Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

Sexy Things You Could Do For A Working Mom

I love it when my husband talks dirty to me. Things like, "Just stay in bed," and, "I'll bring you coffee," and, "Don't worry about school drop off, I've got it covered." Wait, what? Those don't sound like dirty talk to you? Well, believe me when I say they are some of the most erotic things you could do for a working mom.

Mmmm, let me tell you more.

After becoming a parent, everything changes: your body, your schedule, your stress, and yes, even your sex life. However, those changes don't have to be the focus of every parent or future parent. You see, the things that really do it for me as a working mom, aren't steamy, unless, of course they are letting me take a damn shower or go to the spa and don't happen in the bedroom, and unless they are breakfast in bed, handling late night visits from the preschooler who had a bad dream, and letting me sleep in.

Don't get me wrong. My husband and I have a fantastic sex life, and it's more than obvious that he really knows what works to get me in the mood. Here are some of the things that really get me hot, now that I am a tired, over-worked mom. (I hope you are taking notes.)

Handle The Morning

I'm tired. I don't want to get out of bed. It's cold out there. Can you please get the kids up, dressed, and fed, so I can stay in bed and play on my phone before I have to work?


Coffee is life. Coffee delivered to me in bed by my hot spouse is priceless. I might just thank you in the most creative ways.

Take The Kids To School

School drop off is a total drag. Can you cut time off of my commute, so I can do my hair for once and put on some makeup? Because there's nothing hotter than self care.

Watch The Kids So She Can Take A Bath

Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

So hot; so steamy; so nice to read a smutty novel while taking an uninterrupted bath on a Saturday afternoon.

Feed Her

Coming home to a hot meal that I didn't have to cook, and that didn't come out of a bag or take-out container, is quite possibly the sexiest thing this working mom can imagine.

Feed The Kids

Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

There's nothing less sexy that cooking a meal for four kids who then become worse critics than Gordon Ramsey about the meal they requested. Men who cook are super sexy.

Rub Her Feet

After a hard day at work, there's nothing more relaxing than a foot massage, done for no reason other than to show me love.

Spa Day

Once in a while, I want to take a day off from work and go get a pedicure or a massage. Just what I need to reset and recharge my engine.

Handle Bedtime

It would be so hot if you could handle bedtime. No, not our bedtime but the kids' bedtime, so I can relax and catch up on Netflix. Come find me after the last drink of water and, "But, I'm not tired!" and they are snug in their beds.

Let Her Sleep

And once we are snug and cozy in our beds, can you let me stay that way?Mama needs sleep if she's going to be a good mama or good at her job tomorrow. I haven't enjoyed a good night's sleep in about eight years. If you handle any middle of the night visitors, bad dreams, and early morning wake-ups, I'll find a way to thank you in the morning.