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When Is Christmas In 2021? Because You Need To Prepare

Decorations are out in the stores, so it must be soon, right?

You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen, but do you know when they and the rest of the reindeer team will be flying Santa to your house? It seems like all the days have blurred together over the last couple of years, so a lot of us may be wondering: when is Christmas 2021? With as early as some stores put out Christmas decor, it’s honestly hard to know anymore.

When Is Christmas In 2021?

Every year, Christmas is observed on Dec. 25, and in 2021 that happens to fall on a Saturday. For a lot of people, though, they start celebrating the holiday on Dec. 24, or Christmas Eve. For companies that consider both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day holidays, that means employees could be looking at a four-day weekend to celebrate (assuming they “observe” Christmas the following Monday, Dec. 27). Even if you don’t end up getting an extended weekend, Christmas landing on a Saturday makes things feel a little more relaxing since you probably won’t have to rush back into the grind the next day.

The History Of Christmas

Christmas itself is technically a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. That being said, Christmas is also celebrated by people all over the world with various beliefs as a general winter holiday, and this can be traced back centuries. For example, hundreds of years before Jesus is said to have walked the earth, Europeans celebrated the Winter Solstice as the end of darkness (since the days are gradually lighter for longer until the Summer Solstice in June). “Yule” was a similar celebration, which lasted from Dec. 21 through January when they’d burn a yule log in the fire, which might be why we continue to associate Christmas with warm fires.

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Santa Claus is another symbol of Christmas that millions of people recognize, regardless of their faith. His story goes back to the 3rd century when he was simply Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children. Over the years, his story evolved, and he was known as both a protector of children as well as a philanthropist. The Christmas tradition of gift-giving and acts of goodwill (such as donating to the Salvation Army and sponsoring children in need) is linked to St. Nick’s giving spirit, and it’s no wonder why he eventually became the Santa Claus we know today.

Ways To Celebrate Christmas

If your question isn’t “when is Christmas,” but rather “how do I celebrate Christmas,” then the most important thing for you to know is that you can celebrate the day whenever it’s right for you and your loved ones, it doesn’t have to be on Dec. 25. Additionally, there isn’t one way to celebrate the holiday because everyone has their own traditions. However, if you’re ready to start your own traditions, here are some ideas:

  • Serve up a big brunch after presents have been opened (mimosas optional, but encouraged)
  • Set up a hot chocolate bar for everyone to create their own decadent hot beverage
  • Watch a marathon of your favorite holiday movies and TV shows
  • Set up a Zoom celebration with long-distance family
  • Cook up a delicious dinner with the food you love (whether it’s turkey, ham, or pizza)
  • Decorate gingerbread cookies and houses
  • Go sledding or ice skating outside
  • Have a Christmas carol karaoke contest
  • Play a bunch of board games in front of the fireplace
  • Attend a church service
  • Volunteer somewhere that could use extra help for the holiday

There really is no right way to celebrate Christmas, it’s just about enjoying the day with someone you love (even if that someone is your cat who lays in bed with you all morning while you dip candy canes into your coffee). So, put on some fuzzy socks, relax, and have some fun.