Memorial Day

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If You're Starting A Garden, You Need All Of Walmart's Memorial Day Deals

Whether you’re looking to update your garden, patio or bedroom, Walmart’s Memorial Day sale’s got you covered.

Memorial Day. Most importantly, the day of remembrance and honor. But also, the unofficial kick-off to the first day of summer, and the day of many, many sales, including the Walmart Memorial Day sale. Whether you’re looking to snag some toys for those millions of kid birthday parties you’ll be going to this summer, hoping to spruce up your home or patio, or if you’re looking to make your yard good enough to be on the cover of a magazine, Walmart’s got you covered with their sale.

With everything from toys to home, and outdoors to electronics, there’s something included in this sale for everyone. And the best part? You can purchase all of this from the comfort of your air conditioned home. Or if you just have to get out of the house but don’t want to deal with the crowds, you can always take advantage of Walmart’s free curbside pickup, where if you order online or with the app, an associate will bring your items to your car for you and load them up. For free.

No matter how you shop at Walmart this Memorial Day, there are certainly deals to be had, so don’t miss out and check out some of these favorites (and most amazing deals) below.


There must have been something in the water nine months ago, because I feel like every single one of my son’s friends has a summer birthday (including my Gemini son), so stock up on some toys for all the other fellow summer babies or snag some deals for those Christmas presents super early.

Electronics & Appliances

Some of these deals will remind you of Black Friday shopping, but thankfully there won’t be a line wrapped around the building for you to wait in while feeling stuffed with turkey, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. This time, you simply have to turn on your computer and log on to Easy peasy.


When it starts to get warmer outside I suddenly get the itch to redo my back deck/patio area. Every year, it never fails. I have big dreams of outdoor dinners with my family, my husband grilling while I sip a cool beverage in a brand new patio chair before moving over to the beautiful patio table I just purchased from the Walmart Memorial Day Sale. With the deals this year, I just might make my dreams a reality this summer. Brand new patio furniture, here we come.


Whether you’re looking to lighten up your space a bit for summer or are planning a huge redecorating project for your home, Walmart has you covered with their killer deals on furniture and home decor. From planters to curtains to dining room sets, your home will look updated and fresh in no time.


Summertime is the perfect time to dig in the dirt again, and Walmart has some awesome sales on all of your gardening needs. From fertilizer to water hoses, thanks to Walmart, your yard will be the talk of the neighborhood this summer.