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10 Adorable Photos Of Celeb Dads Wearing Their Babies Like Total Icons

Now seems like as good a time as ever to pause and reflect on all of the wonderful ways dads step up for their kids in life. For instance, there are several adorable photos of baby-wearing celeb dads who take the hands-on approach very seriously. Or hands off, technically, since the beauty of baby-wearing is having your hands free to do a million other things throughout the day.

The trend of wearing your babies in a wrap or a front pack has actually been around for centuries. After all, it's a natural urge for parents to want to carry their children, and for centuries mothers wore their babies wrapped tightly around their bodies as a way to continue to get things done in the day while still holding their little ones, as SAPIENS magazine explains.

While baby carriers or wrap have been around for centuries, they tended to be used by moms more often than dads in the past. But with fatherhood evolving and dads becoming more and more involved with their kids from birth onward, baby-wearing has become increasingly popular. And I don't think it hurts that these celebrity dads make it look so terrific and so gosh darn adorable.

Chris Fischer Wearing Gene

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Chef Chris Fischer is dad to 1-year-old son Gene with wife, comedian Amy Schumer. He has really taken to wearing his little boy over the past year for walks with his family, although now that Gene is getting bigger it might get more difficult.

Chris Hemsworth

Avengers actor Chris Hemsworth is definitely a hands-on dad of three with wife Elsa Pataky. When the couple welcomed twin boys Sasha and Tristan in 2014, he was quick to scoop one of his little ones up in a baby carrier for a day on the beach.

Ryan Reynolds Wearing Baby Girl #3

Ryan Reynolds confirmed he and wife Blake Lively had welcomed their third daughter (whose name they haven't shared yet) in a gorgeous nature post last October in Canada. And after famously struggling to figure out baby-wearing with daughter James in 2015, he has clearly learned a thing or two with his snug little sweetheart in her carrier.

Kevin Hart Wears Kenzo

Comedian Kevin Hart looked proud as can be to wear baby Kenzo with wife Eniko Hart in 2018. And fashionable too.

John Legend Wearing Luna

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It should come as no surprise that John Legend happily strapped baby daughter Luna to his chest for a walk with wife Chrissy Teigen back in 2016.

Orlando Bloom Wearing Flynn

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Orlando Bloom is expecting his second baby with Katy Perry later this year, but he already has plenty of dad experience with 8-year-old son Flynn. Especially in the baby-wearing department.

Gordon Ramsay Wearing Oscar

As a father of five, Gordon Ramsay was an old hat at taking care of his babies by the time he welcomed son Oscar in 2019. But he still looked so excited to be with his "new best mate."

Andy Cohen Wearing Ben

When Andy Cohen welcomed 1-year-old son Benjamin, a little icon was born. A scroll through Cohen's Instagram feed is like a baby fashion show, so you know these two would look perfectly pulled together on a baby-walking stroll.

Brad Pitt Wearing Knox

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This photo of Brad Pitt wearing baby boy Knox as he and ex-wife Angelina Jolie move their six kids through the airport is the epitome of busy parenting. And he manages to look cool doing it too.

Stephen "tWitch" Boss Wearing Zaia

Allison Holker shared a video of her husband, Stephen "tWitch" Boss, wearing their baby daughter Zaia in an adorable TikTok dance video in April. As dancer Holker noted in the caption, her little girl "loves this dance."