Courtesy of Steph Montgomery
How Grown-Ass Men Handle A Public Diaper Change

by Steph Montgomery

Grown-ass men change diapers, and it's definitely an expectation in our family. But if for some reason a dad is not on diaper duty, there are things he can do when his partner is changing a diaper in public to make the task a little less, well, sh*tty.

I believe that one of the ways we can fight the patriarchy and change our world for the better is to ignore gender roles and to share parenting tasks equally. Sometimes it takes a man doing tasks that are traditionally seen as "women's work," to change people's minds about their importance. Caring for babies is important, and we owe it to our kids to model for them that men are just as capable of feeding babies, kissing bumps, and bruises and even changing diapers (just as capable as women, in fact).

There's nothing worse than going to the store, the park, or a restaurant and discovering that they don't have a changing table, or worse, that you don't have a diaper, wipes, or a change of clothes on hand when you need them. Hopefully, businesses will eventually get with the times and offer changing tables in all of their restrooms. Thanks to a bill signed last year by President Obama, public buildings are soon going to make changing tables in the women's and men's room a requirement, but until then and in other places, there are ways to support your partner when they have to be the one to do the dirty work.

He Helps You Find A Comfy Spot

Whether it's a "not so gross" changing table, the back seat of the mini-van, or a blanket on the grass by the side of the road, a grown-ass partner will help his partner find a spot to safely change baby.

He Runs Interference

Grown-ass men can guard the bathroom door, tell off nosy jerks, and run interference with any and other potential problem makers while their partner gets sh*t done (or in this case, changed).

He Watches Your Other Kids

If you aren't changing the baby, it's definitely your job to keep an eye or a hand on your other kids so they don't flush their shoe down the toilet, wander off, or lick the bathroom floor. It's honestly the least you can do.

He Makes Sacrifices

Until women can legally go topless, grown-ass men should sacrifice their jacket, shirt or sweatshirt if their partner suddenly needs a place to change baby or worse, needs to make a make-shift diaper. You know, just until they can get to the store or back home again. Grown-ass men take one for the team.

He Goes On A Diaper Run

And if you discover that you didn't bring enough diapers along or your baby gets poop all over their last outfit, it would be kind to offer to make a diaper run.

He Helps Keep Necessary Supplies Close

Think of yourself as a surgical assistant handing your partner wipes, a clean diaper, creams, and sometimes another clean diaper (because babies love to poop in clean diapers, especially if it's your last one). If you aren't the one wiping butts, you should at least be helpful and keep things close at hand.

He Blocks Your Baby From View

At home your partner may change him on the living room floor but, when you're in public, do you think you can block his tiny tush and the contents of his diaper from the view of passersby? Nope.

He Holds The Baby So Their Partner Can Clean Up

Once your partner is finished changing baby, you should hold your better-smelling baby while she throws the diaper away, washes her hands, and puts the diaper bag back together.

He Talks To The Manager

There's nothing worse than having an unhappy baby with a dirty diaper at a restaurant or store and discovering that the bathroom has no changing table. Grown-ass men will talk to the manager and find a safe place to change the baby or will hold baby, while their partner raises h*ll.

He Literally Changes The Baby

Grown-ass men don't just help, grown-ass men change diapers. They know that it's part of being a parent and that men doing stereotypical "women's work" is one of the ways we can change our culture for the better and model healthy relationships for our kids.

Grown-ass men don't expect to be treated like gods when they do change a diaper, either. They know that being a good dad is about more than doing the same things their partners deserve credit for every damn day.