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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Never Remember Where They Put The Keys (Or Anything Else)

Got a friend who always keeps you waiting for your coffee meet-ups? A manager who has to be reminded three times that you'll be on vacation all next week? A child who tearfully confesses on Sunday night that they have a science project due on Monday morning? Check their birthdays. They might just belong to one of the most forgetful zodiac signs, so their faulty memories can be blamed (at least in part) on the stars.

Every one of the 12 sun signs has its own positive character traits, according to Medium: Scorpios are loyal and spiritual; Cancers are nurturing and creative; Capricorns are ambitious and practical; and so on. But we all have our weak points, too, and the zodiac reflects this. From Leo's drama-queen antics to Taurus's, well, bull-headedness, each sign has what a teacher might diplomatically call "areas for improvement." For certain astrological signs in particular, forgetfulness is right at the top of the list of those areas. It's not that they want to forget or to be thought of as flaky, but for them, keeping track of details just isn't on the top of their priority list.

Romper consulted pop culture astrologer Kyle Thomas to find out which signs are most likely to drag out deadlines, keep library books past their due date, and come home from a shopping trip with three full bags, but not the one thing they actually planned to buy. Thomas, who frequently contributes astrological wisdom to media outlets, cited these three memory-challenged signs. Sound like anyone you know?


Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

"Of all the zodiac signs, Pisces is the one most lost in a world of imagination," explains Thomas. The last sign of the zodiac (Aries is the first), Pisces is deeply spiritual and creative, so mundane issues like appointments and to-do lists tend to get shoved aside in favor of more soul-fulfilling matters. "Pisces don't like getting bogged down in details, and prefer going with the flow," says Thomas. "When they're too contained, they get flustered, and their emotions can overwhelm them." He adds that the Fish is more of a big-picture person at heart. That Pisces friend of yours who's always late? To her, being with you is more important than the precise timing. Besides, once you're actually sitting down over that coffee, you know you can count on her to listen and open her caring heart to you.


Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 22)

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Honest, optimistic, and adventurous are three words that accurately describe Sagittarians, according to AstroStyle. Reliable... not so much. The Archer is ruled by the "think-big" planet Jupiter, which endows them with "one of the fastest-moving minds in the zodiac," says Thomas. But that speedy mind is also a restless one, so the Sagittarius people in your life "crave new horizons and constant stimulation." Yes, they'll keep track of deadlines and nitpicky stuff if they absolutely have to. They're smart enough to get the job done. But while they're doing it, they'll be "lost in fantasizing about their next adventure and yawning about the boring details," adds Thomas.


Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

At their best, Librans are fair, sociable, loving, and natural peacemakers and negotiators. But they're also under the influence of their ruling planet Venus, which rules pleasure, art, and grace. As a result, people born under the sign of the scales "may find themselves focusing not on the important details, but on how they can spend time embracing the beauty and luxury in life," says Thomas. In other words, they're the ones who get so engrossed in a great book that they miss their doctor's appointment. Or they'll plan a fabulous party with all the trimmings, but they'll forget what time they told the guests to show up. But since Libra is incredibly charming and chatty, according to AstroStyle, you'll be having too much fun to stay mad for long.