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Target Still Has Lots Of Toys Your Kid Won't Get Sick Of Immediately, But Hurry!

How frustrating is it when your kid spends months talking nonstop about a specific toy on his Christmas list, then gets bored within like .002 seconds of opening the box? There's nothing worse than feeling like you just wasted your money — welcome to parenting. But there is some good news, because there are lots of last minute toys at Target that will keep your kid obsessed beyond the New Year (but you have to act fast because time is running out).

We are just days away from Santa's visit and stores everywhere are selling out quick. But as long as you hurry, you can still snag some great gifts at Target and have them delivered in time for Christmas. I'm not kidding about the hurrying part either: December 20 is the very last day for guaranteed shipping by Christmas Eve!! (And shipping is free, by the way.) Of course, you can always run over to Target if you don't make the deadline. And whether you finish up your shopping online or in the store, there is one bonus to procrastinating: Lots of stuff is going on sale. Right now, you can save up to 50 percent on toys, and they're good ones, too: For example, select LEGO items are up to 30 percent off; certain Hatchimals are up to 20 percent off, and some of the coolest Paw Patrol toys are 10 percent off (and by the end of the holiday season, all those percentage points really add up!).

Honestly, these stores are making it way too easy for procrastinators like me — but I am not complaining. There are still some great deals, free shipping options and an awesome selection of top toys in stock at Target. These are some of my favorites, but if you don't find what you're looking for here, be sure to visit Target's toy section on their website or in store. It's not too late — yet.


Hatchimals Hatchibabies

These cute little Hatchimals come in extra jumbo sized eggs. Why do kids love them? Well, because they get to open a treasure trove of goodies — inside an egg, of course. These interactive Hatchimals actually eat, burp and snuggle just like a real baby, only with more fur.


Peppa Pig's Transforming Campervan

If you have a Peppa Pig fan in your house, check out this Peppa Pig Campervan, perfect for some dramatic play that will keep your little one entertained well into the New Year.


Stomp Rockets Ultra LED Light-Up Rockets

If you have some outdoor space, this could keep the kids happily engaged long enough for you to pour yourself a glass of wine — and actually be able to sit down and drink it. These rockets are soft so you know they're safe and the best part is, they light up, so the kids will be playing outside well after the sun goes down.


Barbie Dreamhouse


PAW Patrol Ultimate Firetruck

PAW Patrol is on a roll with this decked out firetruck that actually shoots out pretend water. Your child will be putting out fires until bedtime with this interactive firetruck that comes complete with lights and sounds.


Baby Alive

This Baby Alive doll acts like a real baby that needs to be fed, burped and changed. If your little one loves to play mommy (or daddy) then definitely add this gem to your cart as soon as possible. Baby Alive is available in different hair colors and skin colors as well, so there's plenty to choose from.


Let's Dance Elmo

If your toddler loves to move their body to music, check out this dancing Elmo that plays music, dances and lights up. Songs are educational and teach about colors and animals.


Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit

If your little one is into making crafts, then this bracelet maker can keep them busy for months. This bracelet activity kit comes complete with 88 colored spools of string, giving them endless bracelet pattern options for them and all their friends.


Rusty Rivets Tiger Bot Build

All things Rusty Rivets are super popular this year, so this Tiger Bot is sure to be a hit with kids — especially because they get to build this bot before playing with it. Basically it's a miracle this hasn't sold out.

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