your lover this year? Or, if you’re kid’s old enough to text, maybe you can drop them a corny joke midday to make them cringe, but feel the love. You’re sure to get a few crying laughing emojis in return.

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