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Call One Of The 3 Most Organized Zodiac Signs When It's Closet-Purging Time

There are some people in the world who seem born to neatness and order. Their desks are free from clutter, their books alphabetized, their clothes arranged by color and season. How do they manage it while the rest of us live in chaos? Their birth dates may hold a clue. For people born under one of the most organized zodiac signs, living an orderly life may just come naturally.

Astrologically speaking, each of the 12 sun signs is associated with certain personality traits, as reported by Allure. Some of the traits have to do with the elements represented by each sign; water signs like Cancer and Pisces are emotional and sensitive, while fire signs like Leo and Sagittarius are enthusiastic and passionate. So folks born under Gemini, a sign known for its curiosity about everything, may have trouble organizing because they can't focus on the task long enough to get it done. Earth signs, by contrast, are practical, get-it-done types who not only have the motivation and persistence to keep things in order, they actually feel better when they're in a tidy and well-planned environment.

Romper asked pop culture astrologer Kyle Thomas to weigh in on which zodiac signs are most likely to live an organized life. If you're one of them, you're probably the envy of your clutter-ridden friends. (Having these signs elsewhere in your chart might also give you neatnik tendencies, even if your sun sign would say otherwise.)


Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Even the most basic astrology followers would guess that this sign is "the absolute mastermind when it comes to organization," as Thomas puts it. He explains that as a sign ruled by the planet Mercury, which governs communication and the mind, Virgo has a logical and precise way of thinking that naturally lends itself to orderliness. Their razor-sharp focus also allows the Virgo-born to see the job through without getting distracted. "Also, Virgos are naturally connected to steady work and the day-to-day routine in our lives," he adds. "This shows that they can see the individual pieces of a plan for what they are, and know how to get everything to run smoothly." Businesses, clubs, and organizations looking for a skilled manager (in other words, not a Michael Scott type) would be wise to choose someone born under this sign.


Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

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Like Virgo, Taurus is an earth sign, according to AstroStyle, and just as grounded as the name would suggest. "Taurus is known for their persistence, dedication, and strength," explains Thomas. "They're as steady as a bull, and know exactly how to get from A to Z." Taureans aren't the speedy sort, so don't look to them to turn a job around on a tight deadline. But when they set out to straighten all the closets in the house or get the kids' school and sports schedules on their phone calendar app, they won't stop until everything is done to perfection. The Bull-born have "an incredible organization that runs through their lives and their minds — something that the other signs would envy," according to Thomas.


Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

The headstrong Ram is surprisingly good at organizing, says Thomas. "When it comes to a zodiac sign that knows how to get something started, call upon an Aries," he says. "They're the leader (or first sign) of the zodiac and will be passionate to get a move on!" They're one of the four "cardinal" signs, per AstroStyle, who come up with big ideas and get everyone to follow their lead. Once they put their mind to their goal — whether it's launching a fundraiser or getting the family's finances in order — Ram-born people use their determination and love of challenges to get the job done. As astrologer Thomas notes, "Aries will certainly begin mapping out their strategy and that, in itself, means they have to create organization from thin air."