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The Whole Family Is Guaranteed To Agree On These 10 Halloween Costume Ideas

If you're dressing up with your kids for Halloween, the battle over wearing matching costumes can be one that almost seems like too much to take on — almost. These 10 family costume ideas feature themes that are universally pleasing so that even your pickiest kid will have fun matching the rest of the family.

As a mom with a blended family of four kids, I'm picking costumes for kids of different ages and stages every year. It is definitely not an easy task to pick a cohesive family costume theme for Halloween that every kid is happy with, but over the years, I've come up with a couple of tricks to make getting everyone on board just a tiny bit easier, like picking a funny food group to make us all laugh or costumes from a show we all like to watch.

Obviously, picking a movie your family enjoys watching together is one way to make everyone happy. You can each dress like your favorite character, or the character that best matches your personalities. With some of the character costume options like Star Wars and Toy Story, even man's best friend can get in on the action and dress up with the fam.

No matter which direction you choose to go, what really matters is the quality time you will get to spend with your kids trick-or-treating this Halloween. Well, that and also the awkward family photos you'll take and use to embarrass them for years to come — priceless.


Toy Story

The classic franchise spans generations and pleases parents and kids alike, so dressing your entire family as Toy Story characters this Halloween will take your holiday to infinity and beyond. With the addition of Toy Story 4 characters like Forky and Bo Peep to the original cast's costume choices this year, this is an amazingly fun option for larger families.


'80s Workout Crew

The 1980's are making a huge comeback thanks to Stranger Things, but if you're looking for a family-friendly way to channel the decade that brought you so many totally tubular catch phrases and tons of big hair, look no further than this collection of costumes. Channel Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons while you get your sweat on as a family this Halloween.


Harry Potter

Accio family fun! You can all join the same house, or pick whichever suits your unique personalities. I can see having lots of fun with a sorting hat trying to figure that one out if you have a larger family. If your older kids don't necessarily want to don an entire costume look, they could easily sport a wand, Harry's glasses and a lightening-bolt shaped scar on their forehead and still be part of the crew.



One of my favorite group costumes as a kid was when my sister and some of our friends dressed up like M&Ms. The concept would work perfectly for a family as well with these M&M costumes in varying colors. Just remember — they melt in your mouth, not in your hand — so eat any your kids get while trick-or-treating fast!



You can really "Let It Go" this Halloween and celebrate the upcoming release of Frozen 2 by dressing your entire family in costumes featuring Arendelle's friendliest crew. Whether or not you possess the same icy powers of persuasion as Elsa or not, your family will surely not want to pass up the opportunity to see Olaf in trick-or-treat mode.


Taco Party

Let's taco 'bout how awesome it is to dress up as a family for Halloween. This one can go in a few different directions, but a baby avocado costume is an absolute must, so get ready to guac and roll around the neighborhood.


Star Wars

You can take the Star Wars theme in many different directions. Your family can all sport members of the cast of the original Star Wars movies, the current day cast, the resistance, the dark side, and so much more. No matter which way you choose to go, the force will definitely be with you.


Baby Shark

Did you think you would get through this entire list without seeing "Baby Shark" costume ideas? The catchy toddler tune that just won't quit can also inspire you family's Halloween group costumes. You know you can't wait to show your neighbors how you doo-doo-do-do-do Halloween.


Family Circus

You probably feel like you're running a circus in your home each and every day. Go ahead and let the world know how crazy your family really is by dressing up as a group of circus animals and performers with these amazing circus-themed Halloween costumes.



Ay, matey! Getting your entire family to agree on what to wear for Halloween can be such a struggle that you might even find yourself telling your teen to dress up like the rest of your family or walk the plank. But these pirate costumes have universal appeal that your entire family can get on board with.