10 Moms Share Their Weirdest Pregnancy Dream

Weird pregnancy dreams seem to be as normal a symptom as swollen ankles or morning sickness. In fact, many women report having more vivid dreams when they're expecting, due to an influx of hormones. So, honestly, it's not abnormal for these dreams to surpass the realms of colorful, unusual, or vibrant, and cross into downright strange. Which is why, of course, I asked 10 moms to share their weirdest pregnancy dream. Thankfully, I can report there are an awful lot of creative mama's out there.

Personally, I had a recurring dream when I was pregnant that lasted through all three trimesters, then magically disappeared once the baby was born. I'm assuming that specific dream ceased to exist because, after my son entered the world, sleep (and, as a result, dreaming) were nothing more than a distant memory from the past.

My dream involved my number one squeeze from my adolescent days, Patrick Swayze. We were doing the lift sequence in the lake from Dirty Dancing. I was wearing the transparent white tank top and he was looking all kinds of hot. He would lift me up high above his head (as I balanced gracefully, mind you) reenacting one of my favorite movie scenes. Then he would try to drown me in the lake. That's right, drown me! Weird, right? How dare you, Patrick. I thought what we had was something real.


"I dreamed I could fly. I was like a bird and then, just before I woke up, I would splat into a building. Every time it was terrifying! "


"I dreamed about babies like the whole pregnancy. It was like an Anne Geddes calendar in my brain. They would crawl all over each other and get closer and closer to me. It was like a horror movie!"


"The Rock, AKA Dwayne Johnson, was featured heavily in my pregnancy dreams. I was so horny! But one time he was like a centaur with half a horse body. Weird."


"Water, all the time. Rivers, oceans, and waterfalls. Then I would wake up and need to pee like crazy!"


"I once had a talking duck sing 'Happy Birthday' to me in a dream. It wasn't my birthday."


"I would dream of falling. I think that's quite a common pregnancy dream, too. It could be off a ledge or a cliff, but just the sensation of falling and then I would wake up. One time I dreamed a dinosaur caught me its mouth as I fell."


"I had this awful dream when I was almost due. I was giving birth but instead of a baby coming out, my body started to turn inside out, until all my insides were on the outside. It was really gross."


"I woke up and turned to my partner and it was someone else. Like a total stranger. Then I woke up. Creepiest dream ever."


"I dreamed that I gave birth but not to a baby. To a cat. I hate cats so this was both weird and scary."


"I kept having the same dream of needing to go to the bathroom and I couldn't find anywhere to go. Then, when I was about 36 weeks pregnant, I dreamed I pooped in my purse. A low point for sure."