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10 Reasons Gryffindors Make Better Parents Than Anyone Else

If you are, know, or love a Gryffindor, you’re well aware of what makes us tick. (Or, if you’ve never read Harry Potter and don’t know what a Gryffindor is, stop everything you’re doing, question all of your life choices, and then go read the books immediately.) Whether we're righteous know-it-alls like Hermione Granger, mischievous tricksters like Fred and George Weasley, or fabulously chilly and capable like Professor Minerva McGonagall, the overriding features that distinguish Gryffindors are our "daring, nerve, and chivalry," according to the Sorting Hat. That’s why Gryffindors make the best parents. No matter what else we have going for us mentally, physically, or emotionally; we are courageous first and foremost and, yes, often to a fault.

It goes without saying that all of the houses have their strengths, though Slytherin does need to get its life together with that whole “pure of blood thing.” Sorry guys, but even the redeeming qualities of Snape can't let you off the hook for that mess. We need the knowledge that comes from our intellect-over-everything friends in Ravenclaw, the get-sh*t-done ethos of our hardworking and loyal friends in Hufflepuff, and even the cunning that Slytherin is notoriously known for.

However, as a proud Gryffindor mom, I have to say that bravery and boldness can be especially helpful when it comes to this parenting thing. Of course, this isn't to say that other moms from other houses aren't capable, amazing parents. Of course they are. But in my humble-albeit-slightly-biased opinion, Gryffindors make the best parents, for the following reasons. Look, if you don't agree we can always settle this via a friendly game of Quidditch.

Our Daring And Nerve Help Us Confront The Indignities Of Parenthood

Parenting is beautiful and amazing and wondrous. Sometimes, however, it’s straight up horrifying. Like, for example, when your baby’s nose is clogged and you learn that the best way to deal with it is by using a device that requires you to literally suck the snot out of their face. Or when you see your child about to pee or vomit everywhere and the only way to avoid the inevitable disastrous mess is to catch it in your hands? It’s super helpful to be daring and have a lot of nerve, trust me.

We Aren’t Afraid To Do Battle For Our Kids

There are moments in every parent’s life where someone comes for our children. Maybe it’s a school bully, or a bad principal or teacher, or a corporation or someone else entirely. When those moments arise, Gryffindor parents are ready to Throw. Down. ‘Cause nobody messes with our babies and gets away with it.

We Aren’t Afraid To Do Battle With Our Kids

There are also moments in every family’s life where kids and parents don’t see eye to eye. We may not pick every battle, especially if we’ve got as many kids as the Weasleys, but the ones we do pick, we make sure are righteous, and we make sure the boundaries around our authority are clear.

We Have A Strong Sense Of Right And Wrong…

That “chivalry” thing is big for us. So, when it comes to being fair at home or being good members of the community, we make it our business to model and teach what it means to live by a strong moral code; even if it means having to challenge authority.

...And Place A High Priority On Standing Up For What’s Right

Gryffindors have a strong idealistic streak, and we’re not afraid to put our wands where our mouth is. As a result, we teach our children, directly and by our own example, not only to be good people, but how to stand up for what we believe in. As kids, we were the ones on the playground standing up to bullies, so we try to teach our kids to do that, too.

We’re Adventurous…

From trying new cuisine to embarking on road trips and more, we’re down to chase whatever opportunities life throws at us.

...So Family Life Is Never Boring

Gryffindor parents are always up for a challenge, which means our families often get to enjoy new places, people, and activities.

We’re Playful And Caring…

Gryffindors love to play around, so hanging out with us is almost always a good time. We get down on the floor and play with our kids, try new activities, host parties in our own common room, and are often game for some good-natured pranks.

...But We Also Know How To Lay Down The Law

Yes, we can joke around with the best of them. However, when life gets real, there’s absolutely no mistaking when we mean business.

Parenting Is Scary, So Bravery Helps

Parenthood is fraught with daily physical, social, and emotional challenges that can scare even the heartiest of lions. From overcoming the awkwardness of answering our kids’ trickiest questions, to facing actual, literal mortal danger, having bravery as a dominant trait comes in awfully handy when you’re trying to not only keep other humans alive, but help them thrive in a dangerous world.