Valentine's Day

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Here's When Costco Puts Out Their Valentine's Day Stuff

Because you’re not just there for the croissants and king crab legs, after all.

After weeks of celebrations and parties, get-togethers and gatherings, things have finally calmed down. So it can be shocking when, with so many food-filled weeks, that you open your refrigerator and find… nothing. Of course, you can cruise over to Costco to stock up on those bulk staples that fill your pantry (and your little peeps’ bellies), but did you know that you can also start getting ready for Valentine’s Day, too? If you’re looking to pick up a present (or get some tasty treats), you’ll need to know when Costco puts out Valentine’s Day stuff.

Here’s When Costco Puts Out Their Valentine’s Day Stuff

In the retail world, it seems that a shopping season barely ends before another begins. (If you go to a store a day or two after Christmas, you’ll know what we mean.) So it shouldn’t be a shocker, then, to see Valentine’s Day items lining store shelves even before New Year’s. The same holds true for warehouse giant Costco, too, which puts out V Day items fairly quickly, so you should plan to make your purchases soon, because if you wait until a week before Valentine’s Day, Cupid might have other plans for you. “Due to the nature of our business, Costco tends to sell through seasonal products very early in the season,” a spokesperson told Romper.

Here Are Some Costco Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Get

Thing is, it would be a shame if you didn’t get your sweetie something, anything for Valentine’s Day. The good news is that there are a lot of choices when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts you can get at Costco. For starters, there is always a bounty of bouquets you can buy. Really, where else can you buy a dozen roses in virtually every color for just $15.99? Just be sure to get there earlier in the day so you don’t wind up with the wilting ones. And if a dozen just won’t do it, you can pre-order a massive Valentine’s Day 50-stem bouquet in a bevy of colors, like yellow, white, traditional red, or a lovely lavender shade, as well as mixed arrangements, too.

For the little foodie in your life, Costco definitely doesn’t disappoint. You can pick up a Popcornopolis 3.5 Gallon Valentine’s Popcorn Party Tin ($49.99) that features a trifecta of popped deliciousness in flavors like caramel, cheddar, and zebra-striped popcorn. And if you want to have a more heart-healthy treat, the Fruit Company Heart of Hearts Valentine’s Day Tower is full of festive fruit. You’ll find pears, apples, chocolate-covered cherries, and raspberry shortbread cookies for $49.99. Of course, you can wheel your wagon to the bakery section of Costco, where you’ll find $20 half-sheet cakes, cookies, and other pastries that can satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. But if you wait, you might miss out on all of the yummy goodness (and at bulk buy prices) that Costco has to offer. So whether you’re filling up your gas tank (or, you know, trying to fill your love tank), Costco can make Valentine’s Day lovely in every way.