10 Signs You're A Basic Instagram Mom & Can't Even

I've come to terms with the few parts of me that veer towards "basic." And yes, I know being labeled basic isn't necessarily a compliment. The slang term means you're not unique in your choices and, if anything, says there's a million other people just like you. Still, I am OK with it. I mean, I can't help help what I like, or that millions of other people like those things, too. In fact, there are more than a few signs you're a basic Instagram mom, too, in case you want to join the club. We don't have t-shirts, but we do have excellent filters.

Now, being a mom and on Instagram isn't basic, in and of itself. In fact, I would say they're not mutually exclusive. You can be basic without Instagram, and you can have Instagram and be anything but basic. But what makes up your feed can definitely reveal how basic you really are. For example, I've gone through all of my photos and noticed a handful (maybe more) of things that would put me in the basic box, because the things I like that, apparently, aren't special or unique in any way. Actually, they're things that a lot of other basic moms like and do and post. Whoops?

I mean, again, I can't help what I'm into, but now that I'm aware of how basic I actually am via social media, I may re-think that next coffee cup or fall leaves picture. Here's some signs you're a basic Instagram mom, like me. And no worries, my friends. There's no shame in this basic mom game.

You Post A Picture Of Your Pumpkin Spice Lattes

You've heard it a million times, but a basic Instagram mom not only covets the day pumpkin spice lattes hit the menu, she owns other pumpkin spice items as well. I should know, because I'm drinking a pumpkin spice right now, and at least twice this month have captured my beloved drink via my Insta feed. This is a sign I'm super basic. Ask me if I care.

Your Kids Are In Every Photo

I love my kids and I like taking photos of them. It's rare I'm ever in a picture with them, unless it's a blurry selfie, or the very rare occasion I'm at all dressed up. Yes, I have other things in my life, but it's mostly consumed by my children and my Instagram feed proves it.

You Use All The Hashtags

You can spot a basic Insta Mom by how many hashtags are below the picture, and which ones. Using every suggested tag — especially the overused ones like #treatyoself or #momlife — is arguably a pretty basic ting to do, and not at all a creative choice.

And yeah, I'm basic here, too.

You Post "No Filter" Sunsets

Everyone loves a beautiful sunset picture, but nearly everyone I've ever seen on Instagram claims "nofilter." I mean, some of them look retouched, but who am I to say? A basic Instagram mom, like me, loves her sunsets (and sunrises) as a means of showing you she's been up at the crack of dawn and has to stay awake until long after the sun sets.

Your Post Pictures Of Your Pets Wearing Clothes

I wish I were basic enough to dress my cats, but they'd have nothing of it. Instead, I go around liking (loving, actually) everyone who blesses me with their dressed-up furry friends. I don't care how basic it is because OMG you guys they are so cute.

You Post Motivational Slogans

I like a good motivational post as much as the next mom, but some go pretty damn overboard. Maybe I don't want to hear about how Monday will rock, or how strong I am, or how everything happens for a reason. Maybe I just want to scroll mindlessly to forget about philosophy or life before the kids come home from school whining about which knows The Avengers better than the other (it's my son, btw).

You Post Proof That You Do, In Fact, Exercise

I post pictures of my running journey for two reasons: to see the progress I've made, and to re-inspire myself when I don't want to put in the work. Plus, most of my days are spent crouched over a laptop in my pajamas, so I need the world to see another side of me. However, I will admit I'm pretty basic in terms of taking 75 selfies running to find that one Instagram-worthy face that definitely requires all the filters.

You Never Miss A #MCM Or #WCW

On Mondays, basic moms post their "Man Crush," and on Wednesdays, it's the "Woman Crush." I tend to go with the more predictable shots of my son on Mondays and daughter on Wednesdays. Typical, right? Though, to be honest, neither holds a flame to Milo Ventigmilia, and never will (my #mcm forever).

You Post Artistic Photos Of Meals You Cooked For Your Family

Guilty. I am so, so guilty. A basic Instagram mom wants to show off that rad Chrissy Teigan recipe she mastered — that the kids actually ate — because the cookbook cost $20.00 and the meal took three hours to prepare. Sure, the photo might be basic in terms of making the dish the star of your feed, but isn't it worth it when those likes start rolling in?

You Post That You Are #Blessed

I appreciate moms who give thanks for all they have, and I've done that, too. But a basic Instagram mom never hesitate to let you know how #blessed she is, as much as possible. She gets a venti latte and she's #blessed. She's in the photo with her kids screaming and she's #blessed. There's literally nothing discernible in the picture and yet, for some reason, she's still #blessed. You might even get the #mycuprunnethover (which you'll never see on my feed) to emphasize how great she has it.

Either way, if you're basic, own it. After all, you're not alone.

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