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Now Is The Perfect Time For These Cute Witch Coloring Pages

Broomsticks, potions, and black cats, oh my!

Sure, you can paint a pumpkin, or color in a black cat, but if there is one person who symbolizes all that is scary on Halloween, it’s a witch. Maybe it’s the snaggle tooth that sticks straight up out of their mouths, or those crazy long chins and noses (or ack, the garish green face). And because they’re such a departure from how kids look every day, it can be so much fun to dress up as one for Halloween. That’s what makes these witch coloring pages so frighteningly fun to color in.

But let’s be honest here for a minute: if witches were accurately portrayed in coloring pages, there wouldn’t be a whole heck of a lot to color in, because…ahem, they were mostly naked. That’s right, skip the pointy shoes, the black dress — even the cone-shaped hat, because witches walked around, made their potions, and even rode their broomsticks as naked as the day they were born, according to In Style. That might be a little too TMI for your preschooler, though, so pick the pages where the witch is wearing some clothes, and dole out that info when it’s age-appropriate.

In the meantime, though, your child will have a witchy good time with these witch coloring pages in preparation for Halloween (and woot, they’re all free, too).


Witch Flying On A Broomstick Coloring Page

There’s nothing more classic than watching a witch flying on her broomstick. But how did witches come to select broomsticks as their preferred mode of travel? Well, it’s a story you might not want to tell the kiddos, since it’s linked to hallucinogenic drugs that were applied to a witch’s girly parts with (you guessed it), a broomstick. Sheesh. Although no one is advocating lying to your child, you can always say that witches like to keep their lair (and, ahem, their lady parts) neat and tidy.


Witch Hat Coloring Page

There’s a lot of controversy as to why witches wear hats, (ranging from ties to the Jewish faith to a form of punishment for those believed to be practicing magic. But the conical hat didn’t come to truly symbolize witches until The Wicked Witch of the West wore one in the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz. But no matter what the real reason is, a witch hat pretty much has the same shape always, and is usually black. Because, as you know, black goes with everything.


Witch’s Legs Coloring Page

Witches are known for having great gams, and the one featured (upside down, no less) in this coloring page is particularly stylish. Although striped stockings are just part of a witch’s lewk, you might find some who just prefer black tights. In any case, your kiddo can color these in orange and black, (or even purple and black), the signature colors of the season. There really isn’t any historical truth in witches wearing striped stockings, what can be said is that they probably didn’t seek out to wear stockings –or any clothes, really — since they were often portrayed being naked.


Simple Witch’s Face Coloring Page

The pointy chin. The long nose and toothy smirk. It’s all there for the coloring in this witch’s coloring page. But why the wart? Well, apparently warts were a symbol of a “devil’s mark”, and allowed people to substantiate their claims that someone was practicing witchcraft, according to JAMA Dermatology. A wart won’t go away on its own, though, and so if you have one, you’ll need to seek out some solutions. The first one: salicylic acid, which works by removing the layers of a wart. Otherwise, you can always have your dermatologist freeze it off or surgery to get rid of it once and for all, the Mayo Clinic reported.


Mosaic Witch’s Face Coloring Page

While your child is going gaga coloring their own witch’s page green, you can have fun with this mosaic-style coloring page. It has so many interesting shapes and detail to make this witch look pretty amazing. Although usually a mosaic is made from small cubes of square stone or glass, this intricate drawing looks exactly like one.


A DIY Witch’s Coloring Page

Witches aren’t exactly known for their good looks. But let’s say that your child wants their witch to be pretty — and not pretty scary. With this coloring page, they can create their witch’s face to be a little less, you know, fugly. They can fill in the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, and then color in the page when their design is complete.


Ghost, Witch, Pumpkin Coloring Page

Woot, the Halloween gang’s all here in this fun coloring page. Not only will your child have a wicked witch to color in, but there’s also a menacing jack-o-lantern as well as a ghost in the background, too. It’s everything your child could want from a Halloween coloring page — and more. Although the accuracy of the picture probably isn’t too on point, since witches are known for riding solo (and not balancing a jack-o-lantern on the back of their broom).


Witch With Cauldron Coloring Page

Double, double, toil and trouble. What is it with witches and cauldrons? Well, cauldrons are pretty much the only pot that a witch will use to brew up some badness. While cauldrons were used for cooking mostly any meal back in the day, witches found that using them to perfect their potions worked well. But a witch still has to eat, so there’s a chance that when she wasn’t whipping up fanciful brews that she might have been making some stew, soup, or some other seasonal dish.


Happy Halloween Witch Coloring Page

So many depictions of witches make them look mean and merciless. But this smiling witch coloring page from Crayola is more kiddo-friendly. While the witch has her trademark wart and pointy chin and nose, she’s smiling, which is a lot more than many other witches would do. Your child can practice their precise coloring skills by filling in the words “Happy Halloween” at the top. Capes weren’t originally part of the witch’s wardrobe (see the naked reference above), but became a part of the wardrobe once the play Dracula debuted in England, In Style reported.


Sweet Witch Coloring Page

This lovely little witch deserves some color in her life, and your kiddo is the one for the job. From her long hair, to her hat and dress with stars, there’s a lot that can be colored in. And as for the pointy shoes, well, they’re meant to be representing... penises. That’s right, with their phallic shape, pointy-toed shoes were supposed to show a witch’s sexuality, which was a big no-no. And those sexy shoes even came to be known as “Satan’s Claws,” per Yahoo! Yikes.


Witch Trick Or Treating Coloring Page

Let’s say that your little one wants to dress up as a witch for Halloween. This coloring page of a cute trick-or-treater carrying her loot bag might get her excited for the big night. It also can help your child see that not all witches (real or otherwise) are scary. And in that way, your child can see that witches aren’t evil, but women who possess power and strength and know who they are and what they want in life.


Cat Witch Coloring Page

Not all witches are women. In fact, in this cute coloring page, it’s a cat who’s looking for tricks and treats. The cat, which is leaning against an equally happy jack-o-lantern, will be a fun page to color in. But what of that crescent moon on the kitty’s forehead? Well, a crescent moon has many meanings, from being associated with time, to being a female symbol (the curves representing a woman’s body), to just being connected to the moon and the universe, Byrdie reported.


Witch Silhouette Coloring Page

Sometimes a simple silhouette can spark the most creativity, especially when it comes to coloring. This side profile of a witch on her broomstick keeps the image easy for younger kids to color in. And as for witches who ride on broomsticks? That dates back to 15th and 16th century Europe, where images showed witches flying on anything (and everything) such as stools, cupboards, and yes, broomsticks. So why are witches’ faces green? There are theories out there having to do with the medicinal plant properties that witches favored, but most likely, actress Margaret Hamilton’s portrayal of the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz sealed the deal.


Intricate Witch’s Hat Coloring Page

Older kids might enjoy this utterly intricate (and beautiful) witch’s hat. It has the typical conical shape of a witch’s hat, but the devil (no pun intended) is in its detailed nature. It has a pretty pumpkin hanging from the top of the hat, as a wink and a nod to Halloween. For this picture, you’ll definitely need to break out the fine tip markers, since crayons (and your kindergartener) won’t be able to stay in the lines otherwise.


A Sweet Witch Coloring Page

So often, you see a witch whizzing by a full moon on her broomstick, but rarely gazing admiringly at it. This coloring page shows a witch cuddling with a cat on her broomstick, all while watching a glorious full moon, complete with flying bats. And it might make you wonder, how often is there a full moon on Halloween? Welp, not often; in fact, this astrological occurrence happens, alas, once every 19 years, according to Live Science.

They’re green, they’re spooky, but these witch coloring pages can make for a fun art project prior to Halloween. You can also print out a bunch as an activity during a Halloween party, or just something to color in on the big day.