10 Terrible Things About Toddler Tantrums That Are Funny When You Look Back

The one thing I have never looked forward to when it comes to parenting a child, is the inevitable tantrums. I know how bad I could be (and was) when I was a kid, and I've seen a some intense tantrums at the grocery store. Would I be able to handle tantrums as wonderfully as my own parents? Would I be able to deal with them publicly, the way that kind mom in the cereal aisle did? Turns out, the answer is yes. In fact, it's not only yes, but I've learned to appreciate the funny things about tantrums that, in turn, have made them less scary and more hilarious.

Sure, my child throwing herself on the floor and kicking and screaming about the color of her cup isn't that funny. Neither is her yelling at me for food when I am dishing up a plate in front of her. Like, literally right in front of her. In two seconds, she'll have what she wants but, nope, that's two seconds too long. Still, when time smooths over the edges of toddlerhood, I can look back see even the worst kind of tantrum had some hilarity to it.

As mothers, and humans trying to navigate this crazy world in general, there are moments when the best thing you can do is just laugh. Maybe not right then. Maybe not at the precise moment something horrific or at least mildly annoying is happening. But, eventually, if you can laugh at the bad stuff, you'll make it through parenthood just fine. So, with that in mind, here are a few of the absolutely horrible parts about toddler tantrums that, it turns out, are pretty hilarious:

When They're Yelling Just To Yell

When my daughter yells or screams for absolutely no reason, my best friend frequently says, "She's just making noise." Clearly, this is just for attention (as most tantrums are) which, honestly, only adds to how annoying it can be. But really, it's kind of funny that they think this will actually work. I mean, I can make noise too, I just choose to not do so. I can only imagine what the world would look like if yelling for no reason was a great way to get what you wanted.

When They're Flailing Their Little Bodies Around

Boy those arms can fly! If you're not busy avoiding the danger zone of flailing arms, you might be able to step back and laugh. Why? Because they look like a baby bird trying to learn how to fly, or one of those inflatable tube men outside used car dealerships. In fact, I suggest throwing on some music and pairing their flailing movements for music, if you're really in need of some quality entertainment.

Walking Aimlessly Around While Angry

If I completely ignore my daughter during a tantrum and continue to walk around the house doing the things I need to do, and she's not ready to give up her tantrum, she'll follow me around the house. Seriously, she'll just walk around aimlessly and yell occasionally and she basically looks and acts like an angry drunk person.

When They Throw Their Toys...

Yeah, just kidding. This one I don't particularly think is funny at all, even after the tantrum is over. In fact, I think the only time I have ever laughed at my kid throwing toys is because I'm exhausted and delirious.

...Or Throw Themselves On The Ground

Oh, the drama! It is extremely difficult to take someone seriously when they're throwing themselves on the ground, as if they were dying from some invisible illness. It's just too much. If you can get through it, I promise you'll laugh.

When They Go Limp

Alright, I have to give credit where credit is due: this is just smart. I mean, if we're in a public place and my kid doesn't want to leave, she'll go "boneless" and just lay there and I am stuck having to pick up her deadweight while silently pleading that she gets it together. It's effective, if nothing else. And sure, eventually, when I get over the fact that I had to drab my kid out of the grocery story again, it's pretty funny.

When They Twist Their Tiny, Infuriated Faces In Some Weird Way

When your child is super angry, they make all kinds of faces that are nothing short of entertaining. I mean, you know the intention of said faces is to highlight their inner rage, but they're just adorable and weird and cute and I can't help but laugh. Sorry, kid. I know you're trying to be "scary," but it's just not happening.

When They Sit On Their Potty And Refuse To Move

Essentially, the kid has just put him or herself in a timeout, so this is the dream, you guys. Go ahead and be defiant, sweet child of mine. If you sitting still and refusing to move is your way of "getting back to me," please feel free to "get back at me" on a daily, even hourly, basis.

When They Give You The Silent Stare

Where do these kids even learn the art of the stare? Like, my daughter couldn't possibly have learned this from me, right? I would never! Yeah, OK, she definitely learned this from me and it's hilarious that she has picked up on my "oh no-no" face, and has decided to use it against me.

When They Do The Exact Same Thing You Did As A Kid

When I was a kid, I always used to arch my back in defiance to assert my independence and try to get what I wanted. I used it to fight nap time and fight timeout. I used to throw tantrums, well, regularly. To watch my daughter do the exact same thing honestly just sends down a spiral of unabashed laughter. I mean really, I'm seeing myself as a child. It's nothing short of hilarious that, no matter our best efforts, our kids will end up just like us.