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Little boy eating a piece of watermelon outdoors
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15 Sweet Watermelon Coloring Pages You Can Print For Free

These coloring pages are cool, colorful, and most of all, fun.

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On sultry summer days, there’s nothing like cutting open a cold watermelon. With its juicy red flesh, black seeds that are sensational for spitting contests, and a green rind for easy holding, it’s easily one of the most delish — and healthy — fruits to eat during those dog days of summer. But when you haven’t gone food shopping yet, these 15 watermelon coloring pages can help your kiddo with their cravings.

Watermelons truly are the unsung heroes of summer. Perfect as a snack or a dessert, the fruit is a superstar in every way possible — not only does it keep you hydrated, but it has vitamins A and C, too. Plus, the lycopene in watermelon can prevent sun damage, per Health. And when it comes to coloring, they’re bright, colorful, and easy to color.

So be sure to stock up on those green, red, white, and black crayons, and help your kid take a big bite out of summer (or any season, really) with these free watermelon coloring pages that’ll make you swear you can smell that sweet fruit.


Watermelons On A Vine Coloring Page

Help your child understand that watermelons grow on a vine (and not, um, on a tree) with this sweet coloring page. Each vine can produce between 2-4 watermelons, which means you’ll be having watermelon the whole summer long should you choose to start planting your own. If you want to keep it strictly to coloring, your kiddo can color in the rinds in hues of green and white, along with some lovely leaves, too.


Cross-Sectioned Watermelon Coloring Page

This watermelon coloring page will make your child will feel like they’re in anatomy class. With a slice of watermelon already cut out and served, it will give your child more coloring options as they fill in both the outside and inside. But be sure to have a lot of black crayons on hand, since the average watermelon boasts between 300-500 seeds.


Smiley Face Watermelon Coloring Page

Eating healthy should make your child feel happy. That’s why the smiling face on this slice of watermelon makes it (almost) too adorable to eat. Instead, your kiddo can color it and fill in everything including the rind, the red watermelon, and even the black seeds, too. It’s a good coloring page for a younger artiste who might still be learning their colors, since it’s not too complicated.


Summertime Watermelon Coloring Page

When you think about it, watermelon is really a kid-friendly fruit. It has a built-in handle (i.e. the rind), which makes it easy to hold. That might explain why the little girl in this watermelon coloring page just took a big bite out of hers. From her pigtails to the pits, there sure is a lot to color in. And by filling in the intricate letters, your kiddo can practice coloring inside the lines — or not.


Sunbathing Watermelon Coloring Page

Your family isn’t the only one soaking up the summer rays. This watermelon is totally tanning itself on the beach, complete with shades, an umbrella, and a tropical drink. Seems like this watermelon has the right idea. But if you decide to bring one to the beach, you might want to eat it quickly, as watermelon is best served (and consumed) cold.


Friends Sharing Watermelon Coloring Page

Sharing is caring, they say, even when it’s a juicy chunk of watermelon. These two BFFs are having a blast in the summer with some slices of the fruit. And from the leftover rinds on the table, it seems like they’ve already had a few servings of the good stuff. After all, watermelon is really good for you; it has zero fat, and since it’s 92% water, it promotes hydration, especially on a hot summer’s day.


Letter W Watermelon Coloring Page

Sure, you can give your child any assortment of watermelon coloring pages, but ones that boost learning are a bonus. This one can teach your preschooler that W is for watermelon, and show them the difference between upper and lower case letters. You can even illustrate the concept of before and after by pointing out the whole watermelon and then the slice sitting beside it. Because learning while you’re eating is always delish.


A Simple Watermelon Coloring Page

Simplistic in style, this watermelon coloring page can teach your child the basic parts of this fabulous fruit. There’s the green and white rind, the red flesh inside, and the black seeds. This could be a good opportunity to explain to your child that, interestingly enough, the rind is completely edible (and apparently, pretty tasty, too). Watermelon rind can be juiced, pickled, or even fried, which makes it even more versatile.


A Complete Watermelon Coloring Page

Yes, the rind of this watermelon looks more like a medical heart rate monitoring, but that’s just what makes each fruit so unique. You can have your child build their fine motor skills by tracing the lines, and offering up some educational (and nutritional) value, too. Because watermelon rinds are naturally high in citrulline, which can help keep their heart healthy.


A Piglet Watermelon Coloring Page

If Pooh and Piglet are rockstars in your house, then your little one will love the Piglet Eating Watermelon Coloring Page. It features a very happy Piglet who has obviously taken quite a few big bites out of his slice of the fruit. The precocious little piggy first made his debut in the Winnie the Pooh world in the 1969 animated short, Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. Ever since then, Piglet and Pooh have been BFF’s.


Winnie the Pooh Watermelon Coloring Page

Well, if Piglet can have his watermelon and eat it too, so can Winnie the Pooh. Pooh seems perfectly content having his slice of the sweet stuff. There are two additional W’s to color, which just might stand for watermelon… and Winnie the Pooh. But anyone who is a fan of the sweet and loving bear knows that Winnie the Pooh prefers honey (or as he likes to write it, hunny). Seems like in this coloring page, he’s trying a new food — and loving it. Just might encourage your picky eater to sample some watermelon, too.


Child Eating Watermelon Coloring Page

There’s nothing like diving into a slice of watermelon during the summer. That might be why watermelon consistently ranks among the top summer foods to eat. (Because do you ever really see anyone wolfing down a watermelon during the winter? We think not.) And this boy seems super psyched to sink his chompers (well, almost all of them) into the juicy fruit.


Cat in the Hat Watermelon Page

Move over, green eggs and ham. The Cat in the Hat (along with Thing 1 and Thing 2) are loading up watermelons in their wheelbarrow in a true feat of balance. It looks like Thing 2 has already served himself up a slice, but he should think twice before cutting open the other ones, though. As it turns out, eating too much watermelon isn’t good for you. Not only can it cause bloating, gassiness, and diarrhea, it could potentially increase your potassium intake. And if you develop hyperkalemia (which is when you have too much potassium in your blood), it could lead to a heart attack or death.


Pocoyo With Watermelon Coloring Page

This cute coloring page of Pocoyo holding a piece of watermelon is totally adorable. It’s up to your child what colors they will make Pocoyo’s hat and clothes. If you haven’t experienced the sweetness that is Pocoyo, you should. Pocoyo, a show that is ideal for preschoolers, has cute characters that sing and dance while working together and learning new things — like how yummy watermelon is.


W Is For Watermelon Coloring Page

We don’t know what you’ll want to color first, the W in watermelon or the slices themselves. Either way, your kiddo will have a lot to color on this fun page. You can even explain to your child about depth, since one watermelon slice is hiding behind the W, while another one is in front. They can even learn the concept of above and below, too.

When your kiddo is tired of doodling in the same boring books, you can download some of these delish (and free!) watermelon coloring pages. As they’re coloring, you might want to give them a slice of the real deal to make it even more enticing. Engaging in a seed-spitting contest is entirely up to you.