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10 Gross Things Your Body Does When You’re In Love

Your heart starts skipping a beat. You feel butterflies in your stomach. You hear music everywhere you go. Your cheeks are full and flushed. Ahhh, nothing beats being in love, the time in your life when everything is syrupy sweet and every corny cliché suddenly makes sense to you. But apart from all the bodily benefits of swooning over someone, there are also some (ahem) gross things your body does when you’re in love.

It’s important to realize that being in love can also be stressful, according to Psychology Today. As exhilarating as it might be, it’s a tense time in your life, too. That’s why all those beautiful butterfly feelings can go flying out of the window, because your body gets thrown into a brand new state of beautiful chaos. After all, you probably can’t think straight, you might not be eating right, and your sleep patterns might be disrupted, too. Really, no one talks about how your body can betray you when you’re smitten: the farting, burping, sweating, and/or other undesirable side effects that occur when your face looks like that emoji with two heart eyes. Read on to find out about the 10 gross things your body does when you’re in love, and what to do about them.


You Have Bad Breath

You want to impress your beloved with your witty words and wisdom. So the last thing you want is to open your mouth and halt them with your halitosis. Stress can cause bad breath, according to Delta Dental's website, since eating less reduces your saliva production, rendering your mouth a dry desert. Be sure to stay hydrated and eat, so that you can stop bad breath before it starts, and your sweetie will hopefully hang on your every word. Just make sure to skip the stinky foods that cause halitosis, like garlic, tuna, and onions, for example.


Your Skin Breaks Out

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Haven’t had a breakout since high school? Well, be prepared for some pimple popping when you’re in love. According to Healthline, the hormone cortisol is the culprit here. The body produces cortisol when you’re under stress. As the cortisol causes your glands to make extra oil, it gets trapped in the hair follicles, which causes pimples to appear.


You Burp

A University of Michigan study found that people burp between 6-20 times a day. And when you’re excitedly sharing every detail of your day with your sweetie, you might start talking faster, which will cause you to take in air more quickly. All that air has to have somewhere to go, though, so be prepared to belch a little bit more when you’re around your babe. You can even turn it into a contest so that you don’t get embarrassed about it.


You Have Diarrhea — Or Become Constipated

A lot of the gross things your body does when you’re in love center around the stomach. According to Very Well Health, due to increased colon contractions, you might feel like you have to go number two when you’re spending time with your loved one. Or, you could experience the other end (no pun intended), where you can’t poop at all. When you’re excited, the body releases cortisol, adrenaline, and serotonin, which can cause your stomach to spasm. If these spasms are only in one area of your colon, this can slow down digestion and cause constipation, reported Healthline.


Your Palms (And Other Body Parts) Sweat

Clammy hands are a sure sign of being smitten with someone, but you don’t want to caress your cutie’s face with perspiring palms. As it turns out, having sweaty hands (and just being sweaty in general) is the body’s way of trying to cool you down, according to a Huffington Post article. Because sweat tends to collect in specific parts of the body (such as the hands), you’ll be wetter where the body has more of these glands. If you tend to be a sweaty sistah, you might want to bring along something to help prevent perspiration, whether it’s on your hands, neck, face, armpits, or, you know, under your boobs.


Your Stomach Gurgles

Imagine that you’re quietly snuggling with your sweetie, watching TV. All of a sudden, your stomach sounds like a T Rex roaring under your shirt. Embarrassing, for sure, but understandable. Stomach grumbling is just another part of digestion, reported Medical News Today, but if your diet is off and you’re eating less, nervous, or stressed out, you could trigger your tummy into making some very tuneful noises. Remember to eat and drink on a normal schedule to keep your stomach on silent.


Your Heart Pounds

Sure, the sight of your sweetie might send your heart racing, but a pounding heart can lead to something more serious, like a panic or anxiety attack. A throwback to our bodies’ fight-or-flight design, adrenaline is released when you’re excited or stressed, which speeds up breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate, stated the American Heart Association. Just make sure to take deep, long breaths to ensure that your body can return to a calmer state — despite how damn hot your honey looks in his Rag & Bone jeans.


You Stink

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Sure, you showered and shaved, so why are you smelling slightly… funky? Healthy Women found that your body’s pheromones (a chemical that your body produces relating to sexual attraction) can make you smell a little stinky. You can’t really do that much about your body’s pheromones, but they might actually help your partner become more attracted to you.


You’re Bloated

No, it’s not your period coming early. Due to all the digestive issues that your body faces when you’re in love, you might find that your pants can’t quite close as well as they could before you fell in love. Don’t stress about it. That’s what maxi dresses and leggings are for.


You Get Hiccups

It’s cute to let out a sweet little hiccup, but after 20, they’re not so adorable anymore. Much like burping, hiccups can occur from swallowing too much air when you’re talking or eating. WebMD found that you can also get hiccups from being excited. You can try classic cures — like drinking water fast or having someone scare you — but it’s best to try to prevent hiccups from happening in the first place by speaking slower and taking your time eating.


You Pass Out

Ever heard of the expression, “Weak in the knees”? While it might be cute to feel head over heels for someone, but you don’t want to wind up heels over head because you fainted flat on the floor. Most commonly, passing out is due to a drop in blood pressure, Harvard Health reported, which might happen from dehydration or stress. Being wobbly around someone you like isn’t safe for anyone, so stay hydrated, and speak to your doctor if you’re experiencing more frequent fainting spells to see if there are any other underlying issues — apart from being in love, that is.


Being in love isn't all doom and gloom, body-wise. Knowing ahead of time what to expect means that you can laugh (instead of cringe) in case you accidentally belch or fart in front of your honey. Chances are, he's been waiting for you to let it out so he can let loose, too.