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When Does Dollar Tree Stock Their Halloween Decor?

You’ll have a shockingly good time shopping the $1 Halloween inventory, which is on Dollar Tree store shelves and website now.

Sure, you might want to decorate your entire house for Halloween. A mantle draped in yards of spider webbing that holds smoking cauldrons, flickering candles and ceramic ghosts sounds so fun — if scary expensive. Ah, but the price tags don’t have to frighten you as the Dollar Tree is now offering Halloween merchandise ranging from adorably wacky party favors to timeless seasonal décor. So when exactly can you start shopping the Dollar Tree Halloween stock? If you have a screen and an urge for autumn, you can begin filling your cart right now.

When Do Dollar Tree Stores Put Out Their Halloween Stock?

In Dollar Tree stores (which are sprinkled over 48 states), shelves are right now bursting with crafts, masks, plastic party goods, and chic reusable gourds. While many shops may have much or all of their Halloween inventory available, some will continue to restock. Early risers can pick from the organized shelves typically starting at around 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m., and many Dollar Tree locations keep their doors swinging open until 10:00 p.m., though you can check the store locator for local details.

Can You Buy All Of The Dollar Tree Halloween Inventory Online?

On their website, you can get your pumpkin game going right this second. It’s ready to serve with a Halloween tab that offers décor, party goods, wearable accessories, and all of the crafting supplies you’d need to DIY a spooky little something for your house.

If you’re shopping online, the Dollar Tree has an entirely separate section devoted to fall items, distinct from their Halloween stuff, which you can browse for décor that’ll work throughout autumn. Consider lining up chic velvet pumpkins in unexpected hues, like burgundy, navy, and pink, to create a modern tablescape. At $1 a piece, you may want to experiment with a 36-item-case and create little patches around your home. Still into signage? How about hanging Hello, October on your front door? And gold baskets make as chic an incoming-mail holder as they do a Halloween candy bowl. Just note: While many of these seasonal pieces come in multi-item bundles online, the prices still shake out to $1 a piece. Also keep in mind, as per the Dollar Tree website, they offer more to choose from in their stores so you may want to make an in-person visit.

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What Kind Of Halloween Decorations Does Dollar Tree Sell?

You’ll find quite a bit of indoor inspiration here. Remember those ceramic ghosts we mentioned earlier? You can buy the new pieces in sets of four, with included batteries to light them up. And a set of four 18-inch glow-in-the-dark skeletons, or dangling black spiders might be just the thing to hang from high shelves to set a spooky tone in any room. You can also find LED lights in characters like spiders and purple bats, and even sparkling ornaments to create an unconventional Halloween tree. Why not get super creative this year? For the outside, you’ll find all manner of stakes to dress up the yard, along with garland and wreaths.

And while you probably won’t find full-on costumes on the shelves, you can shop costume accessories to create a quick look, or compliment a costume you’ve got at home. Think butterfly wings, animal eye masks, and LED wands. They’d be perfect to wear during a little Halloween celebration. If you’re playing host, there are dozens of adorable party favor ideas (just think of how cute little goody bags would be for each of the kiddos in your child’s classroom). Consider plastic pumpkin cups with lids and straws, steel cookie cutters in spooky shapes for seasonal baking, and cute new arrivals like felt stickers for decorating pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. There’s endless fun to be had for a dollar.