Valentine's Day

boy cutting out heart for Valentine's Day

Here’s When You’ll Start Seeing Valentine’s Day Goodies At Walmart

Because you can never stock up too soon.

Just when you thought you were done with the holidays, you check your child’s backpack, and sure enough, there’s another class party you’re going to have to get ready for: Valentine’s Day. But where can you get candy, crafts, and décor all in one spot? Well, Walmart, of course. So if you’re already planning to head to the store anyway, you might want to know: when does Walmart put out Valentine’s Day stuff?

When Will Valentine’s Day Décor Hit Walmart Shelves?

Unlike some other retail stores that have specific dates to get something special for your sweetie, Walmart starts to roll out their Valentine’s Day merch right after the holidays are over. That means once the calendar clocks 2022, you can expect to see a sea of hearts, roses, and everything bathed in red and pink. And while you might still be recovering from New Year’s (in more ways than one), it’s never too early to start feeling the love and shopping Valentine’s Day stuff from Walmart.

Of course, Valentine’s Day comes at a time of year when you still might be seeing the remains of a white Christmas. So if you’re buried under a foot of snow (or simply don’t want to schlep to a store yet again), you can always shop Walmart’s array of Valentine’s Day items online. There, you’ll find everything from party items to presents, fashion and food, to copious amounts of candy.

Shop Walmart Valentine’s Day Décor Online Now

Although your home might have been covered in silver and gold, blue and white, or red and green, there’s something about the pink and red Valentine’s Day décor that is just, well, lovely. But if you thought that wreaths were exclusively for the Santa season, think again. A Valentine’s Day heart-shaped-themed wreath (made from curled woodchips, no less) can welcome visitors to your home. You can also take those candy hearts that we all know and love and turn them into hanging décor, thanks to the candy hearts outdoor hanging set. While it can be used outside, this can be an adorable decoration to use on an accent wall, or even as a mock headboard for your child’s bedroom.

Covering your hearth in hearts might make for precious pics, but what many people crave when it comes to Valentine’s Day is the candy. You might go the traditional route, and opt for a big ol’ box of chocolates, or you could be looking for candies that you can put into goody bags for your child’s in-school Valentine’s Day party. Well, Walmart has tons of options to satisfy every occasion — and sweet tooth. A word to the wise, though: the candy can sell out quickly, so you should start clicking and adding to your cart as soon as possible to score some sweet deals.

Valentine’s Day 2022 falls on a Monday this year, which means that your child will most likely be in school for the celebrations. You can shop Walmart’s Valentine’s Day classroom merchandise (think V Day cards), candy, and even mailboxes your kiddo can make for all those cards they’re going to get.

It’s hard not to get in the holiday spirit once again when you see all the fun things you can decorate (and dine on) as you shop Walmart’s Valentine’s Day products. And it just might remind you that sometimes, a little bit of love (and some chocolate) is all it takes to have a fun-filled February 14th.