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10 Baby Names That Begin With "X" & Have That X Factor

The letter "x" doesn't get a whole lotta love in the English language, or not at the beginning of words, anyway. (X-Ray? Xylophone? Yeah, that's about it.) So when you're trying to think of baby names, you probably don't have very many options that begin with the letter "X" on your list — but just because the pickings are slim doesn't mean you should skip over that particular entry in the alphabet altogether. So what are some cool baby names that start with the letter "X"?

Now that more and more parents are on a mission to find unique baby names that nobody else is using, the time has come to give "X" the attention it deserves as a first initial. Plus, putting an "X" at the front of a name automatically gives it a hip, edgy kind of vibe... an "X" factor, if you will. Unlike so many popular names, there won't be two or three other students in your child's kindergarten class learning to write the exact same arrangement of letters. (Not to mention, an "X" is pretty easy to draw, so you'll be giving your little one an advantage in the signature department, too.)

It's quite possible that "X" names are among the rarest of them all, in fact. Even "Z" names are a little bit more common, as are "Y" names, probably. (What is it with the end of the alphabet, anyway?)

Of course, "X" names aren't for everybody. But that's kind of the point, right? If anybody can pull one of these names off, your baby can.

1. Xandie

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Super cute and whimsical, Xandie is a variation of Zandra, according to Nameberry, which means "defending men" (fierce!).

2. Xavier

A Basque name meaning "new house," as Babble explained, both Tilda Swinton and Donnie Wahlberg chose this name for their sons. And why not? It's a classic that's still got an edge.

3. Xaverie

Listed on Nameberry as a variation of Xaviera (the feminine of Xavier), Xaverie is of French origin. It would sound pretty great with a French accent!

4. Xander

Sure, you could go with "Zander," but isn't this name so much cooler with an "X" instead? A nickname for Alexander, the name "first entered the mainstream as Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s quirky BFF," according to Nameberry.

5. Xia

An abbreviation of Alexia, Xia is derived from the Greek alexein (to defend, to help), according to Baby Name Wizard.

6. Xerxes


Xerxes (the name) has been around since the first century, as Babble explained, but it "got a boost in popularity following the 300 movie, which featured Xerxes, the man, as a villain." It's actually Persian in origin, and was the name of several Persian rulers.

7. Xena

Perfect for a warrior princess, the name Xena is a Greek baby name meaning "welcoming, hospitable," according to SheKnows.

8. Xabat

This Spanish name has a pretty intense meaning, as SheKnows revealed: "Savior" (no pressure, kid).

9. Xantina

Another Spanish name, according to Mom Junction, this one has a meaning that's a lot to live up to as well: "Little saint."

10. Xantheus

Got a tow-headed little guy? Xantheus is a name of Latin origin meaning "one who is golden-haired," as Mom Junction explained.