10 Moms Share Their Best Postpartum Hair Loss Hack

Losing your hair is a bigger deal than many people realize, probably because a small amount of hair loss is about as commonplace as having lips or a nose. There are, of course, exceptions. Some men go bald, but it’s more or less accepted. Society is much more unforgiving if a woman loses her hair, though, which is why hair loss can be a serious blow to the self-esteem of a new mom. Thankfully, a few moms shared their best postpartum hair loss hacks online, not only aiding women in an understandably difficult time in their post-baby life, but starting a conversation about postpartum hair loss in general. A conversation, honestly, that's long overdue.

Reddit user jessmonster2 recently took her postpartum hair loss struggles to the Reddit forum. More specifically, she wanted to know what she could do about the weird regrowth that occurs due to the initial loss and after a few postpartum months have passed. The afflicted mom in question explained that her postpartum hair loss was particularly bad, and that she now appears to sport what she described as a “weird mullet.” Not exactly the kind of hairdo most of us new moms want to have while we’re still trying to regain a sense of bodily autonomy and personal identity sans baby in our bellies.

Sure, there were a few "mom jokes" about whether the only way out of this awkward postpartum hair phase is a buzz cut, but a few other moms who've "been there and done that" took to Reddit with a few solid suggestions, including the following:

When You Don’t Really Have Any Real Suggestions

Who says wine can’t be a good thing, right? At the very least, a few glasses might help you forget that your hair looks less than ideal.

The Quick And Easy Fix

As someone with extremely thin hair these days, changing the part is always a must. Hair spray, on the other hand, should probably only be used on occasion.

When You Need A Solution For Every Occasion

This user has always had some thin hair and uneven growth issues, so she's got all her bases covered. Wet hair? Done. Dry hair? There's a hack for that, too!

When You're Cool With Just Changing Your Whole Look

Can't say that I don't absolutely love a good bob. Although, I will also say that the actual cut isn't going to help hair grow in evenly (or at all, sadly).

When You're Good At Switching Up Styles Sans Scissors

There are actually hairstyles that can exacerbate hair loss, so you’ll want to steer clear of those as much as possible. Otherwise, however, changing it up a little definitely isn’t a bad idea. Plus, it's worth mentioning that it might help you feel a little better about your outward appearance if you’re putting more thought and variety into it.

When You Suspect The Problem Might Be Internal

Taking supplements can help many postpartum moms with hair regrowth issues. Some medical professionals state that taking supplements or eating diets rich in Iron, Vitamin D, and various B vitamins can all aid in hair regrowth.

Plus it might help other issues that might be causing the hair loss, or are at least slowing hair growth as a side-effect. Just make sure not to take more than the recommended daily dosages, or ask your doctor or nutritionist for more info.

When Your Hair Is Also important For The Work You Do

Alright, so maybe a wig isn't really a solution to the problem. However, if you're looking for a quick hack it's not a bad way to go. Plus, you can give yourself a lot of extreme, fun new looks without having to do much at all (or alter your hair for an extended period of time).

When Short Is Just Easy

Another user responded to this with an anecdote about a friend with a similar problem. She trimmed all the way down to a pixie cut after going full Trump-style comb-over. It's summer, anyway, so short hair is totally in.

When "Lazy" Is The Way To Go

Honestly, who has the time when you're a new mom anyway, right? Pull it up and put it back, I always say.

But At The End Of The Day It All Comes Down To...

Most postpartum hair loss is merely temporary, and the regrowth will eventually get past the point of awkward. If your loss doesn't slow down or stop altogether, though, you might want to get your hormone levels checked out or have further testing done to rule out any other potential issues.