10 Reasons A Hot Mess Aunt Is The Best Aunt On The Planet

When I was a kid I loved my hot mess aunt. She didn't have the cleanest house, the nicest car, or a perfect life, but she also didn't care about anyone else's opinion. She managed to re-build her life after a divorce from a cheating ex, became a badass single mom, and was the kind of aunt who took me out to the bar when I turned 21. She was the person I talked to when my marriage failed, because I knew she wouldn't judge me. So believe me when I say hot mess aunts are the best kind of aunt any child could possibly have.

I wanted to be like my aunt as a kid, and now that I've grown up I realize why. She was right about so many things, like, for example, how life is easier when you care more about who you are and less about what people think. As a mom and an aunt I've slowly realized that I've followed in her badass, hot mess footsteps, and I'm thrilled.

For the longest time I tried to be like my mom; someone who cares way too much about their job, their house, and about achieving perfection. Now I've realized that being a hot mess is much easier than constantly struggling to appear perfect. I get to not only be the cool aunt that lets my niece and nephews eat ice cream for breakfast, but I can be the trusted, non-judgmental adult they come to for anything and everything. After all, I'm a mess, remember? Who am I to judge anyone?

So with that in mind, here are just a few reasons why hot mess aunts are the bee's knees:

Because She's Way Cooler Than Your Mom

Your hot mess aunt is way cooler than your mom. She's relaxed about rules and treats you like an adult. She may not be as successful or make as much money as your mom, but for her those things aren't what's really important in life. She also knows everything about Star Wars, all the words to your favorite songs, and dyes her hair purple.

Because She Lets You Stay Up Late

Rules at your hot mess aunt's house are totally different than at home. She lets you stay up late watching movies, having dance parties, or giggling into the night. You can relax there, because she's relaxed there. It's the best.

Because She Always Has Ice Cream

Your hot mess aunt always has ice cream. It's pretty much a given that she will let you make sundaes or eat it out of the container while watching a sad movie after your first break-up. She's the comfort food queen because, well, she's been there.

Because She Doesn't Care If You're Perfect

Unlike your seemingly "perfect" mom, your hot mess aunt doesn't expect you to be perfect. So while your parents would be super disappointed in you for things like getting a bad grade, deciding to quit soccer or band, or making another life choice they don't like, your aunt is supportive and will help you figure out how to tell your mom.

Because She Is Chill About Messes

Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

Your hot-mess aunt's house might never be entirely clean, but that just means she's chill AF about kids being kids and people leaving messes in their wake. She totally doesn't care, and will probably join in on the fun.

Because She Swears

Yeah, your hot mess aunt totally has a potty mouth. She just can't help it, and she doesn't care about someone else's judgment enough to "fix" it. She also lets her kids swear, as long as they are doing so in context and not hurting anyone. In other words, if you're doing it right you don't have to mind your mouth around your awesome aunt.

Because She Knows What It's Like To Screw Up

Your hot mess aunt is an expert is messing up, so you know you don't have to hide your mistakes from her. And if you need advice about getting your nose pierced, need a ride home from a party, or just want to eat ice cream after a bad break-up, you know who to call.

Because She Always Orders Take-Out

I used to be the kind of person who fretted over family meals and wanted everything to be perfectly planned. Then I realized that life is way too short to cry when you ruin Thanksgiving dinner, and sometimes it's better to just order in.

Because She's Fun

Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

Her life may be a mess, but your hot mess aunt knows that things are way more fun, and way less tense, when people stop trying to perfect and control everything all the damn time. You never know what to expect at your hot mess aunt's house, but you do know whatever it is will totally be fun.

Because She Knows That Fitting In Is Overrated

Your hot mess aunt knows that learning who you are and being able to be yourself is the most important life lesson she can teach you. While your parents have a lot invested in your education, your extra-curricular activities, and your future, she knows that so much of that won't really matter when you are an actual adult. And, it's a good thing, too, because if it did she would completely fail at adulting.