10 Rainy Day Activities the Whole Family Will Love Doing Together


The sound of pouring rain can be wonderfully soothing—unless it's serving as a subtle reminder that your family's fun outdoor weekend plans are now no longer. Sure, an unexpected storm or showers may mean having to reschedule your trip to the park or day at the pool, but it's in no way a good reason to let your fun be ruined. There are plenty of things you can do at home that are just as exciting and creative as your plans outside the house, and we're here to show you a few new—plus a few tried and true—solutions for when Mother Nature tries to put a damper on your family bonding time.

The pressure to create amazing memories for your kids can feel daunting, but we can assure you you're already doing an amazing job. In fact, one of the things kids love most about their parents is as simple as sitting around the table and talking about fun things you can do together over the weekend. And while we completely understand that keeping the kids entertained indoors all day might feel like an overwhelming task, that doesn't mean it can't be just as memorable. We put our heads together with our partner, Minute Maid, to come up with this list of easy (for you) and entertaining (for everyone) ways you can try spending your family time that we promise will be great, rain or shine.

1. Express Your Artistic Side

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Spread some newspaper on the kitchen table, and encourage your family members to express their creativity with crayons, markers, or a paint set. Create lots of art and display it on the fridge (or the grandparents' fridge). If you have craft supplies on hand, experiment with a kid-friendly Pinterest project.

2. Cook Up Something Special


Is there an old family recipe you're hoping to pass on to your little ones? Today is the perfect day for a cooking lesson, or to test out that new cookie recipe you found online. Show the kids how to follow the instructions step by step, and when you're finished, celebrate by sitting down together for a taste test. (If it’s too hot to turn on the oven, try making one of these no-bake pies.)

3. Build A Playhouse

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A rainy afternoon is the perfect time for the family to make a fort together. Gather up lots of pillows, couch cushions, blankets, and big cardboard boxes and let the kids decide what to construct. Is it a cozy castle, or a superhero's secret hideout? Tip: If you have any clothespins around, they're a great way to hold everything together.

4. Attend A Movie Premiere In Your Living Room

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Is there a movie your family has been wanting to watch together? (Maybe a classic '90s movie from your childhood?) If it's available on streaming or as a digital rental, pick a time for the big "premiere." Encourage the kids to play dress up, and put on something fancy yourself. Before the movie, pretend you're all movie stars walking the red carpet, and serve popcorn as a snack.

5. Have An Indoor Picnic

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If you were planning a picnic lunch in the park, don't postpone it. Pack a basket or tote bag with sandwiches, snacks, and portable beverages—Minute Maid juice boxes are perfect for this! Push back the furniture in the living room (or a kid's bedroom) to clear a place to sit, and set up a picnic blanket on the rug.

6. Play Hide-and-Seek


If your house has lots of places to hide, take turns hiding and trying to find each other. If you live in a smaller place, consider hiding an object (like a teddy bear) instead. Give the kids hints, like saying if they're "hot" or "cold," as they try to track it down.

7. Challenge Your Kids To A Video Game Battle


Power up the gaming console, and invite the kids to enter a family-wide competition. This is especially fun if the games involves physical activity, like dancing, singing, or jogging in place. At the end of the day, hold an awards ceremony complete with medals crafted out of construction paper and yarn.

8. Hold A Silly Photo Shoot, Or Film A Viral Video


If you love great family photos, but rarely remember to take them, consider this your chance to get creative on camera. If your family likes singing, dancing, or playing make-believe together, spend the day recording and editing a short film or music video. When you're finished, share it with relatives on social media—or with the whole world on YouTube.

9. Write And Illustrate A Picture Book


When you read to your kids, do you ever get the feeling that your family could write something just as good? Give it a shot by inventing a character, and writing a short story together. Encourage the kids to illustrate each page, and when they're finished, use a stapler or a three-ring binder to turn it into a book they can proudly display on their shelf.

10. Take A Walk In The Rain


If it's just a shower with no lightning and thunder, consider braving the weather for an exciting family adventure. Bundle everybody up in rain boots and slickers, grab an umbrella or two, and head out to stomp in puddles. Who cares if you get a little mud on your clothes or under your nails? The memories you're making together are well worth it.

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