Check Out This Epic List Of Walmart Halloween Costumes

Whether you're looking for baby, toddler, kid, adult, or family, Walmart's got you covered for trick-or-treating.

As of September 1, it is officially fall in our household. Which means the hunt for our perfect Halloween costumes commences and I run ASAP to grab all the Walmart Halloween decor I can find. Walmart Halloween costumes are the best, because you can find a ton of variety, they offer a lot of sizes, and they’re never too expensive. Whether you’re looking for a cute couple’s Halloween costume, a baby Halloween costume, a toddler Halloween costume, or a Halloween costume for kids, Walmart Halloween costumes have got you covered. They have all of their Halloween stuff out right now, and if you can’t head over to their stores right now, there’s always online shopping. And their website has pages upon pages of Halloween costume options for everyone in your family.

While I couldn’t find a goat costume for my 3 year old who is suddenly obsessed with goats due to the petting farm at our city zoo, they do have a wide variety of adorable toddler, kid, and baby Halloween costumes for you to choose from. Though I do wish they had a goat costume for my kid, I guess I’ll have to find some farmer gear for my husband and I at Walmart so we can go as a family unit. Happy costume shopping and Happy fall, y’all.

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Some-bunny is going to look adorable

OK, first of all, this baby looks like a baby doll wearing this adorable bunny Walmart Halloween costume. Are they even real? Maybe if you purchase this bunny costume for your own baby they’ll also look like a porcelain doll? The costume comes with the jumpsuit and head piece, but the best part to me is the carrot that’s also a rattle. Genius. Reviews say that the costume is thin, however, so make sure if it’s cool where you live on Halloween night you layer that baby up. We won’t have to worry about that here in Georgia where we wore shorts last year and sweat.


For the little mermaids

Does your child love everything under the sea, including mermaids? This Disney Princess Ariel Walmart Halloween costume is the perfect outfit for playing dress-up or Halloween night. According to the reviews, this dress is sturdy enough to last long after Halloween night, ensuring it’s a staple in your child’s dress up bin at home for many years to come. Reviewers said the fabric was vibrant, and the stitching was strong, it wasn’t rough on sensitive skin, and the fit was perfect. One reviewer said, “My daughter loves everything mermaid so she was so excited to wear this! This is the perfect dress for everyday wear or cosplay or for Halloween. It's the perfect fit and will give tons of excitement for your little ones. My daughter would wear this everyday if it were up to her.”


This costume is grrrr-ific

Y’all. I can’t handle the tiny paw prints on the bottom of the feet of this Tiger Tot Baby Walmart Halloween costume. And the ears. And the tufts of hair on the cheeks. I can’t. But the best part about this costume just might be the body suit’s snaps that make for easy diaper changes. Reviewers say the inside is soft and not rough like most costumes are, which is ideal for a baby, and it’s well made. The tiny paw prints I love so much are skid resistant, which is perfect for new movers and cruisers on the go.


“Hey there, little Red Riding Hood, you sure are lookin’ good...”

“You're everything a big bad wolf could want. Listen to me, little Red Ridin' Hood, I don't think little big girls should go walkin' in these spooky old woods alone. What big eyes you have. The kind of eyes that drive wolves mad.” You will be all kinds of hot in this Dark Red Riding Hood Walmart Halloween costume. And you may have this Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs song in your head the entire evening. Worth it.

It has rave reviews, including one 5-star review saying it was “Very beautiful,” and it fit her perfectly.

She said, “I'm 5'2" and I weighed 237 pounds when I bought this costume. Although it says it fits up to 230 pounds, it looked perfect on me!”


Beeeeee adorable for Halloween

I, too, was a bumble bee for Halloween one year and I have many photos of a disgruntled and confused me being held by my sweet delighted parents. But this baby looks happy as a clam. Probably because this Walmart Halloween costume is such high quality. It’s soft, fluffy, comfortable, and appealing to babies eyes because of the colors according to the description. And it’s currently on sale for $10 off, which is quite a bargain for good quality baby Halloween costumes these days. For a fun family costume idea, the parents could also dress as bees and tell people they’re part of the bees from that SNL sketch that was the best thing ever back in the ‘70s.


For Mr. Potato Head Fans

Personally, I think this Mr. Potato Head Walmart Halloween costume should win Halloween. It’s hilarious. And if you’re super committed to Halloween, this may be the costume for you, because you’ll need some ingenuity if you wear it. One reviewer named “Spuds” says, “Lots of fun but you get very hot if you are moving a lot like dancing. You also don't have a way to eat or drink without some ingenuity. I had towels inside and pulled my hand in to wipe myself down a few times. I also pulled in a bottle of beverage inside to try and rehydrate. If you plan on dancing with a partner (ballroom for example) this is not the costume for you. Arms can't touch in front. Well made and lots of fun.”

So I guess don’t wear it to go ballroom dancing, unfortunately. But still a great buy.


For the PJ Masks fan

This PJ Masks Catboy Walmart Halloween costume received rave reviews from parents of toddlers who did not want to take this adorable costume off. Worried if they’ll keep the headpiece on? One reviewer says, “This costume is absolutely ADORABLE!! My son loved it. We were a bit skeptical on whether he'd keep the mask/hat on the entire tricking treating time but to our surprise.....it stayed on the entire time! Buy it.....you'll appreciate the pics for years to come.”

One pleased grandma says, “My grandson loves this. He refused to wait for Halloween. He's used it daily for 3 weeks and it's still in impeccable condition! Great buy.”


For fans of everyone’s favorite fairy

Channel your inner Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and dress up as the tooth fairy this year.

Shoes, cigar, and pliers aren’t included, unfortunately. But I really think the pliers add to the costume, don’t you think?


You know what time it is...

“It’s peanut butter jelly time!!! Peanut butter jelly time!!! Peanut butter jelly time!!! Now where he at? Where he at? Where he at?”

This adorable Walmart Halloween costume for couples is right here for all your trick-or-treating and Halloween party needs this year. Reviews were overall good about this couple’s costume. In fact, reviewer aptly named “JellyTime” said on the Walmart website, “We had so much fun dressing up in this costume with my husband! It was a big hit out trick or treating!!”

According to the description, “The Peanut Butter and Jelly couple costume is unisex size and fits up to 6' and 200 pounds, and up to 16W in women's.”


For the family of superheroes

A family that reads comics together stays together — or something like that. But seriously if your family is a fan of DC, these Justice League Walmart Halloween costumes for the entire family would be a big hit. And who knows, you may be cool (read nerdy) enough to cosplay in these with the kiddos all year round. Talk about parents of the year, right? And the best part to me about these costumes is they look as comfortable as pajamas. They’re hooded with a zipper and don’t include the footie part — which means you can wear your favorite comfy shoes for all those many, many hours of trick-or-treating. Or cosplaying. Or a family night out to the theater to catch that midnight showing of the next DC movie. Obviously you have to dress up for those like we all used to for Harry Potter book releases and movie releases right?


A boo-tiful ghostie

From as far back as when my son first started to talk, he has always called ghosts “ghosties.” He’d comment on the ghost and “skeweton” decorations we’d see on our daily walks around the neighborhood. And we have a video of us asking him when he was barely over 2 years old if he thought “ghosties” were scary, and he replied, “Oh, yes. Ghosties and skewetons are so scawwy.” So if he wasn’t already set on being a goat this Halloween, we definitely would have purchased this friendly ghost toddler Walmart Halloween costume. One-hundred percent. So if you or your kid love ghosties, be sure to snag this friendly ghost Walmart Halloween costume ASAP. So your child can be “scawwy” and adorable on Halloween.


For Hermione fans

Whether for Halloween, or dress-up play anytime, this Hermione Walmart Halloween costume is super cute and according to reviews, very well made. One reviewer said, “Bought for my daughter who is now getting into Harry Potter. She loves it! The top is so cute with the twill skirt and the cape is removable. She can wear it for Halloween and for dress up after. Very well made and money well spent!” And another, echoing the sentiment said, “Bought this for my 7 year old daughter. The quality is exceptional. I am blown away and so excited to give it to her. Not a cheap outfit like you usually find.” So be sure to grab this Walmart Halloween costume and pack it in your kids’ trunk before they get on the train for Hogwarts this year.


Hot dog! Y’all will be cute

Slightly suggestive, but more on the silly side, this Hot Dog and Bun couples Walmart Halloween costume will be a hit at Halloween parties. Especially because your legs, arms and hands will be free to move around and hold beverages at said party.

There was only one negative review, saying, “...The bun doesn’t have enough material to surround the hot dog to even pretend to wrap.” So as long as you weren’t looking for an authentic hot dog in a bun experience, you should be good to go with this costume. The other only downside I can see is someone getting the “Hot Dog!” song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stuck in their heads upon seeing your costume. Worth it.


Arrrrrrrr(e) you hoping to be a pirate?

A pirate is a classic Halloween staple these days and this adult pirate Walmart Halloween costume checks all the boxes for a perfect pirate ensemble. It comes with a black and white shirt, vest, wrist cuffs, belt, black-and-red striped pants and boot covers, according to the description. Oh, and the head tie is included also.

One reviewer said that he and his wife enjoyed the costume during “pirate date night” on a Disney Cruise. “We were surprised, both costumes held up well and will be used in future when we go to Pirate Weekend in Rockhall, MD, this August,” he said.


A quick and easy costume

If you’re looking for something simple, quick, and inexpensive for Halloween this year, these spotted ladybug wings may be the best Walmart Halloween costume for you. Wear a little black dress paired with these wings and you’ll be smart, gorgeous, and stylish. And the wings come with the adorable headband. You truly can’t lose with this costume. Reviewers loved the costume for the ease of which you can put it on, and how flowy, soft, and comfortable they are. Perhaps you can wear this costume and dress your baby in the bumble bee Walmart Halloween costume above and go as insects? Now that would “bee” cute.


For the little firefighter fans

Our neighborhood friend received one of these for his third birthday one year, and he literally never wore anything else. He loved it that much, and I bet your kid will, too. This Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Walmart Halloween costume will wow all fans of firefighters and fire trucks alike. The outfit comes with a helmet, badge, a name tag you can personalize, a fire extinguisher, and a bullhorn with sound effects. And since it’s Melissa & Doug, you know it’s going to be high quality and last for a long time, whether that means playing dress up long after Halloween, or your kid wearing it every single day everywhere they go like our friend. This costume is made to last.


For fans of The Flash

When our kids dart away from us near a busy street, they most definitely always seem like The Flash. So this Flash Walmart Halloween costume is perfect for fast and spirited kids everywhere. Per the description, no candy bowl will be safe as this speedy hero races around and snags all of the candy at lightning speed.

To optimize speed, this costume is soft and flexible (even with the “muscles”) and it’s a jumpsuit with a velcro closure, so it’s easy for parents to get kids in and out in a flash. Ha ha! Pun totally intended. Sorry not sorry.


For the Batman fan

Super heroes are always an excellent choice of Halloween costume for any age group, and this Batman Walmart Halloween costume would be perfect for your kiddo if they’re fans of the Dark Knight.

They’ll “become the defender of Gotham City” once they put on this costume, per the description. The black jumpsuit includes the iconic Batman abs, a removable cape, belt, and mask. They’ll be fighting crime and protecting your city for many years to come. In fact it appears Batman himself left a review on the product page, as Batman1 says, “Great looking costume and accessories ! Can hardly wait for Halloween! Very good price!”


For the cute corny couple

Oh man. I love how cheesy this costume is. And how easy this costume is. The Key To My Heart Walmart Halloween costume will put the spark back into any relationship, as one partner attempts to put his key into your lock all night. I kid, I kid. But seriously, this costume is super easy to pull off, as one partner just has to slip a key over their head and the other just wears the dress.

“Lady” left a short and sweet review titled, “Was a Big Hit,” and said, “Dress was a little short key was cool.” And there you have it.


It’s time to be a hero

OK, “It’s time to be a hero” and totally win Halloween this year when it comes to your kids by wearing this adult PJ Masks Catboy Walmart Halloween costume. The PJ Masks Catboy Walmart Halloween costume comes with a removable mask and detachable tail, in case you have to, you know, drive to your Halloween destination since you’re the grownup and all. The converse in the photo are not included with the costume, unfortunately.

But if your kid decides to wear the matching PJ Masks Walmart Halloween costume above, you both will be on your way, “into the night, to save the day!”

All will shout, “Hooray!”


For those who love Lucy

I don’t know of many people who don’t love Lucy, or at the very least wouldn’t know immediately who you were dressed up as when you put on this Lucy at the Candy Factory Walmart Halloween costume. While unfortunately the costume doesn’t come with the wig, it does come with the dress and the iconic hat. However, Walmart also sells a Lucy wig for just $15. But personally, I want to know where the model got her shoes from, because I’d definitely be rocking those babies on a regular basis. And if you haven’t seen this iconic Candy Factory episode from I Love Lucy, I highly recommend checking it out ASAP.


Your little pumpkin will look perfect

If you don’t dress your baby up as a pumpkin for Halloween at least once, are you even a parent? This Pumpkin Cutie Pie Walmart Halloween costume is just perfect for your little pumpkin. Plus, it’s less than $20, which you just can’t beat. They’ll stay comfy and cozy in this sleeveless jumper with a zipper, thanks to the fancy pumpkin hat that is included in the package. Don’t forget to grab some black leggings and a black long-sleeved shirt to go under the pumpkin costume. Plus, it’s machine washable, a very important aspect of an infant Halloween costume if you ask me.


Go with a classic

You can’t go wrong dressing as a witch for Halloween — or every day, if I’m being honest. This Black Witch Dress Walmart Halloween costume is the perfect amount of spooky, witchy, and seductive, all rolled into one. The dress is faux velvet, lightweight, has a v-neck and thigh-high slit, perfect to showcase some fun colored tights. Plus there’s bell sleeves so you feel extra witchy. Unfortunately, the description says, “Wig, hat, necklace, hosiery, shoes and broom not included,” but I’m sure you can find those items fairly easily. Doesn’t everyone keep a witch hat next to their broom in their linen closets or is it just me?


For Descendants fans

Per the description, “Hot on the heels of the incredibly popular Descendants and its animated spin-off series Descendants Wicked World comes the much anticipated sequel film Descendants 3,” and your kid can dress up as Mal, the coolest character around. I mean, look at that fantastic blue hair, y’all. Even though you’ll have to purchase the wig separately, the Mal Walmart Halloween costume does come with the jumpsuit and vest. And a safety light.

The costume has great reviews on the website saying how much their kids loved dressing up in it and how the quality was really well done. So whether for Halloween, dress-up, or cosplay, this Mal costume definitely checks a lot of boxes for fun.


For your little chickadee

I can’t handle the absurdity and cuteness of this toddler chicken Walmart Halloween costume. My child wants to go as a goat, so I don’t really have any room to talk when it comes to weird farmyard animal costumes, especially because my son kind of looks like Baphomet when he wears the headpiece. But I digress. This chicken costume comes with a yellow hooded jumpsuit and a matching pair of chicken feet. But why wouldn’t you have a pair of chicken feet boots hanging around at home? What’s wrong with you? Seriously, this costume is too cute and your kid will earn lots of delicious candy to take back to her nest at the end of the night.