Allison Gore/Romper

10 Reasons Feminists Are Impossibly Good In Bed (As If You Didn't Already Know)

It comes as no surprise that feminists, more often than not, get a bad rap. Fallaciously branded as "man haters" or "feminazis" or some other offensive and misconstrued label, there are so many myths about feminism that lead people to misunderstand the concept and, in turn, all the ways feminism can benefit people of all genders. Because the true definition of feminism is the advocacy of political, social, and economic equality of the sexes, being a feminists can make you a better parent, make you a better partner and, you guessed it — being a feminist can make you amazing in bed.

A feminist will do away with all the sexuality shaming, the close-minded attitude about women's sexuality, and the belief that sex is a step in a relationship instead of a healthy expression that every human being is entitled to (safely and consensually, of course). A feminist is open-minded, down to try new things, and not afraid of their body, or the things they can do with it.

Usually (and all too often) what can make sex less-than-enjoyable for all people involved is the shame and stigma that society has attached to it. People become embarrassed or afraid to admit they like this one thing, or want to try this other thing; and sex can become stagnant or predicable. It's a real shame, because the tools are right there in front of the consenting parties. They're just quite often afraid to use them because so many of us have been taught that sex is "bad."

Thankfully, a feminist knows better. Here are 10 reasons why feminists are amazing in bed. Get your freak on (consensually), boys and girls!

They Understand Consent

Because a feminist is a champion for consent, you know that when they have sex with you, it isn't because they feel obligated. Oh no, it's because they actually want to have sex with you. And if they didn't want to have sex with you, they wouldn't. And what's hotter than knowing someone really, really wants to have sex with you?

They're Not Ashamed Of Their Sexuality

A feminist is never ashamed of sexuality. They don't view it as something "dirty" or "taboo" or a thing to be whispered about between friends but shamed in public. A feminist is proud of their sexuality and the things it brings to them as a multi-faceted, complex individual. And because they aren't ashamed of their sexuality, they aren't ashamed to express it in any way that they choose.

Conventional Ideas About Gender Don't Hold Them Back

A feminist isn't going to let typical, binary-defined ideas about gender decide what they should or should not like, or who they should or shouldn't be, and definitely not how they have sex, or who with. Just because they identify as a woman, that doesn't mean they're going to automatically be submissive. And just because they do not identify as a man, that doesn't mean that they won't take the reigns and be controlling. They also won't let gender binaries dictate what they're willing to try in bed. Gender is fluid and so is sexuality, so sex is all about exploration and honesty and enjoying the fact that we're all human beings who can feel amazing, pleasurable, firework type things.

They're Not Afraid Of Communication

A feminist isn't afraid to be heard, which means that they will have absolutely zero qualms with speaking up and talking about sex, their sex life, or anything in between. If they like something that you're not doing, they'll tell you. If you're doing something that they don't like, they'll also tell you. If there are issues in the bedroom that might be uncomfortable to talk about but are in definite need of a worthwhile discussion, they'll start a dialogue and get to the problem so that you can have a better sex life.

Sex Is All About Exploration And Expression

A feminist views sex as an act of exploration and expression. They're all about trying new things (and with new people, if they choose) to find what works for them, to find out more about themselves, and to learn more about other people. A feminist doesn't view sex as the end-all-be-all of a relationship, but rather a pleasurable tool that can help them navigate the world, other people, and themselves.

Plus, it's fun.

They're Not Afraid To Voice Their Needs

A feminist is not afraid to let you know what they need, when and where they need it. I mean, how hot is that?

Equality Is Important (So You'll Both Get Off)

To a feminist, sex is always about both people (or however many are present; I don't know what you're into) involved. They won't cater to just one individual, whether that's their partner, partners, or themselves. It will be about everyone, which means everyone is going to have a good time and everyone is going to be getting off.

Sex Doesn't Come With Hidden Meanings

If a feminist has sex, it doesn't mean that they're automatically in a committed relationship or are silently expecting certain obligations from their sexual partner. Sex won't be a "step" in a potential relationship and it won't lead to an assumed amount of commitment. All of those things will come via communication and mutual understanding, not a sexual act.

There's No "Faking It"

A feminist isn't going to fake an orgasm because, honestly, why? So when they get off, you won't have to wonder if it was real. It is always real.

They're Not Afraid To Give Direction

A feminist isn't afraid to take the reigns and let you sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself (and them). They're fine with being the boss, and will have no issue — or think less of you — for making the decisions between the sheets (or anywhere else for that matter). This makes sex more enjoyable, because one person isn't stuck doing all the work. You'll be able to switch roles and leads and, well, that is just exciting. You never know what you're going to get.