10 Yellowstone Costumes Even Beth Dutton Would Approve Of

Were you born a willow, or born an oak?

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The first episode of Yellowstone premiered in June 2018, and fans have been hooked on the modern Western drama ever since. The fifth season premieres in November this year, so what better way to celebrate the return of the Dutton family to your Halloween than by donning your best Yellowstone costume?

If you haven’t watched any of Paramount’s series, here’s the gist: sixth-generation ranch owner John Dutton (played by king of the Western genre, Kevin Costner) runs the largest ranch in the United States. That means he allies with, and does sometimes literal battle with, neighboring towns and reservations, powerful developers and oil tycoons, and the occasional politician. There’s plenty of family drama between his three children Kayce, Beth, and Jamie, and the ranch hands, including foreman Rip Wheeler.

What makes Yellowstone so beloved by fans are the cast of complex characters, their cutting and insightful conversations, and the gorgeous scenic shots of Montana. If you’re one of those viewers who just can’t get enough of the Dutton family drama, why not dress up in a Yellowstone Halloween costume this year? It’ll attract other fans right to you, and you can spend the whole Halloween party talking about your predictions for Season 5.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


A Yellowstone T-shirt you can style any way

If you have boots, jeans, and a hat, all you need to look like you just scored a ranch hand position at the Dutton place is this Spirit Halloween adult Yellowstone t-shirt. This officially licensed tee works as a Yellowstone costume, and it’s something you can rewear throughout the year to show off your love for the show.


A Western-style button-down shirt

John Dutton would totally wear this Wrangler men's work shirt under his black vest. It comes in red, black, beige, and white, so you can choose which color you think the Dutton Ranch patriarch would wear.


A John Dutton-inspired cowboy hat

Enimay’s Western cowboy and cowgirl hat looks similar to John Dutton’s hats, and you won’t have to splurge on a Stetson or Greeley hat (they made all the hats for the show, and an exact replica of John’s costs $589). If you’re going as Rip Wheeler this year, this hat also comes in a few black styles as well.


A Yellowstone costume you can wear after Halloween

Want to rock Rip’s jacket without buying it as part of a set? The Wrangler men’s Yellowstone denim jacket is part of a collab between the Westernwear brand and the show. It’s made of 100% cotton with two chest and lower pockets, and stitched Yellowstone logos on the front and back.


The vest off John Dutton’s back

John Dutton wears button-down collared shirts with vests often throughout the show. This John Dutton Yellowstone black cotton vest is made with premium quality cotton and has the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch logo embroidered on the front.


Beth’s most infamous look

Beth Dutton is pretty cut throat, and she defends her family no matter what. She sports a faux leopard coat in one of her most iconic scenes, confronting a shop owner who mistreated her sister-in-law. The Beth costume kit from Spirit Halloween comes with the signature coat and a pair of earrings. Wear them with a black blouse and jeans to look just like Beth coming to (her version of) the rescue.


A Rip Wheeler Yellowstone costume

Rip Wheeler is Beth’s love interest throughout the series, so if you want to rock a couple’s costume from the show, this should be your first choice. The Rip Wheeler costume kit from Spirit Halloween includes Rip’s signature black jacket and sunglasses, which you can pair with jeans, boots, and a hat to finish the look.


Beth Dutton’s iconic blue poncho

Whether or not the Yellowstone stylists intended for Beth Dutton to be a style icon, they sure made her one. Her oversized blue poncho is one of her most recognizable outfits. The NIDOV Yellowstone Beth Dutton blue hooded poncho can give you the look, and wins extra points for being the most comfortable Yellowstone Halloween costume on the list.


A Yellowstone costume vest

If you prefer to shop small, you can also find a Yellowstone Official Dutton Ranch soft shell vest from OGThreadCo on Etsy. It’s designed to withstand a day of ranch work with water-resistant materials, functional front pockets with zippers, and micro fleece lining. John Dutton would appreciate this practical Yellowstone Halloween costume.


Jamie Dutton’s three-piece suit

You love him or you hate him. Say what you want about him, but Jamie Dutton is a sharp dresser. Steal one of his signature looks by donning a three-piece suit (the MAGE MALE men’s three-piece suit in dark gray looks like some of Jamie’s) and slicking back your hair. Pop on a tie and you’ll look the part.

So, which Dutton will you represent for Halloween this year? Whoever you choose, commit a few of their most notable quotes to memory so you can recite them as needed.

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