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These 10 Fascinating, Fiery Facts Will Tell You So Much About Your Leo Baby

There sure are a lot of things to think about when you’re about to have a baby. At the top of the list is the obligatory “happy and healthy”, along with counting those ten little fingers and ten little toys. You might even wonder what your little one will look like, and what genes and traits he or she will inherit. But what about astrological signs? If you’ve just had your baby (or are about to give birth in the next couple of weeks), then these fascinating facts about Leo babies will be especially relevant to you.

For those not so astrologically-inclined (like myself), Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac, as explained. This fire sign comes after Cancer but before Virgo, and its dates are July 23-August 22. “You are one lucky mother if you are giving birth to your child in the Leo season,” says Rebecca Gordon, an astrologer in New York City. “Leo is ruled by the Sun which is obviously the center of the solar system, so you child will emanate the light and radiance of the Sun.” Now that’s pretty impressive stuff. Read on to learn more cool stuff about Leo babies and discover all the joys that this fiery baby will bring you.


They're natural leaders

It’s no coincidence that the zodiac symbol for a Leo is the lion. By their very nature, one of the biggest traits that Leos have is their ability to lead. The Leo personality is a born leader, according to Parents. So it makes sense that your baby is probably going to voice his opinions as to what activities you’ll do that day, or be a total boss baby and dictate when he wants to eat dinner — and more importantly, dessert.


They're super playful

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Most babies are plucky and playful, but Leo babies take it to another level. “They are forever playful and bright babies,” says Gordon. “That is, as long as they remain the center of the solar system.” Or in this case, your home. Since Leo's are full of generosity and radiance, “they must get a healthy dose of adoration in order to shine at full capacity,” reports Gordon. That might explain why your baby is often picked for playdates.


They're adventurous

If there were one baby that’s bound to climb out of his crib, it would be a Leo. Adventurers from the start, Leo babies are known for blazing their own path. “Leo is a fire sign, which gives them a courageous streak,” says Gordon. That means that you might find that your baby isn’t bashful when it comes to exploring new digs or even (hopefully) trying new foods.


They're energetic

If your baby is always on-the-go, blame it on his fire sign: Leos are super energetic, according to Even though it might be exhausting already, you’re going to have to find ways to expel his energy, whether that’s by putting him in a gymnastics class, spending an inordinate amount of time at the playground, or other activities that balance his need to socialize.


They're strong-willed

From refusing to eat his peas to sharing his toy with a fellow toddler friend, there’s no getting a baby born under a Leo sign to do anything that he doesn’t want to do. “Leo babies have a temper, and can be totally uninhibited to have a tantrum,” astrologer Debra Silverman, tells Romper. Sure, that sense of strong-willed is great when your baby has to deal with, say, bullies at school in the future, but it can be a challenge when he’s fighting you during a diaper change. So prepare for a little exasperation (and a whole lot of patience) when dealing with your stubborn little son or daughter.


They're loyal

Among the other zodiac signs that are loyal (such as Scorpio, Taurus, and Cancer), Leo ranks right up there when it comes to faithfulness. “These Leo babies are naturally loyal creatures,” says Gordon. “Once they make a commitment, they are in for the long haul.” That might mean that they’ll show a stronger commitment to their parents and prefer being with them than others.


They love attention

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Leo babies are definitely attention-seekers, and they enjoy soaking up all the cooing and cuddles like none other. “Leo babies love attention and will do whatever they can, including smiling and screaming, to gather your focus,” says Silverman. Although that might not be an issue when they’re younger, it can potentially become a problem as they get older. They might not want to share the spotlight which can become tricky when it comes with their other sibs or other children, reported babyMed.


They're melodramatic

Pretty much every kid is prone to outbursts at some point or another. But Leos have a, shall we say, flair for the dramatic. So don’t be surprised if your little lion suddenly throws herself on the floor in the supermarket because you didn’t buy her that rainbow-colored cereal. Tread carefully when correcting your Leo baby. "It's important to be gentle," advises Silverman. That way, you can soothe your little savage beast back to her normal sweet self again.


They love music

Studies have shown time and time again how playing music for your baby is supposed to increase brain growth. Well, strike up the band and break out the bongos, because your Leo baby is going to love music, reported The Bump. And even if you’re totally tone deaf, try singing a sweet ditty to your darling baby. He’ll love it no matter how off pitch you are. “Leo's are inherently creative creatures, especially when it comes to music,” says Gordon. “Therefore, you should expect loads of singing, dancing, and drama.”


They're stubborn

Since Leos like to lead, it makes sense that they don’t always like it when they’re not in control. “Leo is a 'fixed' sign, meaning they can be stubborn at times,” reports Gordon. Make sure to listen to your little one and see his side of the situation. Then, be prepared to give in. A lot.


Whether you read your horoscope every day or not, it doesn’t hurt to know a thing or two about your budding Leo baby. And while all babies are beautiful little blobs for the first few weeks or so, it doesn’t take long for their personalities to pop out. That's why understanding the traits and characteristics your Leo baby is leaning towards helps — so you can have out-of-this world experiences with your baby.