10 Creepy Things People Say To Breastfeeding Moms With Big Boobs

Breastfeeding can be an incredible experience, but there are some challenges that women with larger breasts may experience that can make breastfeeding seem less incredible and more, well, like a horrific pain in the you-know-what. Sadly, one of those challenges involves the ability to deal with all the creepy things people say to breastfeeding moms with big boobs. I mean, breastfeeding can be difficult enough so why, oh why, do breastfeeding mothers need to be bombarded by disgusting, unsolicited comments? (Don't answer that. I already know. It rhymes with hate-riarchy.)

In general, there are plenty of people who feel the need to share their thoughts when they see a woman breastfeeding. I'm not sure why this is, despite having breastfed my own kids for close to four years. I mean, it's not like they're your breasts or your kids, so can you tell me why I should care what you think?What's even worse is the commentary that larger breasted women have to endure, sometimes from the most unexpected of places. For instance, I truly don't understand how a family doctor could make the assumption that large breasts mean more milk, even after there have been extensive, published studies proving that breast size does not correlate with volume of milk production. I mean, it's science, you guys.

Still, between that and the disgusting sexualization of breastfeeding that often happens by men who wish they were the ones nursing (apparently, and no), there may end up being a whole lot of eye rolling that happens, even around your closest (yet highly ignorant) friends, when you're a larger chested woman who chooses to breastfeed. Here are 10 creepy things people say to breastfeeding moms with big boobs. Once we go over these ridiculous comments, can we just put them to bed and never hear them ever again? Awesome, thanks world.

"Wow, I Bet You've Got Lots Of Milk!"

Not only is this a blatantly incorrect assumption (I happen to know several large-breasted women who had low milk supply), it's also incredibly offensive. But thanks for the commentary, it's been super helpful!

"You're Going To Turn That Boy Into A Boob Man!"

Uhhh, gross. My son is eating, and it makes me throw up in my mouth a little to hear someone sexualize breastfeeding like that. If you honestly think that's where sexual preferences begin, I'll just direct you to all the cisgender straight women out there who were also breastfed when they were babies.

"Have You Got Any Extra In There?"

Are you asking because you want some? Or just because you're a nosy a**hole who doesn't know when a line has been crossed?

"Your Partner Must Want To Get In On That Action"

Uhhh, I'm pretty sure my partner isn't turned on by our baby breastfeeding. Also, are you implying that you would want to "get in on that action," if your partner was breastfeeding, or are you just being crass for the sake of it?

"I Hope You Don't Use Those Just For Breastfeeding"

Actually, right now, they really are only used for breastfeeding. Because they hurt. And who wants to have their raw nipples fondled? I guarantee you, you wouldn't.

"You Must Be Uncomfortable, Like, All The Time"

Believe it or not, your breasts (and your body) actually adjust to having all that milk, once your supply is established. It's not like my boobs constantly feel like they're going to explode or anything. Plus, the size of a woman's breasts isn't the only reasons breastfeeding is uncomfortable. Honestly, it can be uncomfortable for everyone, so enough. Just, enough.

"I Bet Breastfeeding Is Super Easy For You, Huh?"

I actually know more women with large breasts who had trouble breastfeeding than small-breasted women. But thanks for assuming that breast size somehow equates to an easier time breastfeeding. You're swell.

"Man, I Hope Breastfeeding Doesn't Ruin Those"

You're kidding, right? Because not only are these breasts not for you to make commentary on, but why the hell do you even care? And what the hell is a "ruined breast?" Actually, you know what? Please don't answer that, because I have a feeling someone who thinks that breasts can get ruined is going to give me a horrific answer.

"Well, Your Baby Certainly Won't Starve"

I actually have a friend whose doctor said this to her. Now that I think of it, my own doctor said something similar, and I have to wonder why there's any kind of assumption that large breasts mean more milk. According to KellyMom, a well-known breastfeeding information website, "storage capacity is not determined by breast size." So there.


Nope. Nope. Nope. This has happened, but of course never by someone I knew personally, just as sort of a passing comment from some random jerk.